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  1. *The crowd are still alive and active, going crazy after witnessing some of IWT's best go at it at Summerslam! Finally the lights in the arena go completely dark, and there is nothing but a sudden silence. The commentators are confused about what is going on, and apologize for the technical difficulties in the arena. They say this should all be fixed soon, when suddenly on the titantron, an entrance video begins to play.*

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    *The fans let out an enormous pop, and the commentators are going crazy, as the entrance theme of one of IWT's biggest stars of the past few years begins to play. Chants of "Dazzle" are filling out the arena.......the commentators are still losing their minds...wondering if he is truly here............when out from the curtain comes the man himself.....The an even louder pop.*

    Commentator 1: It's really him! It's The Dazzler! He's back! After almost a two year absence, B.Dazzle is back!

    Commentator 2: I can't believe it! I thought he was gone forever. After no-showing, he was let go....but he's back!

    *Dazzler, wearing black pants, a hawaiin shirt, and some shades, makes his way down the entrance ramp, as the fans are losing their minds. He climbs up to the entrance ramp, and climbs to the middle rope. He stands on it, looks around the sea of fans, and then raises his arm in the air, as the fans let out another huge pop. The Dazzler steps down, and gets in the ring. He walks to the corner across from him, gets up on the middle turnbuckle, and once again raises his arm in the air, as the fans are not letting up with their loud cheers. The Dazzler climbs down and grabs a mic, before getting in the center of the ring.*

    Commentator 1: I can't believe it! I just can't. The most dazzling man in all of sports and entertainment, after almost two years, two long years, has made his way back to IWT. What a Summerslam this already is!

    *The Dazzler still stands in the center of the ring, mic in his hand, the fans continue to chant his name...louder and louder. Finally The Dazzler lifts his hand up, and the fans go he puts the mic up to his mouth.*

    Dazzler: Finally........

    *Big pop*

    Dazzler: FINALLY.....

    *Big pop*

    Dazzler (with crowd): FINALLY......The Dazzler has come IWT!

    *The fans let out another huge cheer for The Dazzler.*

    Dazzler: Which means.........Finally........The Dazzler has come back.......home.

    *The fans let out a loud ovation, which The Dazzler soaks in, before going to speak again.*

    Dazzler: That's right. Don't adjust your t.v screens. Don't pinch yourself. Don't blink. Because what you see is real. In this ring right now, is reality. After almost two years....two long years.....two excruciating, painful, years......The Dazzler is back.

    *The fans have yet to calm down.*

    Dazzler: Just in case, there is anyone who forgot who The Dazzler is....let him remind you. The Dazzler is a former IWT Tag Team Champion.....a former IWT Intercontinental Champion.....he holds the record for most eliminations in Royal Rumble history with eleven....and he is a former Mr. Money in the Bank. And most importantly............The Dazzler is the jabroni beating, pie eating, trail-blazing, eye-brow raising, step your foot on the gas...always ready to kick your ass!

    *Big pop.*

    Dazzler: It's been a long time since The Dazzler has been here. He knows you've missed him.......and The Dazzler has missed you all even more. The Dazzler has been around the world, these past few years, but he never regained that spark. He never had that fire ignited inside of him. There was something missing....something wasn't making The Dazzler whole.....and that was you....the people..........The Dazzler's people. You see without you, The Dazzler wasn't the people's champion. He wasn't the most dazzling man in all of sports and entertainment. He was just another guy. Another guy who walked in and out of a curtain, doing what he does. And that ate The Dazzler alive. It ripped at his very core. And after almost two years of suffering and misery...The Dazzler knew it was time. It was time to come back to the place he loves, the place he made his name at.....IWT.

    *The Dazzler sets the mic down, as "Welcome Back" chants start filling the arena. The Dazz, though, silences them real quick.*

    Dazzler: As much as The Dazzler would love to soak up every cheer and chant, sadly he doesn't have a lot of time right now. And he needs to make this quick. The Dazzler wants you, the people, to know he's come back to entertain you. He's come back to give you everything he has. Every ounce of blood, every ounce of sweat...he's going to shed every single tear he has....and give you all his absolute best. Not good enough. Not very good. His best. Because that is what the people deserve....from their people's champion.

    *The fans let out another loud cheer, as The Dazzler is speaking to them from his heart.*

    Dazzler: And now that The Dazzler has said what he has said to you, the people.....he'd like to address the wrestlers in the back.

    *The Dazzler turns towards the entrance ramp.*

    Dazzler: You see, The Dazzler has been gone a long time. A very long time. And in that time, things have changed. Some are gone, some are still here. Some have risen to the top, others have fallen. And in between, are newcomers all ready to prove they belong. Everyone in the back, no matter who they are, has something to prove. But nobody, and The Dazzler means nobody....has more to prove than The Dazzler. He can already hear the whispers and the chatter in the back, the questions by all the writers and the fans. All asking if The Dazzler still has it. If The Dazzler is as good as he says he was....or is he going to prove he was a flash in the pan. The Dazzler believes you always look to the future, and though he's had a great IWT career in the past, it's a fresh start. It's a new beginning...and he's got to show himself to the world once again...and prove exactly why he deserves to be considered one of the very best. And that's what he's going to do.

    *The Dazzler begins getting fired up.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzle is making a promise right here, right now. Sooner rather than later, The Dazzler is going to scratch and claw and fight right back to the top of the mountain...and this time, he's not falling off. The Dazzler has one goal and that is to be the very best he can for you, the people, and to be the very best for prove to himself he belongs here...that had he never left, he would have been IWT Champion. And The Dazzler promises, when this run is over, he will prove himself to the world. Whether it's the IWT Championship, or even the Universal Championship.....The Dazzler is going to fight for it.....and he's going to win it.


    *The Dazzler drops the mic and heads to the back, as the fans begin cheering for him again.*
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  2. I've waited forever for this it feels like. Makes me so happy, very glad to have you back man. You haven't lost a step.
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