Fight Night Wrestling Preview Card - Nov 9th

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: #3[/align]
    Date: 02/11/2012​

    Match Card​

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Brian Messias has been on a roll as of late. Can the Mexican High-flyer put an end to it? Or will the Masked Machine get annihilated?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Fresh of his victory, Zach Schmidt looks to take on the debut of FNW's Puerto Recian Superstar - Ace Young. Will the Alligator crunch his opponent, or will this debut be the shock to Zach?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Iron Baba accepted the challenge, will Austins put an end to the start of Baba's winning streak or will Iron Baba defeat Austins like he defeated Alex Kidd?

    [​IMG] Vs [​IMG]

    Mad Dogg has been eager to have a match with Hacksaw & he makes his debut against the FNW Veteran. Can Mad Dogg get on the table and start his path to the championship or will Lucas Hacksaw smash his opponent?


    Message: We encourage you to reference last week as much as possible when posting. HQ Posts could include your characters personal predictions on the entire event. etc
  2. As much as I hate to say it, Brian Messias will end up winning this week. Masked Machine's luchador style won't be able to overcome the big guy. Zach Schmidt will obviously get a win over the rookie Ace Young, he looks like an absolute softie. I don't know much about Andrew Austins but I don't think he will be able to beat Iron Baba. Madd Dogg will destroy the wimp Lucas hacksaw.
  3. Warning: Lower your volume.
  4. Noted HQ Post from CM Punk. Zach - Seems that is an out of character prediction, would have given you a HQ post if it was a little more detailed and in character
  5. OOC: I'll do a vocaroo like CM Punk's in a little while.
  6. Not much to be said heading into week three for me, Iron Baba very reluctantly accepted my match proposal, like the chicken he is. He's on a winning streak, so what? I haven't lost a match yet. :haha:

    Should be an easy win, as I'll be the one to crush Weak Baba's early winning streak.
  7. Again not got a match but i will be watching :notsure:
  8. Zach, i'm not a wimp. How come I smashed you if i'm a wimp? The only wimp in this match is Mad Dogg and he will be crying after he got smashed. My match this week wasn't fair, I smashed Brian for the whole match and he used one move to actually get me down and I wasn't able to kick out of it. You running your mouth like you actually won the match but you didn't, I did. That is all I can say and trust me - I speak the truth. My fans know I do and they will agree with me. I said I would smash this week and I did even though I didn't win even though I deserved to win.
  9. Anybody watching this? Nope. Me neither. Why would you with Brent Nixon not on it?
  10. Seems like you didn't let anyone give a chance to answer your question. More like you answering your own question, and thank god you won't be on because I won't have to see your stupid face backstage.
  11. The only reason you don't wanna see me backstage is because it gives you flashbacks to the brutal beating I gave you a few weeks ago.
  12. Brutal beating? :haha:

    You think you gave me a brutal beating, you and your ego. But in the end, I proved to everyone that I am the greatest wrestler in the world. I surpassed foreign objects to defeat you. And Facts are Facts. I... am better than you. Always was and still to this day am.
  13. You proved to everybody that you were the greatest wrestler in the world? Really? You were the one who brought in the (completely legal) object, which I decided to use in my favour. I don't think you proved yourself to be anything except Brent Nixon's bitch.
  14. You deserved to win? I don't think so. I'll debut next week, and kick you do-gooder ass out of the ring when I'm finished with you. Also, a point, me crying? You should be crying after what to expect next week. Then when I win that match, I'll change your name from "The Smasher" to The Jobber, because after that match, nobody will even care who you are anymore. You'll just be that guy in the locker room that everybody will pass by and an awkward smile to, but are laughing behind your back, at how pathetic you really are.
  15. I told you before and I'll tell you again. I was going to sit on my chair and enjoy the show.
    So if anyone is anyone's bitch. You are mine.
  16. Well there's no wonder you enjoyed the show, you must have known the crooked officials were gonna hand the match to you.
  17. More like I knew I was going to win from the start. And not by some dumb officials, but rather with skill and charisma. Something you seem to lack you imbecile. I had you beat from the start, I had you beat in the middle and hell I beat you in the end!
  18. No, your name will no longer be Mad Dogg but 'Mad because I got smashed' and you will be walking out of that ring injured after I smashed you. If I end up losing because you cheat or the referee cheats, I won't be a jobber because I have already won a match. I smashed the person who was 'unsmashable' and they just ran their mouth like you did and look what happened...
    Sorry about the keyboard sounds.
  20. I should be the main event