Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Dec 7th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #5[/align]
    Date: 23/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Two men who are at the bottom of the rankings tonight. Clash & Masked Machine will compete tonight, will Clash walk out on his opponent again or will he be sending Max Power a message for his match next week?


    Lucas Hacksaw will be competing against Zach Wood, a potential star to join the FNW roster, depending how he works the ring will decide whether or not he can join the roster. If Hacksaw is victorious however he will finally be half-way to the FNW Fatal Four-Way Match?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    A challenge made by Austins to Rose. The two have obviously had some differences & now we will see them settle this tonight. Will Awesome Andrew win it or will the returning to TV Vinnie Rose shut up Austins?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Last week we saw Zach Schmidt & Messias tagged together last week after Brian Messias picked Zach Schmidt as his partner but the two men obviously wanted to be the man to win & this ultimately cost them their win. An Interview is going to take place between two of the top FNW superstars to hear their sides of the stories.


    Message: We encourage you to reference last week as much as possible when posting. HQ Posts could include your characters personal predictions on the entire event. etc

    High Quality Post Guide:

    Predictions: Your character's predictions on the card with as much previous show references as possible to support your prediction

    Why your character will win: Posting why your character will win his match. Using as much previous show reference as possible

    The winnner of November's Preview Cards is CM Punk having won 2 cards, Jose Tortilla & R'Albin won 1 last month also.

    The month begins again, try to win the preview cards, those who win them will get a major push


    I lost the tab with the preview card mid way, lol.
  3. Vinnie Rose, I hope you are ready to receive one hell of an ass-whooping. You've been nowehre on television rcently, and you are on the decline. Meanwhile, I just competed in the main event and won. Make fun of my weight all you want, I'll just look at your spot in the rankings and laugh.
  4. I may not be on this card, but I promise that one way or another I'll make an impact on this show on Friday, y'all better watch your asses.
  5. That's why I'm returning next week, sonny boy.
    I made fun of you because you're a joke.. Because you think you're the man of this company. That's why.

    Just because you picked up a win, you're great and all of that?
    Dude, if it wasn't a tag-team match, and Zach didn't tag himself in while you were laying there, YOU WOULD'VE LOST IN SECONDS! You can't take a submission hold.. You're way to weak to be in such a hold.. You just can't take it..

    My spot in the rankings? Are you serious bro?

    You're at (2/2) and I'm at (1/2). You know I will beat you at the upcoming FNW event and it will be (2/2) for me as well, dude. You're 2 places higher, which isn't that much..

    It makes me laugh seeing you being so confident about your ranking spot and win last week.
  6. You are only returning next week, because of ME. So guess who you can thank? That is right, ME. And this company is all about ME. I bring in the ratings, the entertainment, the mic skills. Anything, you name it.

    I am a spot away from the Fatal Fourway FNW Title match, and therefore I should be able to brag about my spot. And right after you LOSE, I'll be at 3/2, which might put me into the top four. meanwhile, you'll be sliding into oblivion with a record of 1/3.
  7. The obvious fact of the matter is, you'll see Bones Jackson dancing on a chair in random places during the show.

    Possibly... if security does not attempt to drive him away... which then he'll slam the chair over their heads, because he is just like that.
  8. You're way over your head, jack..

    I'm returning because of you? Cool story bro, tell it again.

    The only reason why I am returning next week is because I've been busting my ass off since I heard I got the slightest chance of returning to Fight Night Wrestling. No one but me did the job for me. I haven't been partying since I had my last match. I went to the gym, got a new diet, and now I am stronger than ever.

    You won't be a threat to me, you will be a treat to me. A treat to beat, a treat to crush and a treat to flush after the oh so refreshed, revamped, renewed, remade ''Overnight Sensation'' VINNIE ROSE.
  9. Clash: You do realize you need ten wins to qualify for the fourway right? Check your math. You do not have nine wins. And if you think your spot on the ranking right now will mean you are a shoe in for a spot then remember, a lot can change kid.
  10. To add something to Clash's comment:

  11. Clash: We don't need no water...
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  13. So I hear there's some asshole that's returned from an extended absence?
  14. You talking about me, boy?
  15. Nope.
  16. Good.

    Oh wait..

    You're the one who's back.....

    Nice way to put it.
  17. Currently Position:

    1st - Jose Tortilla & .Exe
    2nd - Y2J Enigma & R'Albin
  18. The great one is finally here once again, given an opportunity to bring success to a company lacking in talent. Great to be here, now get on my level.
  19. You do realize I was referring to being in the top four spot, being having a GUARANTEED spot in the Fatal Fourway, right?
  20. Dude you're not even CLOSE to the top four..

    First, you have to go through me. And to be honest, come on... Hard one to do, right?

    Anyway, hard work pays off, and I worked hard for my spot on this weeks match card.