Storyline First day

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  1. *pulls up to the arena in his Chrysler 300c and grabs his bag out of the trunk and walks toward the rear entrance and hears the roar of the crowd as an escort shows him to the locker room. As he starts to put his gear on he notices the action going down on a nearby monitor. He wonders if it's going to boil down to choose a side. The most coveted free agent has now hit the IWT but what will he do?* image.jpg
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  2. *gav the chav is watching backstage*

    (gav the chav) where the fuck did @Jonathan find this creature?
  3. *walks up to gav the chav*

    I'm Marcus Anthony I'm new around here. I was told if I wanna make a name for myself, this is the place to do it.
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  4. (gav the chav) hi im gav the chav and i'd hard as fuck let me offer you a bit of advice as long as your not a cheeky **** then we'll get along just fine
  5. Nick walks in, wearing a DX shirt and jeans.

    "Pay no mind to the mumbling bumbling stumbling retard, Marcus, is it? I'm here because you have a choice. It's quite a simple one, but some don't know better. As I'm sure you've noticed, us, as in DX, are making some statements in the IWT. We want you."

    "Make a choice. Do you join the IWT, or will you join us? I especially want you, which is why I came personally before Jono or Gavin could brainwash you. What do you say?"

    Nick extends his hand to be shaken.
  6. Appreciate the offer Nick you'll know in time where my allegiance lies....

    *Marcus walks away as Nick has his hand out slowly pulling it back with a confused look*