Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Nov 2nd

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #2[/align]
    Date: 02/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Last week both Nixon & Gator suffered a loss last week, which means they will square off against each other this week. Who will gain the victory on Friday?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Clash sat back last week and allowed Max Power to win the triple threat match. With both men at 0 wins & 1 loss, both men will be looking to win to get back into the championship chase


    Mad Dogg this week has some choice words for the FNW Audience, before he debuts next week

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Both men walked out winners last week, this week won't be the case. With 10 years of age difference, can the young talented Canadian defeat the veteran masked superstar or will Hacksaw show Messias a thing or two?


    Message: We encourage you to reference last week as much as possible when posting. HQ Posts could include your characters personal predictions on the entire event. etc
  2. Last week's loss was an absolute fluke. That chump had to interfere and distract me as I was going to put Hacksaw away and it ultimately cost me the match. I was in control the whole entire match and I should have got this win. I do respect this Nixon kid though. Looks like he might be some decent competition seeing as how he manhandled Messias last week. Ultimately I will come out on top like I should have last week but it should make for some good competition. Clash and Vinnie Rose both deserved that loss next week and I guess we will see who's an even big loser this week. My bet is on Vinnie Rose to dominate Clash and to give him his second loss yet. Lastly, the two biggest buffoons in the whole wrestling industry will be coming down and facing off. I don't really even care who wins this match, but maybe I'll come down and smack the crap out of both of them, especially Hacksaw so he doesn't win again. Neither of them deserved their wins and me and Nixon, the true faces of Friday Night Wrestling, should be 1-0.
  3. I didn't get manhandled! I made a mistake as I got distracted! And YES mistakes happen during matches all the time, but Lucas won't get any mistakes from me. This time I will stay 100% focused! And even though I have annihilated and became victorious again Nixon he is still running red on my radar. This is not over! And for you Lucas, I hope you had fun dancing with Schmidt, but be prepared to get annihilated by the Greatest Wrestler in the World, 'The Annihilator' BRIAN MESSIAS!
  4. Brian's able to wrestle after the beating I gave on him last Friday? Surprising.
  5. Beating? Beating that you had to rely on chairs to get me down. I give you my word that I will be 100% when I go against Lucas.
  6. Oh my god? If only it was a no DQ match? Besides, you were the one who brought the chair into the match.
  7. So it took a NoDQ match to get me down, eh? I brought it in so I can sit down and wait till you got back up on your feet.
  8. The chair was a necessity for you in your attempt to defeat me, that much was obvious. You may have the win under your belt but ultimately Brent Nixon prevailed in the first ever FNW main event. I fully intend on getting 'Brian Messias' tattooed on my back under that long list of victims of mine.

    And Zach Schmidt for that matter - there's plenty of room for him.
  9. Lovely banter and references. 1 HQ Post for R'Albin, CM Punk & Zach
  10. You actually believe I needed a chair to defeat you? I must've given you too many Germans for you to think like that. Brent Nixon you will always be a failure.
    Always were and you still are.
    I'm one step closer to having the FN Championship while you just play around with losers.
  11. You think a few of your German Suplexes have any effect on me? I still managed to beat your ass and leave you completely and utterly incapacitated last night.

    As for the fact I'm stuck with the losers, it's completely ridiculous. Some glorified midcarder with an alligator fetish is nowhere near fit enough to compete in the ring with Brent Nixon - it's gonna be embarrassing for the guy.
  12. WTH?!? I was supposed to have a match this week. So none of Andrews yet? I have some of the most posts leading into week one too. Forget this fed...
  13. Last time I checked, I was the one who won the match. I'm the one who is one step closer to gold. I'm the one who will beat every star that Fight Night has to offer. And I bet your ass that Schmidt will beat you make no mistake about it.
  14. Try starting on somebody to get yourself in one :)
  15. Iron Baba and I were supposed to have a match but apparently it's not going to happen.
  16. I imagine Sheldor/Stop will get that sorted. Not sure.
  17. Why is max power not on this??
  18. So far from this card:

    1st CM Punk

    2nd Zach

    3rd R'Albin

    4th Y2J Enigma

    5th Lackin
  19. Zach going on about his loss again. That dog distracted me, despite why we were arguing. You decided to attempt to beat me by running at me but it is good job Mad Dogg threw a punch at me because if he didn't, maybe I would have lost. I managed to dodge the punch, you were stupid enough to get hit and I took the advantage. If you had to blame anyone for your loss, blame me for smashing you.
  20. Why don't you save the space for someone who you can actually beat. How about a 11 year old? You couldn't even take down that goof Brian Messias.

    @[Samalan] As for you, you didn't deserve that win. He hit me and because of that I should've been awarded a win by disqualification. But instead, you connected with a move and beat me. It's a conspiracy. Someone behind the scenes planned that and you're all against me. I should have won, I'm telling you.