Storyline Finding Aids Johnson: Documentary

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  1. *The video starts with the IWT Home Video sig*
    RED: Narrator
    Blue: Friend
    Green: Other

    *Then it shows his title win and parts of his best matches while the title card get's put into place like a a puzzle all you hear are muzzled, We Want Aids chants*

    Narrator: "Growing up the young Aids always wanted to be a champion, but he never knew what...One day on a stroll through an ally he saw his first true fight, he then wanted to see if their was a real fight league when he turned on his TV he went looking and found NWL (Nation Wrestling League) regional TV.

    Aids Johnson's Mother: "He fell in love with instantly, i remember when i saw it i was disgusted but after a while i got used to it and didn't mind watchin after a while"

    Narrator: "Falling in love was the short term affects on the young Aids, he soon learned he wasn't going to be a champion crack, thief or prison junkie so he went after what he loved.....Professional Wrestling!"

    Aids Childhood Friend: "When he told us we were like, "Nigga please!" but we loved watching his ass all night!"

    Narrator: "As soon as he finished school and yes he actually finished school he started training with Fisher Kowalski, Learning the ropes from an NWL legend and learning from his favorite wrestler as a child."

    Fisher: "Oh, my worst student but he was fun and calm, he eventually learned all the mov- *Fisher Dies*"

    *Racing and Speed Junkie Music Hits and Shows edited over Aids matches*

    Narrator: "Busting into the scene of wrestling joining JPW (Jobber Pro Wrestling) and winning their title 2 days after defeating the 100th competitor there. That's when he met Jonathon, a scout and GM of IWT (Internet Wrestling Title) the biggest (talk league on the Internet today) wrestling staple in the country."
    Aids Mom: "I's so excited when i heard *UNRECOGNIZABLE WORDS* i jumped out of my chair and said MY AIDS!"

    Aids Friend: "I was like "Nigga Peaz, and i was like Dawg you gotta give me some chang chang my boi, and now he sends me hundreds daily."

    Narrator: "Aids Johnson joined and became a world champion soon after debuting, he was dominating all comers before losing the title. His title picture wasn't blank and is filled with title's of all kinds"

    Aids Friend: "When he won i's like Neeeega PLEEEEASE that did not just happin...SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK! You know what i mean bruh?"

    Narrator: "Being a star didn't come without it's bad habit's or consequences, he was injured many times and changed from 1 grueling tron to another with equally as bad theme songs. That wasn't the only thing that was happening outside of the ring. Aids Johnson the man everyone loved was developing taste for drugs and alcohol."

    Aids Mom: "I was devastated when i learned he wasn't taking drugs and drinking this entire time! So i kicked him out of my family! NO SON OF MINE GOIN TO BE SOBER!"

    Aids Friend: "When i figured out i was like CRAAAACKAH PLEEEEEZE! No fred of mine gonna be sobbah!"

    Narrator: "Even though he had a visible drug and drinking problem, IWT nor Fans cared about his state, we tried getting a word with IWT GM Jonathon of why they allowed the lives of real men in the hands of a drunk man, we got no answer."

    Aids Fans: "We don't care if he's drunk, we's like him because he's cool.....and black"

    Narrator: "After a long ride on top of the IWT chain he was visibly gaining into the drinking problems, he finally lost his IWT title in a 6 man free for all the a relative new comer, Joey Bryant."

    Aids Friend: "I was like NEEEEEEEEEEEEGA....PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAZE! When i learned a white guy beat a black guy for a big gold belt! That's irony bruh."

    Narrator: "Aids was seen drinking himself out multiple times and was seen in many beer commercials around the world, He's been seeking rehab help."

    *Sad montage of Aids matches*

    Narrator: "From nothing to greatness to nothing again, he was and is legendary and will be remembered for his great career and that he was an alcoholic with souless fans, fans around the world know Aids Johnson simply as....Aids Johnson."

    *Ending copyright and sig with credits*​
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  2. I highly doubt Aids would of been hurt by this...unless he was actually starting gain feelings....
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  3. I just want to be sure, NIGGA PLEEEEAZ!
  4. I'm white. 3 time IWT champ and Superstar of the year bro, but most importantly...I was drinking long before any signs of greatness were shown :obama:

    Ahh well, @Big Boss @Dat Kid look at how you were portrayed in my documentary!
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  5. This was a funny read
  6. Uber wigga mode
  7. NEEEEEEEEGGAAAAAAAAH PLLEEEEEAZE, Dat Kid told me that you weren't 3 time champ
  8. Guess its a good thing I brought Aids' IWT family back or this would make no fuckin sense whatsoever, lol. Still odd that she seemed so happy to talk about Aids' when I last mentioned she was so ashamed of him she couldn't speak into the camera at him. Oh well. #FuckContinuity
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    This is for fun it doesn't need to be factually correct
  10. For fun you mean? Ok then
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  12. I still dont remember you even bringing them back, but then again, I didnt bother reading your IWT EC promos either. #Neverhadachance
  13. God damn it
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  14. I found aids johnson behind the dumpster giving a handy to the homeless guy for booze.
  15. I already had some booze too, I just wanted more.