Fighting Champion

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  1. Farooq comes out with the lights dimmed except for one big blue light. Farooq is dressed in a blue robe, followed by his escort also wearing a blue robe. Jessica holds the X Division title as Farooq makes his way down the ramp, clamping hands with the fans. He enters the ring by going up the steel steps, holding the ropes open for his escort can get into the ring with ease. Once he is in the ring, the announcer hands Farooq a microphone and the music stops. The image of a moon stays on the titantron, as well as the light fixture.

    "Now....this may seem different to many of you. Me coming out to such figures, such as the dimming of the light, the change in clothing, and the difference in music. I assure you all though, that you still have your champion. The fan's champion, the X Division champion, Farooq!" He said as the crowds cheered loudly. "I have always caught the night calming. I took part of being in a moon meditation group. I have learned from them, and stories of others who have found peace, harmony, and relaxation through the light of the night. And just like the moon shines, I'm going to fight!"

    "I'm going to do something that not many would even consider, I'm going to assert myself, as a 24/7 challenge. Anybody who has the need to fight, just come to me and I'll set the match." The crowd was shocked at this. "Why am I proposing this? Because, I do not want to be a feeble champion. I do not want to be one that cowers at Pay-Per-Views, I do not want to be one that denies challenges because I already have a match at Money in the Bank, I want to be the wolf! The one who always looks for a challenge! I shall be the one that continues to ascend through the rankings of the IWT!" The crowd began to chant Farooq's name.

    "I'm a hungry fighter, I always want to fight, I'm always looking for competition. There is no one else in the back, that has the same passion that I possess! I am a fighter! I will not back down! I will rise, just like the moon, and just like the moon, my victory will be seen from every corner of the Earth. Anybody who wants to fight me, at any given time there can be one, two, three, fourteen, I shall not flee." Farooq said as he starred at the stage.
  2. *Smoke Comes out from the Stage as Nightmare emerges from the back.*
    Nightmare: So, It's a 24/7 challenge huh.....Listen, I might be new around here, but I'm always looking for dreams to crush and after what you just said, I'm coming out here with two intentions. To Break your Dreams and To Win my Debut Match!
    *Nightmare laughs* So, Are you man enough to Face me or will you just reject my request, like a Coward, afraid of losing a match to a rookie?
  3. "Does it look like I'm fleeing the ring area? If you are serious, then you come to this ring and fight me. I'm not moving." Farooq said as he sat in the middle of the ring, facing the stage.
  4. *Nightmare walks down the ramp and into the ring*
    You see how serious I am now? I Want to face you! I will make my mark here and I'll start that against you and then people will see the power that is Nightmare!
  5. Farooq stood up, telling his escort to leave the ring. "Just like the light of the moon, I'll be over the darkness that is you."
    (2 promo match?)
  6. (Yeah Lets do a 2 promo match)
    Hehe, I shall vanquish this so called light of yours and then I'll let the darkness consume you!
  7. (okey dokey, gonna make it in another thread.)
  8. And do you want to go first or me?
  9. You Go first.