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    FINAL BATTLE is the biggest show of the entire year for Ring of Honor. Hostilities culminate and stars are made when we showcase the best wrestling on the planet LIVE in New York City! This year, ROH debuts at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. Plus...FINAL BATTLE 2014 will be broadcast LIVE ON PPV! It will be available on all major cable and satellite providers. For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE! And to order it as an international iPPV, click HERE (For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE!

    Hanson vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mark Briscoe

    Just added to FINAL BATTLE! A mix of styles and athletes square off in the same ring for this HUGE 4 Corner Survival match! Hanson is on a roll right now, and he's proven that he's a master of multi-man tournaments and matches. He's also by far the most physically intimidating participant - and it's his very first FINAL BATTLE! But Mark Briscoe doesn't back down from anyone - no matter how big and fierce he may be. And he has a long history of tough fights when the odds were against him.

    Meanwhile, longtime veteran Caprice Coleman has faced just about every single kind of competitor out there. His experience makes him dangerous, and he'll try to employ years of strategy to pull out a critical win at ROH's biggest show of the year. And finally, rounding out the field is The Decade's Jimmy Jacobs! The Decade has been embroiled in a breakdown between Adam Page and Roderick Strong - who will face each other at FINAL BATTLE - but now Jacobs has his own match to focus on.

    FINAL BATTLE is the biggest show of the year...and it's LIVE ON PPV! A win in this match would be absolutely critical to the career of the victor. It is the chance to impress on a giant international stage. If you don't have tickets, the only way to see this 4 Corner Survival match is on PPV!

    Adam Page w/ Jimmy Jacobs & BJ Whitmer vs. Roderick Strong

    At last year's FINAL BATTLE, Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer, and Jimmy Jacobs revealed their alliance - The Decade. They were the backbone of ROH and they claimed they were tired of watching others who are unappreciative of what Ring of Honor means while they flee to other opportunities. While their message had undertones of truth, their methods were less than upstanding. While preaching "respect" and "honor," The Decade targeted the young up-and-comers trying to make a name for themselves in ROH. According to the veteran trio, these "kids" needed to pay their dues the old fashioned way. ROH has ALWAYS been the place to see the next big stars in professional wrestling...but The Decade was determined to hold them down and make them "learn."

    One of the bright young athletes targeted was Adam Page. A standout at ROH training camps, Page was doing all he could to find where he belongs in Ring of Honor. But one thing was certain: his future looked tremendously bright. Humble and soft spoken, Adam Page was a top prospect. And that made him a prime target for The Decade.

    But over time, slowly, some started to notice a bit of a change in the dynamic. The Decade made Adam Page face Adam Pearce, their reliable old school enforcer. And as Page spent more and more time around BJ Whitmer, it seemed like all the bullying and scolding WAS having an effect. But instead of making Page more humble, over time it appeared that Page adopted some of Whitmer's callousness into his own personality! After months of humiliation, Page became a bit of a bully himself. And Roderick Strong had a bit of a problem with that.

    As these problems in The Decade intensified, it seemed like a chasm was forming - BJ Whitmer on one side, Roderick Strong on the other. Jimmy Jacobs has frantically tried to play peacemaker, reminding them of their common goal. But maybe he didn't quite count on the "growth" of Adam Page. The fans (and others in the locker room) who supported Page from the beginning encouraged him to break free and be his own man. Well, Adam Page is a man now. And he's decided it's time to get rid of Roderick Strong.

    Page has taken cheap shots at Strong, trying to distract and bait him. And Roddy isn't taking it lying down. It looked inevitable that these two MUST have a confrontation, but it was Adam Page who finally went too far. On the most recent episode of ROH TV, Page tore into the ROH Triple Crown Champion. And as he said, "I'm not your young boy anymore"!

    "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs. Tommaso Ciampa

    When Michael Elgin finally won the ROH Title at BEST IN THE WORLD, he swore to be a fighting champion - taking on anyone and everyone; even issuing an open challenge to all former champions. But in his quest to prove he was the greatest champion of all time, Elgin seemed to get more and more obsessive. Maybe even a bit paranoid. And when he lost the title to Jay Briscoe at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, Michael Elgin underwent a complete breakdown. He has funneled all of his frustrations over losing the title into an attempt to destroy Ring of Honor. He started showing up at ROH events in street clothes, refusing to wrestle but more than happy to interfere with the action.

    Tommaso Ciampa's mission to become ROH Champion was thwarted by Elgin himself, when Ciampa was unable to defeat him after a grueling battle in Chicago Ridge. Tommaso had campaigned for the opportunity, insisting to Nigel McGuinness (and anyone who would listen) that he'd been overlooked and underappreciated. That he just needed one chance at the title. But when Elgin was able to retain, Ciampa snapped. He attacked ROH ring crew and officials, nearly ending the career of announcer Bobby Cruise. Ciampa was immediately put on suspension and banned from ROH events. McGuinness would eventually decide to give him another chance, but on one very clear, express condition: if Ciampa touches an ROH official, he's gone for good. Zero tolerance.

    With FINAL BATTLE on the horizon, Nigel McGuinness discovered a chance to take care of both his biggest problems. Nigel has made the decision. If Michael Elgin doesn't start acting like an honorable member of this elite roster once again, he will be fired. If Tommaso Ciampa lays his hands on an official or referee, he will be fired. And on December 7th at FINAL BATTLE, these two "problem children" will have to face each other! It's ELGIN VS. CIAMPA III!

    Every time Elgin and Ciampa are in a ring together, carnage follows. They are some of the most brutally physical matches in Ring of Honor and FINAL BATTLE promises to be the most heated contest yet. These two men have a long history fueled by animosity that has only grown in the past year. Both are bitter and furious, each looking to prove to why he is the more deserving of attention and opportunities. And Nigel McGuinness has made one more thing very clear. He doesn't care if these two absolutely destroy each other!

    Cedric Alexander & The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. ACH & The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)

    Sometimes, you can look at a match on paper and already know it's going to be non-stop excitement. At FINAL BATTLE, Nigel McGuinness has put together a six man tag match that promises to blow you away! Two of the top tag teams in the world will team up with two of the most exciting young athletes competing today. The Young Bucks and The Addiction have already wowed fans every time they step into a ring together, and December 7th is sure to be the no different. Meanwhile, ACH and Cedric Alexander have a competitive rivalry based on honor and athleticism - and what better place to continue that than New York City?

    At TAG WARS 2014, we saw a taste of what can happen when The Young Bucks and ACH in pitted against each other, and it was absolutely amazing. Now the stakes are raised even more with The Addiction and Cedric Alexander in the mix. Every ROH athlete sees FINAL BATTLE as the ultimate chance to show what you're made of in front of what might be our most faithful, vocal crowd of New York fans. This is the first FINAL BATTLE appearance for The Addiction, and there's no doubt their "addiction" to competition will be even stronger at the biggest showcase of the year.

    Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway & Prince Nana vs. RD Evans w/ Veda Scott

    It was the greatest sensation in professional wrestling: #TheNewStreak. For over a year, R.D. Evans amassed win after win in his quest to surpass the undefeated streaks of our past. While some of those wins had...slightly questionable legitimacy, the fact remains that in time R.D. Evans had crowds chanting for him and cheering him every step of the way toward the elusive 174-0 goal. With Veda Scott scouting opponents and strategizing every moment...with Ramon holding the signs...#TheNewStreak propelled R.D. Evans to success he had never before attained in ROH - and it all culminated in an ROH World Television Title shot against Jay Lethal in R.D.'s own home state of Texas.

    But at the end of the night, as the San Antonio crowd stood in stunned disbelief, #TheNewStreak was over. Forever frozen at 173-1. This time, the underdog wouldn't prevail. There was no happy ending for R.D. Evans. Humiliated in front of his friends and longtime fans in Texas, he was left dejected and alone in the center of the ring. The record books will show that - technically - it was Jay Lethal who pinned him. But everyone knows who REALLY ended #TheNewStreak.


    Moose was the latest addition to #TheNewStreak family. Personally scouted by Veda Scott and eventually convinced to join by R.D. himself, the former NFL giant seemed to be the missing piece. His size and strength ensured victory for the new team in every single outing, and the numbers soared higher and higher. It was all planned perfectly: R.D. Evans wins the TV Title in San Antonio and celebrates with his family: Veda, Ramon, and Moose.

    Well, Ramon and Moose celebrated, all right. After Moose speared Evans and Lethal grabbed the pin, #TheNewStreak was over. Ironically ended the same way many of R.D.'s victories had been secured, it was all over at the count of three. Shouting angrily that he should be addressed as "Stokely Hathaway," the man formerly known as Ramon and Moose revealed their clandestine alliance to the world. Later, Hathaway would insist that he and Moose had been held back by Evans and were stepping out of the shadows. Ending #TheNewStreak was just the first step. There was even more to this story...and it involves R.D.'s oldest nemesis, PRINCE NANA! To the absolute shock of everyone in attendance, Nana addressed the crowd in Baltimore just last weekend and made it known that he has not forgiven OR forgotten about R.D. Evans' takeover of The Embassy. Stokely Hathaway claims Nana helped him see the light and realize his potential - and the potential "wasted" in Moose. Nana has given this new alliance his blessing. And now they have sworn to go one step further than ending Final Battle, Moose will get rid of R.D. Evans for good!

    But while Stokely Hathaway has commandeered as much microphone time as possible, we've heard absolutely nothing from the usually verbose Veda Scott. In San Antonio, she was ejected from the TV Title match before the controversial conclusion. After the match, she emerged through the curtain to survey the scene in what appeared to be complete disbelief. #TheNewStreak was over. Everything she and R.D. Evans had been building for a year was over. And it came at the hands of two men they trusted more than any others - two members of their own "family." Veda took a few tentative steps toward R.D...and then retreated. We have no word on what has transpired between them since as both parties have maintained total silence on this subject. In Baltimore, as Nana, Hathaway, and Moose celebrated their coup, Veda once again looked on with what fans in attendance described as a mix of anger and despair...but said nothing.

