Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Nov 23rd

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #5[/align]
    Date: 23/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    To finally settle the score, Zach Schmidt and Hacksaw have their rematch, no interference, who will be better?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    After a little spat between Austin & Brian, the two have been given a match. Can Messias reclaim his loss or will Austins be the man to move onto the the fatal fourway?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    A challenge made, Power defeated True Warrior in the battle royal and now stands in 2nd place, but will we get a different result one on one?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Brent Nixon has shown a restrained attitude since his suspension, and has been booked again, but who will step up?


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  2. Good luck to Ultimate Warrior - I AM UNDEFEATED
  3. Max Power has never faced me 1 on 1 has never met my dominate power 1 on 1 I train hard I fight hard I am a future World Champ and I have ruthless aggression.
  4. So what, I suffered a loss last week. Who cares? At the end of the day, my talent and skill levels are superior to all others in this company, and I'll prove my point by smashing Brian Messias this upcoming Friday. And after that victory I'll have a nice record at 2 wins and only 1 loss.
  5. You see, this is why Brian shouldn't have been running his mouth saying he will keep his winning streak and that he will defeat me. Well, look who got smashed now! I am back in the game, baby! Zach will get the same beating as Brian did and Lucas Hacksaw will be the champion in no time. This is why my fans love me. Oh yeah, I forgot about Mad Dogg. He said he would win his match. Look who lost! Silly wannabe superstars. My smashing is complete this week, I will see you all next week for more smashing!
  6. Finally, FNW have grown a set and have got the balls to allow Brent Nixon to step in the ring again. I have no idea who they have in store for me this Friday, it doesn't really matter - I'll own whoever it is anyway.

    Ace Young, how did you enjoy your beat down on Friday? I mean, christ, I beat you with a move I've never even used before, it just shows how versatile I can be and how much of a weak ass bitch that you are.
  7. Yeah, I admit I lost. In a battle royal with several other competitors. Also, who's idea was it to throw in a bunch of jobber-sounding rookies into the mix? Ryan Danielson, seriously? Jesus Christ. Back to The Smasher anyway. Yeah, I lost in a match with the rest of the roster. You, on the otherhand lost to me, on my debut, in a singles match? You should feel ashamed of yourself. "Silly wannabe superstars"? Are you kidding me? I'm not a 'superstar', I'm a wrestler. Certainly don't want to become one either. Especially if it's anything like you aspire to be in the future. The rookies in the battle royal, who the hell do you think you are? Getting a chance in the battle royal after the members of the roster earned to be in that match. Then the men in suits sent you down to the ring without a care about what I did to be in that match? I don't feel dissapointed, I feel robbed. Obviously, there was a chance I was going to lose, numbers wise. But to add more to that chance? After winning that match against Smasher, I should've at least had a fair chance. Not just me, the other more talented guys in that battle royal. I'm starting to think you don't care about half the FNW roster.. Also, IF I'm not Nixon's opponent on the next FNW, somebody in the back's going to get their ass kicked. Something to think about @[Sheldor]

    (Had to type to type this on my ps3, respect me.) :punk:
  8. You won by a fluke! A FLUKE! I wasn't in my A-game, I was fully distracted and I wasn't paying attention whatsoever! IT WAS A FLUKE, A FLUKE AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE A FLUKE! I'm going to go back to Canada and relax because this idiotic and stupid country has spread it's moronic substances on me. And now I have to go get cleaned and repaired and I will fully be 100% when I'm back!
    Just remember Luke, you silly naive boy! YOU... WON... BY...A...FLUKE!
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  10. You just made my day. That is the funniest thing I have heard. There is only one person to blame for your loss and that is YOU because you are such a FAILURE! Oh wait, I must have gotten it wrong, it was the countries fault - I get it now. You weren't paying attention and you were terrible in ring so you must blame the country. Seems legit, right? Talking about flukes, your match against me a couple of shows ago was a fluke so you are the one to talk. Just admit that you lost to me without having to blame anyone else. If you lose your next match, who's fault is it then? Let me guess... the muffin man? The ginger bread man? Every single chinese person? Jeez, just grow up.

