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  1. A View from Ringside By Kevin Kelly
    A new series of articles begins in 2015 on from ROH Play-by-Play Announcer Kevin Kelly titled “A View from Ringside” but Kevin wanted kick off the series with his thoughts from Final Battle.

    I got home early Monday morning from NYC and Final Battle was fresh in my mind. To be honest, going into the event, I was fearful of a letdown. After all, Best in the World was ROH’s live PPV debut and I wondered if we could duplicate our debut effort. Could the match quality exceed what was an amazing June event? Would fans say Final Battle exceeded expectations?

    Running the results over and over in my mind, I jotted down these takeaways from the incredible night at Terminal 5.

    -Roderick Strong is poised to challenge for Gold in 2015. His match with Adam Page demonstrates just how special and talented Roddy is and I haven’t seen him better. Page’s best is yet to come and he will take lessons learned from Final Battle into what I predict will be his Breakout year.

    -I wonder if Hanson will capture a singles title in ROH before Raymond Rowe comes back from injury and War Machine goes for the Tag Team titles. The biggest surprise of 2014 is Hanson but he won’t be able to sneak up on anyone in the New Year.

    -Pound-for-pound, Jimmy Jacobs is the toughest man I have ever seen in a wrestling ring.

    -Has Tomasso Ciampa’s ROH career come to an end? Has Michael Elgin begun to resurrect his? Judging from Nigel McGuinness’ reaction at Final Battle, it’s clear that only one moment from the Ciampa/Elgin match is sticking in the matchmaker’s mind. How long will we wait for an answer?

    -While I respect RD Evans, Moose is a star on the rise and there may be no stopping him. That is, of course, if Moose’s controversial representation doesn’t lead him down the wrong path. Guidance is good but too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the meal. Moose is the star of the show, not the supporting cast.

    -The Young Bucks are the most entertaining act in Professional Wrestling but ACH capped off an amazing 2014 in spectacular fashion. Some wondered if the uber-enthusiastic ACH had the maturity to wrestle in the big time but what the now 27-year old man has accomplished since his travel letdown in September proves that he can and will become a champion in ROH.

    -If anyone asks you who the number one tag team in the world is, tell them it is ReDRagon. Around the world, other teams may argue but it is settled business. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly proved it in emphatic fashion at Final Battle. No one is better than the Two-Man Smash Machine.

    -On the 13th anniversary of his debut in Professional Wrestling, Jay Lethal has reason to celebrate. His win at Final Battle cements his claim as “the best wrestler on television” but how long will the most victorious TV Champion of all time be satisfied with that honor?

    -Calling Matt Sydal matches is a huge treat for me. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and I was thrilled when he came back to ROH. On a level playing field, with no outside interference, I have to wonder if there would be a different outcome in the World Television title match. Sydal deserves a rematch and I look forward to calling it.

    -Anyone who knows me knows I despise violent matches. I am a purist, with a love of the sport and a care for the well-being of the athletes who compete in it. But, there are times when blood feuds must be settled and such was the case in the Fight Without Honor between ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe and former champion Adam Cole.

    -The fact that they were competing for the ROH World Championship was second to their hatred for one another. Cole taunted Jay Briscoe throughout, hoping the champion would make a mistake. Each man paid the price in an effort to end this feud.

    -Jay Briscoe has not been pinned or submitted in over two years but will the toll from Final Battle make defeat a stronger possibility in the near future? Because, while it may never be over between Jay Briscoe and Adam Cole, I have to wonder if either man will ever be the same again following Final Battle.

    -2014 was the best year of my now 23-year Professional Wrestling broadcasting career. My love for Ring of Honor has never been stronger and I anxiously await the New Year.

    Since I didn’t get to watch the Pay-Per-View at home, I have ordered the replay of Final Battle. Even though I was there live, I have to watch it again. If you missed Final Battle on Sunday, I recommend you order the replay as well. Call your cable operator or satellite provider.

    I actually jotted a note last week that read “letdown?” Would Final Battle somehow top Best in the World? I can scratch that question out and replace it with “Triumph!” because that was the takeaway of Final Battle for me.

    Happy Holidays!

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