Storyline final message for fungi

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    *the camera cuts to gav who is on the titantron waiting to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav) so right as you all know gav will go one on one with fungi to determine who the number one chav is and you know what gav is looking forward to it its a new challenge something I've yet to come across during my time here in IWT I thought I was the one and only chav in this company in fact just a few weeks ago I was sat there thinking what if there was another chav in this company and just how brilliant it would be if another chav came along and tried to beat me at what I do and boom look what cones along a scruffy little **** from Liverpool I could come out here and rip the shit out of him but instead I'm gunna simply tell you all to tune in to night of champions not to see joey bryant crush yet another opponent not to see dazzle fail at winning the European title but to tune into gav the chav vs fungi because this will be the only chance you'll see gav face another chav in what could be the greatest match you ever see as the number one chav will be decided and I guarantee that will be me and once that is all said and done I guarantee you all that gav the chav will be crowned as the next IWT champion very soon!
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