News First NXT Live Event Outside of Florida Set

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Congratulations to Columbus.
  2. And so, the company-wide civil war officially begins. Shots fired.
  3. Great news for Ohio I guess
  4. Yeah, they're so damn lucky.

    Congrats to them and to Hunter, too.
  5. Cute story. More like him showing off why he deserves it, and the company getting a 20minute promo in a 70 minute show for it.
  6. Nicee Im about to get tickets to this! @Danielson OHIO BABY!

    I live 2 minutes away from this venue, I doubt these tickets will be that much I'm stoked though! Me and my boys about to go to this outside of RAW Feb 9th which we'll be camera side for.
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  7. 2 days after my Birthday. I wonder if Alexa Bliss will be in action in her hometown
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  8. If she's not I'd be entirely surprised, she'd get a cheap but well earned pop in this city as soon as they say "From Columbus, OH..."
  9. Ohio people. More coming your way.