Storyline First Statement From The IWT Tag Team Champions

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  1. *The camera man is struggling to get through a massive crowd outside the Verizon Arena, currently hosting an IWT house show. Screaming fans and patrons are crowded around something, but the camera can't get a shot of whom. It gets to the center of the crowd and Michael and Joey Bryant are in the center, under a canopy and in lawn chairs, signing autographs, with the tag titles on the table, while another man sizzles hot dogs and hamburger meat and a number of fans eat under the canopy. Michael is dressed in an IWT t-shirt and white cargo shorts, with flip-flops on. Joey, sitting to his right, is wearing a Virtue tank-top and sweat pants. They have large smiles on their face, with the sun shining brightly on their backs. The camera reaches their table and Michael looks up.*

    Michael: Hey there! Y'know, when we were fighting day and night for these titles, we said it was for the fans. We are here, with the fans. We are here, for the fans. We are here, serving the fans. These fans drive us. We never thought that one day, us two would combine to form a tag team that would captivate the people as we have, but as time shows, you never know what to expect. Many months ago when I thought I was a god on earth, and I looked down to these people. I didn't know the errors of my way until I saw these people and what they can do for me. I didn't know my errors until I saw what I could do for these people. I missed out some great years by perusing weightless goals of becoming a god. I promised these people that this title was for them, and I hope this is just one step in proving that I have changed.

    *Michael signs and autograph and takes a picture with a little girl wearing a Jeffry Mason, "Savior of Death" t-shirt.*

    Michael: I do this for these people. The little kids, the grown men and women, the grandfathers and grandmothers. I do this for the public, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove myself. My partner here, is willing to do the same. This is a mission to bring Virtue to IWT, and we are on a hot path to completing this mission. But we won these shiny new titles, but have no more contenders. We are throwing out a challenge to any two men, besides Tyson and Slate, that want to face us for these titles. We promise to bring a big fight, and they should expect to bring one, too.

    *The camera shifts over to Joey.*

    Joey: The goal of reinventing the tag division here in IWT is still in our minds, and now with these tag titles in our posession, it will make our goal that much easier to accomplish.

    *Joey pauses for a couple moments to take a couple pictures with a couple fans and sign a couple autographs and he then looks back into the camera.*

    Joey: Before returning to IWT, people would look at my career and remember me for only one thing, being a terrific IWT Champion. Which in hindsight isn't a bad thing to be remembered for at all, but I wanted my career to have an even bigger impact on this company. So now when people think Joey Bryant, they can also think of a tag team champion. It really does feel nice being able to say that but Michael makes a good point. We are sitting here as the--"

    *He pauses a moment and smirks and picks his title off the table and holds it up high in the air.*

    Joey: --as the KINGS of the division!

    *The crowd around them cheer loud and both of them smile and Joey sets him title back on the table.*

    Joey: We're sitting here as the kings of the division but we have no one ready to step to us. As nice as it is just being able to sit here as the champs, we still want to make the tag division into something special and we're not going to be able to do that with no competition! So to any of you buddy buddies out there that think you got a shot at taking down Virtue...grab a couple microphones, hold hands together, and walk down to that IWT ring and make your voices heard. We really don't care who it is. It could be anyone at all, we really don't give a damn, but first come first serve. Get out there and do something.

    *He shifts his focus away from the camera again and signs a few more autographs for some fans. Some security guards walk in front of Joey and Michael and begin telling everyone the autograph session is over. They make a pathway for Joey and Michael to walk through and both of them stand up, put their titles on their shoulders, and begin to walk through the crowd of fans as the camera follows in front of them.*

    Joey: Don't let us down IWT Tag Division. 2 of you need to step up and prove you got what it takes. This man right next to me is a brand new Michael, and I'm a brand new Joey Bryant, and we're ready prove why we're the champs. Just warning you though...

    *Joey and Michael make it to the outside of the crowd and stand in front of all the fans and both of them hold their titles in the air.*

    Joey: Virtue will always....

    Michael: ...prevail.

    *The camera then zooms out and Joey and Michael are standing there with their titles raised high looking into the camera and the fans behind them cheer loudly as the scene fades to black.*
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