Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Nov 16th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #4[/align]
    Date: 16/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Ace Young is scorn by his lost and will be voicing his anger this week. Who will his opponent be?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    El Nino will be in action this week against Zach Schmidt, can the Taco Savior defeat the Alligator, or is the Taco gonna get crunched?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    2 wins are on the line in this bout. 7 men will walk away with a loss, one man walks away with a win, who will be the winner?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Brian Messias is king of the mountain in this championship chase. Hacksaw has been on a losing streak as of late, did Messias get into his head last week. Will the 10 years of difference be a disadvantage like it was two weeks ago?


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  2. Brian Messias He maybe on a Streak but once he meets Max Power. Brian will be a minor stepping stone. Lucas maybe a underdog in this match but i am sure he can pick up the win.
    The 8 man match is the biggest challenge for Max Power. There maybe other powerhouses. But i will prevail and be a victor in this match. Good luck to the Other guys and P.S Watch the fist because you can be KO For the 10 count. Watch out Vinnie Rose because you know what it feels like to be KO by Max Power.
    Zach and El nino may not be Main Event match but that doesn't mean it won't be high octane - High energy match. Good luck to El Nino cause you will need it. Zach doesn't have that 2-1 record for nothing.
    The Ace young Match Can't really comment on at the moment as only one superstar in the match atm. But good luck to ace young.
  3. I picked up a great win last week, and I expect to do the same this week, albeit, the obstacle is much more difficult. Of course, I'm still Austin Andrews, and no obstacle is too big for me to tackle.
  4. With Brent Nixon's suspension being over, isn't it completely indisputable that he should be the one to challenge Ace Young?
  5. I will end Brian's winning streak and stop my losing streak. You see, I have been in a bad state recently so I will be getting back in the game. I will show off how I can be good in my match this week. I may have been bad in the past but trust me, I can only get better!
  6. Doesn't @[Sheldor] agree?
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  8. *TRUE WARRIOR'S BACKSTAGE PROMO* TRUE WARRIOR: My name is True Warrior I am the future FNW Champion & I will go threw anyone that stands in my way that is why I am issueing a open challenge for anyone who is stupid enough to accept will be a example of what the future brings.
  9. You won't end anything, well, except maybe your own time in this company soon, if you keep losing to people. I told you I would beat you. See what happened? I did. Not only were you bad, you still are and will always continue to be the worst, Smasher.
  10. I'm finally back on Fight Night and the people will get to see the greatness of the taco. I do not know much about this Zach, but I wish him the best of luck in our upcoming match. I believe that it will be I, El Nino de Mexico who comes out on top and proves to the people that the taco lives on. I ask that the fans protect their tacos in my next match, so that the same incident does not happen, like my tag team match.

    I would really like to get in the ring with Messias and teach that little beach a lesson. He may have gotten the upper hand on mi amigo Masked Machine, but El Nino is on the top of his game right now & I want Messias. So Messias are you up for my challenge or are you too scared to sacrifice your pretty little winning streak to the savior of all tacos...El Nino...De Mexico.
  11. I'll be cheering for you. May the tacos be in your favor & flavor
  12. To be honest, I have no time for any more arguments. Well done, you won that one match. I lost, fair enough. I won't always be bad, I have just had a couple of bad weeks, that's all. Keep insulting me all you want, i've had enough. Whether or not I beat Brian, someone will come out smashed and that will probably be Brian but we will just have to see.
  13. You want a match? You got one

    Max Power vs "True warrior"

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

  14. Well, El Nino De Kiss Ass. Once again, you show me and prove to me why you, among several others, shouldn't be in this company. You don't 'cheer' for people. I think you cheering on is just for the matter of you having more losses than I do. Which is why, you'll lose to Zach Schmidt and I'll win the battle royal, to be prove why I should stay here. I proved here once, by saying I would beat Smasher, and I did. But apparently I need to do so again.
  15. Have you been ever raped by a burro? Back in my country those who spoke out in defiance of the will of the tacos were punished by burro rape. Since I'm sure that is not legal in the states, I will have to teach you a lesson myself when I defeat Zach Schmidt and make it look easy.

