Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Nov 30th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #5[/align]
    Date: 23/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Mad Dogg impressed the GM & the talent when he dared to intrude on the Most Dangerous Man in FNW, Brent Nixon but perhaps showed him up, even bested him by showcasing his finishing move. Iron Baba & Mad Dogg both have 1 win & one loss, but that will change after Fight Night


    The GM has decided to let Brent Nixon take his anger out on another of FNW's development territory roster, Alex Kidd. But will Mad Dogg be in the head of Nixon after this week?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    A challenge made, Power defeated True Warrior last week, now the man who gave him his 1st win may give him his 1st loss. Mr Zero Gravity faces the Human Army Tank, but who will walk away?

    [​IMG][​IMG] Vs [​IMG][​IMG]

    Hacksaw & Messias both get to choose their opponent. They will reveal their choice on Fight Night Wrestling. The Fan's Favorite faces the self-proclaimed Greatest Wrestler on the Planet. Who will tag with two of the top superstars on the leaderboard?


    Message: We encourage you to reference last week as much as possible when posting. HQ Posts could include your characters personal predictions on the entire event. etc
  2. @[True Warrior] This isn't Roleplaying.
  3. What exactly is your reasoning for pulling that little stunt you pulled last night Mad Dogg?
  4. Thought it was about time I did something.
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  7. HQ Post from Zach & CM Punk noted. Be sure you guys rate the show as not rating is a decrease
  8. HQ? :dafuq:
  9. They take the time to actually record their voices and post it, which we credit them for. Same as we did for DKFJ for his videos. They are putting extra work in. You are welcome to do the same
  10. Brian Messias, I'll hand it to you, you defeated me Friday fair and square. You were the better man last night, but only by an inch. You are assured this isn't the last you will see of me. In fact, if the Smasher accepts my offer of being his tag team partner, you will see me once again, next week.

    So how about it, Lucas? Me as your tag partner. I already know how Messias' works, what moves he favors, etc. after last night's battle. Trust me, you wouldn't go wrong with me as your partner.
  11. As much as i'd love to accept it, I will need to wait until Friday to find out. Anyway, I smashed Zach. Fair and square. I can't be bother to listen to him rant or complain or whatever he is doing because he will either be blaming the country or the federation or simply me. Although, it is my fault he lost because I beat the hell out of him. He got smashed. I have no time for excuses. I beat how how many times? Twice? Sucks to be him. Anyway, next week Brian - you and your idiotic friend of yours will get beaten. Whether my tag team partner next week is terrible or whether he is brilliant - you will be smashed. Good luck to you. You will need it.
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  13. Oh, oh oh...

    Messias are you even serious, dude?

    ''I did this, I did that. Canada can bring this, Canada can bring that.''

    Newsflash, buddy! NO ONE CARES! Not a single person in this federation or the FNW Universe cares. YOU are the only one who gives a *bleep* about your accomplishments. To be honest, you didn't do that much, dude.. You should know better..

    Do something big, and people MAY get interested.. And I said MAY.

    You know.. You are exactly the same as that phoney Clash.. You are the same.. ''Ooh, look at me, I came from this, now I'm here, now I'm doing that..'' You two should team up.. Hell, we even could have a new J.O.B. squad in our federation.. Because you two, are NOTHING more than a bunch of jobbers. You two make me sick. I am ashamed to be in the same company as you.

    Now I know you are all wondering why I'm not on the card..

    Let me explain. I got suspended by the FNW officials for their investegation on my situation with Clash.. Since there is no PROOF that I did anything, will do anything, or even planning to do anything, why am I being punished?

    Same old story and the same old *bleep*, Clash.. You know damn well what happened back then and like you did then, you're playing the victim once again now. I will come for you buddy.. In time..
  14. Suspension? That's the worst excuse I've heard in a long time Rose. Who are you trying to be, Brent Nixon?
    The reason you haven't been booked is because you just aren't exiting. You need to make room for yourself. Something that I did this week and thus I was granted space next week.

    Learn to play the game boy.

    Also what's this I hear about you thinking about jumping ship? So not only are you boring but disloyal? At least I am a company man, I only left Japan because my contract expired and I'll stick with Fight Night as long as I am contracted by them and they want me.
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  16. Anyone seen Vinnie Rose around? He's been so bad, it seems like he has disappeared off the map. He wasn't needed anyways, he is weak, worthless, talentless, and unloved, that piece of crap. Good riddance.
  17. To answer both of you..

    I am not exiting? I suck? Are you two even serious?

    Listen to the crowd.. Listen to the crowd, please!

    Remember when I got Max Powers off his feet? One of the biggest pops of the night.

    Double clothesline on Clash and Powers? Poppin' crowd.

    You two need to realize that you are in no position to tell me what I am, what I can do, or what I should do.

    Indeed, the suspension was an excuse. I was at HCW. Yes, I was there. I was checking their company out to see what they could offer me. Was it enough? Hell no. It was even worse than what I get here for giving it all and taking it to another level every night.

    Clash, calling me ''boy''? I have to learn to play ''the game''?

    Dude, I am the game. When I get back there you will see how I reestablish the ''LA Partyboy'' ''The Overnight Sensation'' and now also ''The Game'' Vinnie Rose. Just wait and see.

    Oh yeah.. Mad Dogg.. You said you would win the Battle Royal a few weeks ago. Didn't work out now did it?

    Then you go out there and squash two jobbers.. Are you serious? You're sad.. A sad pile of human..
  18. The only reason those crowds reacted to you is because I made you look good.
    Also. I went and talked to the company officials since if they are researching our history it involves me as well. They told me you weren't suspended at all. Why must you lie Vinnie?

    But hey, I'd lie to if I was just some lame west coast Zack Ryder.
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  20. You make me laugh, buddy.. You should try out comedy.

    The point is, you don't decide if I'm needed or worthless.

    You don't decide anything. You're a rookie.

    I'm weak? Work out with me, bro.. Let's see if you can keep up with me. Impossible if you ask me. 175lbs? Oh man.. Let me laugh for a sec. That's hilarious. Seriously, get on my level, and we'll talk, dude.

    By the way, how are the legs feeling, dude? Couldn't get out of the Sharpshooter? Aww.. If you would have the experience and mentallity like I have, you would've been able to last a little longer in the ''Shooter'' and could've tried to get to the ropes.

    Sad thing is, I have more experience, talent, mentallity, strength and power in my right toe than you have in your whole body.