News Finns Growing Fins *ba dum tssss*

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  1. Finn Balor became the inaugural Universal Champion at SummerSlam last month, but a scary bump he took on the barrier dislocated his shoulder and caused major damage that will keep him out until 2017. Balor had surgery to repair a torn labrum a few days after SummerSlam, but he was back in the hospital this week to receive a stem cell transplant in an effort to help make his shoulder even stronger.

    "We discussed the possibility of a stem cell injection to help with the cartilage defect to see if we could form a more robust tissue by adding some of his own biology there. We obtained the bone marrow from the wingbone of his pelvis."


    it was a bad joke, I know :okay:
    Get well soon Finny boy.
  2. He will recover and return better than ever because...

    I miss my boy Finn. Get well soon, man.
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