Storyline Fight, Win, Stay

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  1. The show comes back from commercials and the commentary team are recapping SummerSlam with a photographic slideshow happening of the various matches, upsets, celebrations and everything else.

    Sven: Summerslam was truly specta-

    Sven is at that moment interrupted by a screech sound and the lights go out everywhere, plunging the arena into a darkness.

    Sven: Ladies and gentleman, I am not sure what is going on, but know that we're working on the issue... we seem to be experiencing techni-

    The arena remains dark till the music hits (at 00:11), titantron coming back to life showing clips of an unfamiliar man. The camera changes to one that is coming from the behind the curtain and shows the back of a figure standing at the center of the stage, cracking his neck and looking around the arena and starts walking to the stage with the camera following him.

    He's handed a mic as he gets toward the ring and rolls under the ropes. getting up and standing in the middle of the ring with a nervous look on his face.

    Sven: That's Colt Hellbeck! He's one of the rookies in the training program, what is he doing here?

    He brings the mic up to his lips with white knuckles.

    "I...." he looks around the arena. "I am Colt Hellbeck" he says and there is a mixed reaction, mostly boos because of his unfamiliarity.

    "No... let me try this again."

    He walks over to one of the turnbuckles and pulls himself up so he can stand on the middle rope.


    The crowd reaction is louder, with both the boos and the cheers getting louder with the boos sounding a lot louder.

    "That's a lot better... I knew you people had it in you, I knew you were a rowdy bunch" he smirks and the cheers get a bit louder.

    "You don't know me... Why the hell would you? Unlike all the superstars that competed in that historic Pay Per View, I didn't compete in this ring. Unlike the usual bunch of debutantes, I haven't made a name for myself in the independent circuit. Unlike the greats that walk around in that locker room, I don't have a long list of accolades to wow you with."

    He dips is head, looking down at the mat.

    "For me... This..." he points to the mat as he raises his head to look around "This right here. This tops my list of accolades. When I was a kid growing up in Detroit, Motor City. No one.. No fucking one thought I could one day be in this ring. When I was in school, being bullied for being little, no one thought I could be a professional wrestler. They all said I was too weak, they all said I didn't have "IT"."

    "So to them, to all my doubters that have told me I am not good enough all these years, and to all of you in the back that underestimate me, thinking all I'll ever be is a perpetual rookie."

    He looks straight at the camera.

    "Bring the camera close, come on"

    He gestures the camera over and waits for it to come near him.

    "I am Colt Hellbeck, and I am here to fight. I am here to win. But most of all. I am here to stay"

    He pushes the camera guy away and drops the mic, heading to the back as his music comes back on.
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