Storyline FITE ME!!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Dec 25, 2013.

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  1. Stop being a bunch of pussies and fight me :finger:
  2. Alright, bring it.:tough:
  3. Alright :tough: Tonight?
  4. Yeah, I'm down for tonight.
  5. Alright :yay: Unlimted promos?
  6. Heck yeah.:yay:
  7. @Jonathan get your face out of that pizza box and make this thread :tough:
  8. Screw Jono, we can have the match in this thread.:tough:
  9. No, I'm the tag team champion!
  10. That would actually be me. :smug:
  11. Not for long.:pipebombe:
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  12. :challengeaccepted::tough:
  13. Guys it's Christmas day. :gtfo:
  14. Setup the match :tough:
  15. And you're still on the forums :jeritroll:
  16. Sooo, what'd you get for Christmas?
  17. diabetes
  18. A dildo with a card reading "For Dat Kid"
  19. You want to know what I got for Christmas? Your WHC shot :jeritroll:
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  20. :blackshock::okay:
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