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  1. The crowd pops at the start of Nick's newer, slower theme song, and he walks out, wearing a black t-shirt, gray jeans, and wearing his world heavyweight championship. He slowly walks down the ramp, taking in the moment. He pats the title, grabs a microphone, and walks into the ring. The crowd chants his name, and he nods his head.

    "If you told me yesterday that I'd be standing in front of an IWT crowd with championship gold around my waist, I'd call you crazy. But really, it was me that was crazy. I left, because I was disappointed. I let one slip away, and the grief was killing me... I left, and I wasted 3 months of my life. My life was a wreck, I developed horrible habits, I tossed everything away. There was one thing, just one thing that kept me going in life... redemption. It was all I thought about if it was in the right state of mind, it killed me. I turned to drugs, sex, and living life as a hermit to escape because it was eating me alive. But the thought of redeeming myself was there, and I worked out everyday. After hearing Joey Bryant speak, I realized it was time for my redemption. My redemption wasn't getting a rematch with Jwab, no, it was bigger than that. It was heading this company into a new era. Both me and IWT had something in common. We were looking for redemption, a change, a new path in this crazy world. And now, we both have found all of that. And if you ask me, the path looks pretty damn good, and it's only going to get better."

    Nick smiles and sets the microphone down to a mixed reaction.
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