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  1. *The fans pop as the music of The Dazzler hits the PA system in the arena. After a few seconds of making the fans wait, The Dazzler walks out from behind the curtains to a big pop. He's wearing black shades, a Hawaiian shirt, and some black pants. Around his waist is his Tag Team Championship. The Dazzler walks down the ramp and walks up the stairs, grabbing a mic on the way. He gets up to the ring apron and stands up on the turnbuckle. The Dazzler takes his championship off from around his waist and lifts it up in the air, resulting in another loud pop. The Dazzler climbs off the turnbuckle and gets in the ring. He slings his title over his shoulder and stands in the middle of the ring. The fans begin chanting "Dazzler" as his music dies down. The chants finally stop and The Dazzler goes to speak.*

    Dazzler: Finally......

    *Big Pop.*

    Dazzler: Finally The Dazzler has come IWT!

    *A smile appears on the face of The Dazzler.*

    Dazzler: It was a couple of weeks ago, at Uprising, that The Dazzler was attacked from behind and put on the shelf. The culprits of this attack? None other than The Dazzling Chav's opponents at IWT Mania, The Order. Those two candy asses tried taking The Dazzler out so they could have a big advantage going into Mania, but there was one thing. One thing that they didn't prepare for, and that was The Dazzler coming back and whipping their monkey asses all over the ring!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzler: Honestly though, The Dazzler realized something during his time in the hospital. The Dazzler sat back and watched everything, and watched it with a disgusted look on his face. From crappy gimmicks to distasteful acts, it all made The Dazzler sick. But it also left The Dazzler thinking, thinking about all the terrible things he's done in his life. The Dazzler has spend the last two to three months running down on the people, The Dazzler's people. He was on his way to the top, turned his back on the people, and fall back down to the ground. That's where he went wrong, that's where I went wrong. Those days are behind The Dazzler. Don't get him wrong now, he's still going to be verbally and physically whipping all sorts of monkey asses. It's just that now, he's not just doing it for himself, he's doing it for the millions........

    *Crowd chants "and millions."*

    Dazzler: Of The Dazzler's fans. The Order has put this on themselves. They brought back the man that was kicking ass and climbing his way to the top day after day. Those two trailer park pieces of trash, with as much sense as a ditsy blonde, are going to get their asses whipped so bad that then, and only then, will they get on their knees and clasp their hands together. Then, in firm position, they'll look up to the heavens. They'll look up and at the same time they'll say "Hey God, It's The Order. You know, Trip and Marcus. We are just here to beg you for help. To beg you for help. You see there's this guy named The Dazzler, and it seems like no matter what we do, he just seems to whip our jabroni asses." Then, Order, a bright light will shine upon you and from the light you will here God's voice.

    (Dazzler) God : Now listen Quip and Harcus.......

    (Dazzler) Trip : God, our names are actually Trip and Marc.........


    *Crowd pops huge!*

    (Dazzler) God : Here's what you two need to do: First, you must go to IWT Mania; Second, you must go two on two with The Dazzling Chavs; Third, you must take your number one contendership. Take all the things you've done since on your path to becoming number one contenders and shove it up your candy asses! Then and only then, will you two be able to get checked into the Smackdown Hotel!

    (Dazzler) Marcus : But God, we need your help. We need to win!

    (Dazzler) God : Win? Ha! Good luck with that!

    Dazzler: Then, Trip and Marcus, you two will feel something. Something strange. It's the feel of a fresh, new, holy, ass whipping from The Dazzler and Gav the chav! At IWT Mania, The Dazzling Chavs are going to beat your rudy poo candy asses into Oblivion, and then you'll finally realize that all this crap you all pull. All these dark and scary tricks you try to play, don't work on real men. One by one, both of you bitches will feel the wrath of The Dazz'er's right hand slapping you left. Your quest for these titles are going to be in vain. The Dazzler guarantees, guaran-damn-tees, that it will be The Order who gives in! IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE DAZZLER IS COOKING!

    *The Dazzler drops the mic and exits the ring to a huge pop. The fans chant his name as he walks to the back.*
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