    I am the best wrestler in all of Fight Night and the only reason why I have a loss is because a taco was in danger. I had to save the taco and I will also have to save you. The people love the tacos and for some reason this fails to reach you, but it is okay. I will have to beat the lesson into you. Just like I had to beat it into those two wrestlers in the first week who were completely destroyed in that match, despite Masked Machine costing us the match.

    Next Fight Night you will all get to see El Nino in all of his glory. Although I do find it unfair that I was not on the last show and lost an opportunity to get closer to winning the title, but all is well because the tacos are with me.

  16. You aren't the best. Nobody can be the best after what - 3 episodes? I find it pretty hilarious, 1 loss and you are instantly the best - if that's the case then I should be the best but i'm not and nobody else is either. I have 2 losses, you can shove that in my face but before you do, I actually have a win. However, lucky for you, I am not going against you because I must say - you are a pretty nice guy when you aren't in the ring.

    Mad Dogg, you won, congratulations. I wish you the best of luck in your next match and if you come out victorious, fine I can believe you are the best so far. I wouldn't bet on it though because I don't believe you are as good as you think you are.

    I have had a bad couple of weeks with a few losses, it doesn't make me a jobber which you claim I am. I will boost up my skill and will be back at the top! Just wait and see...
  17. Max Power hahaha I am happy to see I have a target now & you will be one of many victims on my path to Championship gold yes I accept your challenge tell your GM to book a date, time & place & ill be there & show you why I am a future FNW Champion.
  18. What the hell is wrong with this Federation?

    They sign one of the biggest stars in the business, they give all the Internet fans their wish, they make what seemed like one of the best business decision from a wrestling company in decades and yet, when the most dangerous man in sports entertainment arrives, they lose their bottle? Federation X start matchfixing? They start banning Brent Nixon from shows? They start leaving him out of shows? It’s outrageous, and don’t forget @[ Sheldor], you promised when we agreed on a contract that you would let me be the real me, that you would let me fight to my full capabilities. But you’ve failed to live up to this promise and because of this I’m not sure I can remain in this company anymore.

    Y’know I wonder at times: is your heart really in it Sheldor? Are you really interested in this Federation anymore or are you more worried about other things? Are you more worried about starting separate Federations? Are you more worried about your little websites? Because that’s what it’s beginning to feel like to me. I’m beginning to feel like an afterthought. It feels like this whole thing is an afterthought.

    Christ man, you won’t find a guy in this Federation more passionate about fighting than I am. Bloody hell, I mean I have some nutter carving names onto my back pretty much every week – it’s hardly fun – but it really displays how much I care about this. And I’m beginning to wonder if these companies are for me? None of them seem capable of handling the force that is Brent Nixon and I honestly thought this place was different, but it isn’t, it’s just the same schtick that I’ve been going through for my entire career. Fuck sake, maybe I should just return to the smaller MMA companies? They don’t get their knickers in a twist every time I lay a finger on somebody. I may not get the attention, the spotlight, the publicity that I get from being in Fight Night Wrestling, but at least I get to fucking fight. Even if it means me having to go back to the streets, fuck it, I will, if it means I get the pleasure of kicking the shit out of some little goons again.

    Now I hope all these corporate jackasses working at FNW don’t retort with their rubbish, totally ignoring the points I make and just whinging about the profanity or whatever. I just want answers. In fact, no, I don’t want answers. All I want is to be placed on the card against Ace Young this week on Friday night wrestling so I can finally get that long overdue win on my record – even though I technically have two already.

    Show Spoiler

    No hard feelings by the way lol

  19. *True Warrior backstage* My prediction for this week hmm... My picks are The Undefeated Brian Messias, El Nino & Ace Young as potential that he needs to bring out so hes also in my picks for this week & the 8-Man match im rooting for Andrew Austins.
  20. You don't need the *true warrior backstage* dude, just post what you want to say, no actions needed. This thread allows you to speak as your character and banter with others. No role-playing elements at all