Storyline Finally back to stay.

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  1. *Jacob comes out, makes his way to the ring while he highfives some fans. He then asks for a mic and gets in the ring.*

    "Well, guys, I know I said some time ago I came back to stay but left because I needed to get another goal and damn, lots of things have changed in so little time... For example, Kid will go one on one against FTJ in a 2 out of 3 falls match which is overrated and everybody knows it... Just look at "", odds are clear... Kid will get an easy win, and guess what. I'm the special guest referee so I'll be able to see it all happening... Actually, I returned because of this match. I'm pretty excited about this match because Frank and Kid were my first ever opponents in this very company, but I couldn't get the US title back then at IWTMania... Well, FTJ was out so I lost one on one against Kid. This doesn't mean Kid is my favorite, but FTJ isn't really what he used to be... Once the IWT Champ and now the Jobber of the year... This will be a match of legends, a match of two former IWT Champs. And I have no favorite, I will be impartial so guys, don't try to buy the ref."

    *Crowd cheers. Jake gets a cold beer and drinks it*

    "Damn, I was thirsty... I've been training all day long. Well, where was I? Oh, yeah, some changes. Probably the change I've hated the most is that bipolar man in the back... Come on, if you suddenly start yelling with no reason at all, you must be C-R-A-Z-Y. But who ca-"

    *Lights go out and...*
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  2. *A gold spotlight hits the stage as ???? walks out hands in his pockets with a mic hooked up to his mask*


    *Two large men attack Jacob, they throw him over the top rope and hit a piledriver on the ramp, they drag him to ???? who pulls his hair back and slaps him, ??? snaps his finger and walks backstage as the men drag Jacob away*​
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  3. :isee: Nano likes it rough
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  4. Not as much as you do :pity1: