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    Why I am bringing this back​
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    I am bringing back the e-fed. However I plan on doing it a little different. A while back, I spoke with creative on how matches are determined, I stated the competitors promo battle it out via PM's and the winner would be the better promo battle, this was rejected at the time, stating "There isn't enough activity to run this" However I now see IWT is done slightly differently where people promo battle it out and the winner is determined on votes.
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    So I would like to bring back this show, and it will be run a little differently:​
    Matches occur weekly, between people and is a strict 3 promo battle, after which I post end of battle, you may continue to post, because I know Admin want activity and don't want closed threads. However I will only take what is said in the three promos. Depending on how many people are included depends on the number of matches. I don't want to exclude people from this, however it will be myself running it. I was helping out with the other show that is in development, however I have been removed from the creative section and nothing has happened for a few weeks now, so I am assuming nothing will.​
    I looked at Fight Night Wrestling and if you didn't know, the concept behind it was activity, well this as I mentioned was the alternative to promo battles we came up with in creative. However I have came to realize it was a chore for people rather than an enjoyment. So I am going with the original idea of promo battles like IWT. However IWT has public voting or prediction to determine winners. Predictions are really for PPV's so waiting a month is a long time to determine a winner and I am staying away from this. Public voting is quite biased because, as we all know, there are people who do not get on with certain people and this influences the votes. I am staying away from this too.​
    I am bringing this back as it was based on how much you win, something I believe IWT does not have currently, whether they add it or not depends on the management. However since I got back, this has been the one thing I wanted to restart.​
    So with that, I would like to bring back Fight Night Wrestling and do it the way it works that people enjoy.​

    How will this work?​
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    I am going to explain how will this fed work. The slogan we had was every win matters and I would like to keep the slogan. Promo battles will occur between superstars. The weekly show consists of 4 parts, a four-part attack (90's kids will get the reference)
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    Preview Match Cards: Just like in the previous version of FNW, we had preview cards, these cards were to give people information on who is competing against who. This was also used as a way for activity and still can be, if you so choose too.​
    What are they for?​
    These cards primarily are to inform people of their match. However they are also to inform myself if one or more of the participants cannot participate for whatever reason. If I am alerted, which I recommend you tag me so I see, I will change the match and tag the new participant.​
    The secondary function of these threads is to provide me writing material for a later part. What you say here maybe used in a later show, so if you post it will not affect your performance but will get you mentioned more.​
    Preview Match Cards are going to be produced and published on Fridays, you have until Sunday to inform me if something does come up that prevents you from participating. From then it will be "closed", where I will not look at anymore posts, if you continue, whether it be a flame war you are in against another member's character, it is allowed, but will no longer be monitored for the show. However if you are unable to participate, please PM me then​
    Promo Battle Threads: Like in IWT, you will be able to participate in a promo battle between your opponent/s. The standard promo battle size will be put in the thread, but here is a rough layout I will have:​
    Opening Match - 2 promo (of more than 2 matches, otherwise this is replaced for mid-card match)​
    Mid Card Match - 3 promo battle​
    Main Event - 4 promo battle​
    These are single matches, other match sizes will differ, but as I am only expecting a few members to participate in the revival, I am only putting single matches here.​
    These are posted on Sunday, once this is posted, the preview card is "closed" as mentioned above. These threads will be "open" from Sunday and "closed" Wednesday evening. Again you may continue your promo battle if you wish, however they will no longer count towards the show.​
    If you fail to complete all your promos in the 4 days, you will lose the match. If you don't at all, you will forfeit the match.​
    If you are not on the card, you may create your own "open contest" thread. This is where you challenge anyone on the roster and anyone can accept. If anyone accepts, the match will be made official. I will post "Official Match if it isn't too time consuming. If not, I will post brawl, where the match is then unofficial and can go on, but won't count as much on the show. If a match is forfeited, then you will have the brawl made into an official match.​
    Judging - Wednesday I will read through your promos again, and from them, I will pick a winner based on the better promo. You can post hate or love in your promos towards me, but it won't influence my decision. Upon reaching a decision in each match, I will then move onto the last part​
    The Show - I will then write the show based on your promos, where the better promo writer will win (however I still wish to have a storyline in place, so outcomes can vary, but the majority will be down to the better promo writer. Brawls will be open promos where the dialogue is from what you have posted sparking into a fight. However if this is spammed, it will be ignored. If open challenges are made official, the match will take place as a normal match. In this thread again you can post as your character again and it maybe used for the next show or following preview card.​
    The shows will be written in the following - For those (cough crayo) who didn't enjoy our previous style, we will have a quick summary of the match. For those who did enjoy the match will see a full match written, however it will be shorter than our previous version​
    Changes will include -​
    Move names as oppose to move descriptions (unless it is your own variation or custom move)​
    Example: "Superstar A delivers a kick to the gut of Superstar B, then applies a three-quarter front face-lock on Superstar B, Superstar A then falls back, dragging Superstar B to the mat, impacting the head of Superstar B on the mat" will now be written as "Superstar A hits a DDT on Superstar B"​
    Commentary - Will not be like a play by play commentary. Instead will be talking about the event and mentioning some big spots​
    Example:" Commentator A: Superstar A locks it in and hits a big DDT to superstar B, that is going to hurt​
    Commentator B: He will be feeling that tomorrow Commentator A"​
    will be changed to​
    Commentator A: These two superstars go way back to the first night where..... if a normal move, however if a finisher:​
    Commentator A: DDT!, it's got to be over here!​
    Interviews - You will be informed on the match card if you have an interview, after this, you will receive the interview questions, which are to be responded in character and as High Quality as you can.​
    So the promo battles are kind of taped matches per say, and the show is the event itself, sort of like Smackdown, NXT....​
    In the previous FNW, we posted shows on Friday and we will continue to. However on the shows, we required you to post again, in this version, you have the freedom to read your match only, the whole show or just the quick summary. It is your choice. You may post in character after the show, I would like these too be social media posts:​
    Social Media Posts: We had a twitter function briefly, however this took much of the discussion away. What I would like to do is re-incorporate it, but only on the show threads. This can be your personal reaction to matches etc. They can be a continuation of the feud, a in-character reaction, review. Out of character reaction, review.​

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    The main reason creative rejected the promo battle was down to inability to produce long-term storylines. However with this new version of FNW, you are given the choice to create your own storyline, within reason. A major problem we had was face/heel. Everybody posted as a heel role. Depending on how well you play your role, as you will be messaged any changes I would like to make, such as gimmick, catch-phrases, heel/face/tweener, you will be put into storylines.
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    Storylines will affect the outcome of some matches, not all. It is unfair to cause loses continuously to someone. You may be subjected to losses, but only for the sake of story building.​

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    As we are just starting, we will have one title, however before FNW stopped, we planned on bringing in the custom championship, where the current title holder could name the title belt upon winning it. This will be the title belt (it is treated as the FNW World Title) and as we get more people, we may introduce a new title in it.
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    Other Threads:​
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    We will have a big thread containing the important things we need for the show.
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    Roster List: This is a roster of active superstars coupled with their win loss record and title history​
    In-active superstars: These will be people who have posted a character but not seen to be active, forfeited multiple matches or have left the show​
    FAQ section: List of Frequently Asked Questions for new people to read before joining so they understand the whole idea.​
    Rules: A rule section which all must abide by to participate. This is to ensure fairness between all.​
    Archives: If you wish to read back - or you were away and want to catch up on results you can use this​
    Another thread I will be making is a character creation, where you can submit a character coupled with a complete move-set, looks, entrance etc. All characters are accepted, no one is excluded unless your character is against forum rules. However you can only have 1 character. More will be explained in the thread​
    What happens to new superstars: They are given a training match against the champion - because the champion is the fave of the company, they will compete against rookies, in what is called the rookie showcase. This is where the champion will compete in a non-official (meaning there is no win or loss) match against the rookie. This is to get the new member used to promo battles. If they miss their showcase without informing me, then you need to PM to schedule another showcase.​
    Wiki pages will be made. However not here. I would like to create wiki-pages for FNW, each superstar. Each superstars will have a wikipedia style page, however with a complete opponent history (show date, result)​
    Threads you can make: You have the freedom to make any thread. As I have notice a lot of threads in IWT are people entering a ring and cutting promos. In FNW, These can be backstage promos if you PM me and if I approve. I won't approve if I have too much to write. In that case you can create an independent promo which won't be included but may have a mention in commentary. This again can either be posted onto the "FNW Website" where replies are done by social media again. However if you don't write your promos, and you use vocaroo or any other media, they will be treated as an upload to FNW Website.​

    Pming me:​
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    I don't mind you private messaging me when it is concerned with this, however within reason. I wish you to PM me regarding the following:
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    Want to compete, change my character's role (heel/face/tweener), update your characters moves or look (however I do not want to continuously do this), Matches, your ideas for storyline.​
    I don't want to receive pm's for:​
    Losing a match, opponent choice, decision choice, match selection (i don't mind, I can't make this week because... I do mind, I don't want to face X because....)​

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    So FNW I want to bring back and run it as I wished previously, promo battle style. I hope it will settle IWT potential biased voting, and create a product for you people to enjoy. I am hoping I will get enough members to join as I have designed this so it is easy to manage for myself and easy to run.
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    Now if admin wish to give me a section for this, they can, I don't mind posting it here, but I imagine I will get a lot of threads posted in this version, as people control their characters.​

    So thank you for reading, sorry for typing so much, wanted you to know all of it. I will be making the character submission thread shortly. I await comments from you all​

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  2. Also if this is in the wrong section, apologizes as there is no e-fed section
  3. Should be reposted in IWT at least giving a link...and general description, so it doesnt get lost in the dead "be the booker" section.
  4. I'm in.
  5. Sounds pretty good :obama:
  6. it's back and better than ever
    i'm in
  7. Just you picks the winner? Boring and controlling. *yawn*

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  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but does it go like this:

    Person One - Promo Start
    Person Two - Rebutal
    Person One - Rebutal
    Person Two - End

    Is this right?

    If it is...I'm in.
  9. For opening segment yes, if it is 3 promos each there is an additional promo each and if it is a main event there is another promo each
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  10. Just a symbol?
  11. No you have a new belt entirely
    for example:
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    You give a new title picture for if you win the title, which will be the new belt
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    I love the look of this title
  13. Count me in.
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