    Now Moose and R.D. Evans are going to collide LIVE on PPV in New York City December 7th! Can R.D. Evans even hope to combat someone as monstrous as Moose? Or is whatever fueled #TheNewStreak even more powerful now that this has gotten beyond personal?

    #Reborn Matt Sydal vs. Jay Lethal (c) w/ Truth Martini & J. Diesel

    When Matt Sydal returned to Ring of Honor, it was after a injury stalled his career and put him on the sidelines for months. There were whispers and rumors that Sydal had lost a step. That he wouldn't be the athlete he once was. That he couldn't keep up with the "new" ROH. Well, all those doubt were blasted away with one Shooting Star Press, proving that Matt Sydal is REBORN and ready to take on absolutely anyone in Ring of Honor.

    But it's not just the fans who have had their eyes on Matt Sydal. Recently, it's clear someone else has been watching: Truth Martini. Never without his Book of Truth, Martini has evidenced himself a keen scout for talent. He is a manager of champions. Indeed, he is currently guiding ROH World TV Champion Jay Lethal to unprecedented success in Ring of Honor.

    And - it seemed - Truth Martini had taken an interest in Matt Sydal. We'd seen this before, when Martini convinced Matt Taven to accept his managerial expertise. A few whispered words and Martini evidentially made Taven an offer he couldn't refuse. Suddenly, Matt Taven was TV Champion. He was a fixture in ROH. A star. There's proof in The House of Truth when it comes to success and prestige.
    But every Truth Martini offer comes with a price. He and his associates are not above resorting to the cheapest of tactics to stay on top. Would Matt Sydal be swayed in that direction to ensure his success after returning to ROH? Nobody knew for sure. However, it seems we've gotten our answer...

    On ROH TV, Lethal defended the TV Title in an absolutely must-see rematch against ACH! And Matt Sydal stepped into the commentary booth. After this incredible match, Sydal stepped into the ring. He offered Truth Martini a handshake. Was this the confirmation that Sydal had been swayed toward The House of Truth?

    The answer to that is a very emphatic NO. Sydal pulled away and pointed at what he REALLY wants. Not The House of Truth...Matt Sydal wants the ROH Television Championship! But he's going to have to beat the man many point to as the most purely talented pro wrestler on the planet, Jay Lethal. And you better believe that Truth Martini doesn't take this rejection lightly either.

    Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) (c)

    After suffering a shocking loss of their IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on November 8, 2014 to the current Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions reDRagon, The Time Splitters, Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA will come to Final Battle in search of redemption. They will challenge for the ROH Tag Titles!

    This will be the 3rd meeting between these two teams. The Time Splitters defeated reDRagon in an IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title match last August in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling. This loss came on the prestigious G1 Climax finale show. Fish & O’Reilly’s debut as a unit in Japan was ruined and this is not something they took lightly. reDRagon didn’t miss a beat after this loss.
    They impressed NJPW officials enough to receive an invite to this year’s Super Junior Tag Tournament. Fish & O’Reilly defeated stand out teams Bushi & Mascara Dorada as well as a pair of former ROH World Tag Team Champions in The Forever Hooligans and The Young Bucks in the finals to win the tournament. Not stopping there, they challenged the champions to a match on the closing night of the tour.

    Riding a wave of momentum not seen in professional wrestling in a very long time, Fish & O’Reilly avenged that big loss of last summer by defeating Shelley & Kushida to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team championship. This will be the rubber match, in what could go down as a legendary series of tag team matches. Can the Time Splitters, Shelly & KUSHIDA halt the momentum of reDRagon? Or are Fish & O’Reilly just getting started?

    Adam Cole vs. Jay Briscoe (c)

    The rivalry between Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe is one of the longest in ROH today - and it's definitely the most vicious. These two have been at odds ever since Cole won the ROH World Title in a tournament held after Briscoe was stripped of "his" championship. Each man feels he is the true world champion. At the last SUPERCARD OF HONOR, Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe nearly killed each other in an unbelievably brutal LADDER WAR to settle their score once and for all. Technically, Cole came out victorious - after interference by Michael Bennett and Mark Briscoe. But the grudge was far from forgotten.

    Once Jay Briscoe reclaimed the title at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA, his old nemisis was right there to remind him that the REAL face of Ring of Honor is Adam Cole himself. Cole is determined to get that title back, but just being champion won't be enough. He wants to humiliate Jay Briscoe. He wants to get rid of him for good. Cole even attacked Briscoe family patriarch Papa Briscoe, laying him out with a superkick. But there is NOTHING Jay Briscoe won't do to defend his family - and this time Adam Cole definitely crossed the line.

    With a rivalry this heated and violent, there can be only one resolution in Ring of Honor. When the hatred between two athletes supersedes the professional and becomes intensely personal, there is only one solution. At FINAL BATTLE, it all explodes in the ultimate grudge match! Jay Briscoe vs. Adam Cole: FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR! There is no way to know just how violent and brutal it's going to get in Manhattan on December 7th and you absolutely need to see it live. For a list of all pay-per-view providers for FINAL BATTLE on December 7th, click HERE!

    Sunday, Dec 7, 2014 07:30pm EST
    610 W 56th Street
    New York, New York 10019

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