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  1. *The scene opens up backstage, where we see the new number one contender Joey Bryant walking down a hallway when a cameraman runs up to him, and an interviewer in front. He runs up to Joey.*

    Interviewer: Joey, Joey! With the year anniversary show coming up, you have to be extremely honored and excited to me featured in the main event. I mean you weren't even at this company one year ago but-

    *Joey just holds up a hand to the interview and looks away from him.*

    "Don't worry, I'm not going to try and act like some hard ass and knock you on the ground to try and prove some kind of point. But I just had to stop you. You actually think I'm honored to be in the main event of the event? I should not have had to second guess if I was going to get my one on one shot. I should have been given this shot back in June...... I should have been given this shot when I proved to the world I belong."

    *He cracks his neck and looks straight into the camera.*

    "People want to just get behind me now because instead of being the new kid on the block, I'm some kind of underdog. They gave me no respect when I was climbing my way, but finally when I show everyone I can battle with the best of the best they get behind me."

    Interviewer: Alright well recently, Victoria Parker has taken a leave of absence to focus on her mental well-being, do you have any-

    *Joey holds up a hand again and cuts him off.*

    "Victoria Parker... *He chuckles a bit.* I thought I was a little messed up in the head but oooo girl, you're something else. You were something else when you fired rounds in the middle of the arena during the match, I bet the doctor that's working with you is being paid a hefty wage. But how much does he want to be paid for his life because it seems like at any moment, VP, you're going to snap. And people think they've seen you snap before but I feel like the worst is yet to come. You'll snap, and you won't be able to come back from it. Your brain will literally turn into something not even you could predict, just a jumbled up puzzle up in your head that everyone including yourself is trying to figure out."

    Interviewer: Even more strong words but Joey before you cut me off again, do you have any preparation going into your match with Aids? He seems to have a lot on his side, he thinks he's the most dominant champion this company has ever-

    *Joey just chuckles for 10 seconds before grabbing the "A-I-D-S SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS" hoodie from a crate. He throws it on over his head and actually smiles into the camera before the smile fades.*

    "There's no resolution to this problem. Well.... death might be one but this isn't anything personal. Yet. Aids and I have some strange respect for each other, it's a love hate relationship filled with a lot of envy. He's probably envious of my fast rise here, how everyone's jumping on my dick. But I can admit I'm envious at the random moments of success he has even at the most strange of times. Taking down VP was no easy feat. But I'm my own man now, Adam thought he was proving some kind of fucking point by jumping ship to DX but it's funny that once he did, they died. They didn't die for a specific cause they just died and now there are just VP wanna-be's running around acting like they need some adderall, acting like they deserve the spotlight. Adam you can bow down to the fans or you can just be the laughing stock to them and before you take this as a challenge and begin running your mouth it's not. I got more on my plate then disposing of petty mediocrity. Starting with you, Aids."

    *He turns away from the camera, showing the back of his hoodie that says "Joey Bryant, 03" with the 03 symboling Aids title wins. He walks away as the scene fades to black.*
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  2. Brutal.
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  3. Ouch mate, that hurt.
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  4. Nice stuff, and i gotta love the hoodie. No publicity is bad publicity brah, i'm looking forward to next week.
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  5. OOC: Great fucking promo
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  6. OOC: Thanks mannn, and everyone else.
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