Storyline Filing a complaint

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    *Christian comes out to a thunderous ovation as he comes through the curtain and walks down the ramp
    *Christian enters the ring with a mic in hand

    You know...

    *Christian chants break out

    You know, with all this buzz going on lately with Dat Kid resigning from IWT, you people seem to be forgetting the match that took place a few nights ago on Uprising. It was Anonymous...

    *Anonymous gets a mixed reaction

    who faced off against, Victoria Parker...

    *Victoria Parker gets a mixed reaction


    *Crowd cheers

    But people seem to be forgetting what took place... DURING that match! May I forward your eyes and ears towards the titantron.

    He put his hands on a man who is NOT a professionally trained athlete, he threatened HIM and his FAMILY on live television and I will not tolerate such behavior!

    I've spoken with management at the back and without further adieu, Danielson...

    You are here by terminated from your IWT contract, they wish you the best in your future endeavors.

    *Crowd is in shock

    They wish, I don't. Because in all honesty Danny... I hope you rot in hell!

    *Christian goes on to the back
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