    You lost fair and square and even if it was a fluke, it was your own fault for being terrible in ring. That is what you get for calling me crap. Oh and by the way, if I am 'crap' or whatever you like to call it - you can't even beat a 'crap' wrestling so who is the crap one now?
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    Current leaderboard on who is winning the card at the moment
    1st - Samalan (Noob of WWEForums)
    2nd - Sad Panda
    3rd - R'Albin & CM Punk
    4th - True Warrior, Lackin & Y2J Enigma
  13. Max Power your not the best powerhouse on the roster, I AM! I hope all your fans are watching, all 3 of them (Smirk) to watch you get your first lose to someone you dislike so much while I will be living it up after my win ill be popin bottles & rollin dice while youll be popin water bottles in a hospital bed. On to my next subject, My Fav for this weeks match card are Zach Shmidt Brian Messias Brent Nixon they are all great on the mic & have in ring ability but the best out of those is Brian Messias him I can see as a future WORLD CHAMP he is the man I would like to face the most out of these 3 Superstars.
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    Current leaderboard on who is winning the card at the moment
    1st - Samalan (Noob of WWEForums)
    2nd - Sad Panda & Zach
    3rd - R'Albin & CM Punk
    4th - True Warrior, Lackin & Y2J Enigma
  15. I will promise this - i will not be sitting in a hospital bed. as i said watch out all it takes is one punch. No one in this business is a match to max power. I will push you to the limit. Till you can not physically compete. For your sake i will bring Paramedics to the ring. You won't make in the Fatal-4-way match card the only card you will be getting is a Get well soon card. Facing me is bad for your health. You will be advised by the Doctors to take a early retirement
    Good Luck :smug1:
  16. You're either stupid or blind, not once has he referred to you as crap. He has said moronic, idiotic etc. Would you like a break to find out what those big words mean?

    ..Ok? good. But still, you won to him, but lost to me? Which means I'm better than both of you. I told you I'd prove it to you 'Smasher'. In one match I've already prove myself as one of the best in this goddamn company, and I want, no - NEED another chance to prove it anymore, because obviously you seek the need to see more of my abilities in the ring, even after you saw them close up in our match. What is your problem? Obviously, you are right for once. Messias cannot wrestle, it's a proven fact if he lost to you. It's not like Messias can't say he's better than me, I've beaten you, like I have already said, who beat him? Also, grow up? "The Smasher will smash you" It sounds like 2 year old trying to start a fight with a box. Although, that is the only other thing you'd be able to beat in a match wouldn't you?

    Also, did you people take my warning? I want to be in that match this week, and if i'm not... well, maybe people might not start.. 'turning up' to the show.
  17. He has referred to me as crap or whatever word which is basically crap. You say that I am stupid but come on, we all know babies can't talk so your logic fails. I have a phrase which everyone knows, including yourself so it obviously works. Think what you like of my chants but to be honest, I won't be changing it any time soon just to impress you. You aren't worth impressing. You won in our match, for like the hundredth time, congratulations but I could beat you if we had a second match and if you say that is bull, well Brian thought the exact same, look what happened. I wouldn't get ahead of yourself because you got lucky once but you may not get lucky again. You say you are so good and better then everyone in the roster, how come you didn't win your match last week?

    I don't think anyone cares if you showed up or not. They didn't buy tickets to see you otherwise they wouldn't be booing you or insulting you.
  18. How does it feel? The broken arm and getting fired?
  19. The funniest thing you heard? Grow up?
    This is coming from a grown man saying to people I'm going to Smash You! It was a fluke and you know it, the crowd knows it, the fricken entire world knows it. The fact that you won by a fluke is absurd. I am better than you! You are just a has been and a never was.

    You won by a fluke! You won by a fluke! You won by a fluke! You won by a FLUKE!!!!! I am not gonna stand for this, F*ck the stupid referee for not doing his job properly, f*ck these fans for buying into your shit and F*CK THIS STUPID EXCUSE FOR A COUNTRY!

    I AM THE GREATEST WRESTLER ON THIS PLANET! Lucas Hacksaw, I will end your career and this is no joke. This... is a FACT!