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  1. Gohan will not be participating in his match for the WHC.

    You want to act like a dick to me, fine. You are not aloud to participate in IWT for one month. I will not be talked to like this from anyone on this forum. Don't go PM'ing me with your horrific grammar threatening me. All you did was make IWT a lot harder for everyone else from the beginning. You want to act like a child, fine! You have no respect for anyone on this forum nor for women after you so bluntly talked to me in such a manner. Also, the only thing you supported was your own forum raged ego. You broke too many rules and I let it slip by NUMEROUS times. I am done.

    So go cry BOLD SHIT to someone else. Apparently you don't care either way but since I AM FAIR, you will be on the suspended list, not the fired one. If you choose to come back in one month, that is on you.
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  2. Holy shit do i like this. LOL FRANK :pipebomb:

    Supported IWT the whole time? Shittiest laughable champion, constant crybaby, and refusing to compete outside of the PPV you demand title matches with...then insulting people who are here on the regular stating you "have a life." The mother fucker works 3 hours shifts at an ice cream shop, he probably spends more time promoting EBW on the main site than he does in IWT. This move is awesome for the IWT, congratulations Brita, Jonathan eat a dick, and the rest of you are better off for it (finally)
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    RANDY IS A LEGEND :pipebomb:
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  5. Wheter you like him or not. YOU GOTTA RESPECT HIM!
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  6. Wow what a dick move, he really does need to chill out abit. How was the voting rigged?
  7. shame. he'd been an awesome heel. see randy, that's the promo you should've gave instead of broadcasting yourself that no one wants to see. :pity:
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  8. He claimed that it was rigged since people didn't watch his promos. He doesn't understand the concept of pre determined opinion nor the fact that people don't like him in this section in general and thus don't have a reason to vote for him. Thus it was rigged.
  9. It's a bit shit with prejudice being so big here but sadly there is no way around it. It's similar to MOTM IMO it needed work to avoid social groups voting for eachother, I think Senhor mentioned it in his match too.
  10. LMFAO! SO TRUE! :lol1:
  11. Sadly this was also Gohan shitting in his own bed. He spent so much time in this section making mountains out of molehills and trying to get above the existing rules that I can understand people disliking him in here. It is sad but I understand why.
  12. A month? Jeez.
  13. why do you keep replying to your own posts? Everyone knows you are really Seab.
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  15. Oh jesus. The last thing you should have done was post here. He is going to pm the shit out of you, and we all know it. Dude got away with murder and got MULTIPLE title matches because of it. He clearly was way, way over the line, and it was a long time coming.
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  16. I always see people post about this, but what MOTM winners have won because of this favouritism?
  17. MAH GAWD A MONTH! Mah gawd Gohan is out for a month like a government mule! Oh the humanity King! That no summabitch mah gawd King!
  18. Lacky or Vince, not sure which one won. What he is talking about is how people hated on nWo voting for each other instead of splitting up group votes.
  19. Both won actually