Storyline Final Call Out

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  1. *He comes out wearing blue jeans, no cap and a vest with the words Stone Cold on the back*

    "Lord Lee ya trashed the IC belt but quite frankly i don't give a damn and for doin that Cheers to ya! That belt was as overrated as Joey Bryant
    *Loud Uproar of Boo's, loud Joey Bryant chants start*
    "Keep on chantin his name because he represents all of you, un-talented! overpowered and he's just as big of freak as all of ya! Now let's get down to business i'm not out here to entertain you fat freaks! I'm here to call out one....two of my opponents right here!

    *We Want Aids, We Want Aids, We Want Aids chants start up*

    "Keep on chantin his name! Did you see his damn documentary!?!? You drove that guy to the brink and he still comes out here and whips ass better than Joey Bryant!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "Gav, your just as delusional as Trip for tryin to get in mine and your way at Uprising! I will and never have to bow down to nobody! Including Trip! How can you have a better built match than D'Z the man that could easily whip your ass up and down! Side to side and still make it back to bang ya mom, and if you deny it! I, D'Z and all these sum bitches know it! Gav i don't care if you are the longest reigning jobber in the IWT Dazzler has been carryin you from nothing to gold! Everyone knows at one time or another you rode in his back pocket!

    *Crowd starts chanting We Want Aids again*

    "I'm out here not to be your little bitch but out here to call out the 2 S.....O.B's i'm going to face at Uprising so i can have a little chat before hand!"

    *He goes outside to grab a chair where he gets in to a stare down with a fan, eventually he pee's his pants and uses his Aids Johnson shirt to cover up the piss, Brian sits in the ring waiting for a response from Trip or Gav*​
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  2. *The titanron flips on showing Trip in the Head in a dimly lit room somewhere in the building. He turns slowly and smiles at the camera.*
    TRIP: Who is getting in whose way there spunky? Gav and I have quite a history going back. You get a questionable victory over the guy - to say the least - and suddenly you're on the top of his shit list? Do you think you're the first person to put down that rag tag champ? Ohhh, I don't think so. It's obvious you won't have been the last either after Uprising. Neither of you have the ability to defeat me. I've got more talent in my little finger than both of you combined. Gav and I have done this dance before. We'll be there to give it our all at Uprising. Can you say the same Brian? Because if you're not willing to put it ALL on the line here in IWT - your heart, your soul, your life - then you might as well not show up at Uprising. You may think you are ready, but that streak in your pants says otherwise. *Trip shakes his head* I would not have you bow before me Brian. No. I will face you in that ring like an equal, beat you in that ring 1..2..3, and then move on past you as something more than you could EVER be. Never once looking back. At Uprising, by the end of our match, you will both have no choice but to...

    *Trip moves towards the camera quickly and recites with a medium crowd pop*
    Give in to the Order!
    *The titantron cuts to black*
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  3. *Brian has a look as if he was listening intently*

    "You act like your the king of the world! You got your little clique, The Order! The Order is nothing more than a couple of sum bitches who as much talent as Joey Bryant's got charisma or as much talent as Gav!"

    *Crowd Cheers for The Order insults*

    "Shaddup! You may think The Order has your back come Uprising! But, Son! i got some news for ya kid! I can kick all their ass just as fast as i can whip Gav's and i don't give a damn if you think that i don't give a 100%! Because the fact of the matter is i give 100% come back buy another 100% and run back to the ring just as fast i can pin you!

    *Crowd starts chanting Dat Kid, Dat Kid!*

    "You sit their you little freak! On top of a screen talking to the toughest S.O.B on the planet today because you know i can whip your ass all the way to New York and back here to LA (New York the kayfabe city where Uprising takes place and LA the city the promo is taking place) Gav's been itchin his ass for months to get me! but whatcha gonna do Trip when i stop a mudhole all over you! Fucker?"

    *Crowd Cheers*

    "Can i say the same? can you say the same when my foot is buried down your throat? Can you say that phrase when i'm kickin your ass all over the place? No! I won't leave this ring until is see your delusional ass right here in this very ring, face to face to the man that can kick your ass *snaps fingers* just like that! Son!"​
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    *gav the chavs music plays and gav comes out to confront brian and trips*

    (Gav the chav) oi you 2 over here shut the fuck up the champ is talking now right *sighs* now where the fuck do I begin?

    *gav looks at brian Mandela and spits in his face*

    Here who the fuck do you think you are? Gavs heard you going around thinking your something special telling all your little mates your better than me coz you got a win over me I can't believe you have the nerve to do that you cheeky **** did you really beat me did you fuck and that is exactly why gav wanted to get his hands on you as soon as your mug showed but then this prick over here piped up

    *gav looks towards trips who is standing there with a gormless look on his face on the titantron*

    thats right you gav wanted to destroy this cheeky **** one on one then you had to stick your beak in didn't you so gav though the best solution would be to let these people decide the IWT universe and I guess they want gav to open a can of whoop arse on both of you and that is exactly what gav is gunna do when gav is done with the 2 of you he's gunna make you both as irrelevant as @Aids Johnson

    *gav drops the mic and leaves the arena*
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  5. OOC: @gav the chav I used the titantron method for this one bro lol. Who you talking to?
  6. OOC just some guy called trip in the Head who thinks he can beat gav the chav have you ever heard something as ridiculous as that
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  7. :okay: