Five people WWE could get rid of that would make the product better

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  1. In the spirit of all the releases in WWE recently, I pose this question:
    If you could ax any 5 WWE employees, who would they be and why?
    This could be any person from Vince McMahon to a production team member.
    Your reason doesn't have to factor money or storyline continuity
    Factoring money would prevent anyone from mentioning Cena and that wouldn't be the spirit of the thread.

    For me
    Vince McMahon - I like variety and he's too bottom line for my taste. All the staleness starts with him.
    Alicia Fox - Nothing about her tells me she should be a wrestler
    Michael Cole - Sorry. Dude doesn't elicit excitement. He butchers returns
    Kevin Dunn- He's a piece of crap and doesn't make wrestling interesting to watch, at all.
    Randy Orton - I've seen more tenacity from an ant. If WWE completely dumped him they could sign 5 indy guys who'd potentially bring more value than Randy could at this point

    Money doesn't have to factor, but your 'firings' should make the company better in some way

    Michael Cole on returns

    JR on return
  2. 1. The Miz
    2. Great Khali
    3. Sheamus
    4. The Authority
    5. RVD
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    The Authority
    Jerry Lawler
    Big E/Kofi/Titus/Darren Young/R-Truth/Woods (lol i'm not racist at all but they all suck, just a coincidence)
  4. I don't agree with letting go of Sheamus, I do say he should take a paycut though, I believe he's making a million and gets first class travel.

    1. Justin Gabriel
    2. RVD
    3. R-Truth
    4. Zack Ryder
    5. The Miz

    ^Those are my 5 I would remove.. Zack Ryder is mainly a fiscal decision for how the company is being run now, personally I would find storylines for him but for this current WWE product he's one I would get rid of.

    Honestly there's a few contracts that should be reworked, Miz is one of them if not cut.. Swagger IMO is another, R-Truth too.. Titus O'Neil could use a small one, Khali & Sheamus are both heavily paid and could use some paycuts.. a few more.
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  5. Get rid of Khali at least please. In this new era of wrestlers where its all about creativeness in the ring and high flying moves he adds NOTHING to the product IMO. Maybe back in the day when the moves weren't so varied and just being that big meant you impressed people with your presence, but now.............
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  6. The only wrestler that's not Eva Marie that comes to mind is Swagger. I'm even fine with Khali that, sans that bullshit with Sandow, whenever he's in the ring he's just there to take a really big spot. That's fine (even though that should be Big Show's role...)

    Otherwise, Cole, Lawler, Kevin Dunn and VKM.
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  7. Cena

    Get rid of him, and things should be fine
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  8. I actually a appreciate the candor.
  9. Oh I might change someone on my list to Jerry Lawlor, so that way we could get DAT Renee on RAW.
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  10. Cole, Lawler, Khali, Dunn, and... Idk, cutting Cena would improve my enjoyment of the show a lot.
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  11. 1. Michael Cole - I don't think he is a very good wrestling commentator and never have rated him, I always preferred JR. I don't think he would be missed.
    2. Batista - I just think the product has surpassed him and that he is no longer important. Big Dave had a great run originally and I really enjoyed his initial WWE stint but right now he really does just steal the spotlight from others who are more deserving.
    3. Miz - He has always been one of these characters that we love to hate, unfortunately I don't see his new 'Hollywood' gimmick doing him any favours and I would bin him to allow other wrestlers to shine.
    4. Shitus O'Neil - No comment really necessary to accompany his inclusion, a chunk of cash WWE is wasting.
    5. Jerry Lawler - I don't like saying it but Lawler's commentary gets worse by the week, I don't think he contributes much anymore.
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  12. Let me say, for the record, I admire all of you who mentioned Cena.
    I do not agree at all, but if his absence would improve your viewing pleasure I commend all of you for mentioning him.
    I wanted to say Lawler myself, but if he were heel I believe he could still be useful
  13. The only two people that we could get rid of that would even cause a change would be Vince and Dunn. Those two because they creative control. Once we get someone that could book the wrestlers good, I personally think that they can do well with what they have right now. Even Cole could be entertaining again if they made him a heel in my opinion. The Great Khali can go since he's not exactly a good wrestler or talker, but even then he can at least be used to put over some wrestlers to make them look strong like how they did with Cesaro.
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  14. I think if Cena was such a great person he should voluntarily take a $500k paycut from his base salary.. he would still be making around $3 mil + merchandise and all first class travel, not to mention they opened the door for his "acting" career so now he's popping up as random characters in various forms of media.

    Khali can draw.. but the way they pay him is HORRID for how little they utilize him.. Personally Big Show is the same way but his pay is actually not that much higher than Khali.. if they were smart they'd negotiate a decent pay cut for Big Show as well.
  15. No wrestler, should take a pay cut ever. They are worth every penny.
    Vince won't pay benefits. He doesn't give a sh** about his employees.
    He kills pushes at his discretion and pulls merchandise because he doesn't 'think' the character is over.
    Ziggler is clearly over and he loses every match.

    No wrestler should ever take a pay cut in a business where their health is compromised on a daily basis.
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  16. 1. Kevin Dunn
    2. Jerry Lawler (could be easily replaced by Booker T as the face commentator, who could work both Raw and Smackdown every week, and it's just time for him to "ride off into the sunset")
    3. I could list any number of jobbers at 3, 4, and 5, but I don't know that they'd would be so badly utilized if you replaced Dunn, who it's obvious doesn't really understand pro wrestling.

    All you guys who are advocating Cena, Orton, or Sheamus being fired........thank God you're here and you express your opinion. Nothing could be worse than losing more main event level talent at this point, but your opinions are highly prized.

    I am super serial.

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  17. WWE is jerking us around with Orton. He's never developed a personality because he's never been forced to.
    How many of you cats go to work and over do it, because you're afraid you could be canned?
    How many of you cats have walked on egg shells around your girl cause you didn't want to pi** her off?
    I'm sure all of you have, but Randy Orton hasn't. No matter how many times Orton drops the soap, he's patted on the back
    Orton is main event talent, yet probably the worst #2 in history. In fact, WWE's real #2 is on the couch tweeting about the Cubs.
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  18. [​IMG]

  19. Uhh... WWE is actually one of the only promotions to cover 100% of all in-ring injuries as well as associated rehabilitation.. not sure where you're getting the no benefits thing from..

    Regardless he/the company doesn't even have to provide benefits, you do realize that the performers are technically not employees right? They are actually labelled as independent contractors; 401ks and dental are definitely out of the question but the fact that they do pay 100% of the in-ring injury costs is more than gracious IMO.
  20. Firstly, health benefits include bacterial infections they make get or if they happen to catch the flu.
    If their child is sick or if their spouse is sick, they are out of luck. If they have a stomach virus, they are out of luck again.
    If they develop a respiratory infection, WWE isn't responsible for that.

    Please don't give me the 'independent contractors' spiel. If they were really independent, they would be allowed to work for other companies. If they were truly independent, they could sign record deals with other labels. If they were independent contractors, they wouldn't be signing autographs and doing radio interviews to promote events in the little 'free' time they had. WWE monopolizes your options to where you can only do outside projects at their approval. This, by definition, would be the exact opposite of an independent contractor.

    Your best independent contractor argument would be CM Punk, who technically does not have fulfill his contractual obligations because he could very easily prove he's too injured to perform. WWE can't technically make guys come to work, but they can 'release' them for not 'seeking help' (Jeff Hardy in 2003)

    An independent contractor would be 'closer' to a TNA worker who isn't required to promote the company in their off time. Once upon a time, TNA allowed workers to work freely with little questions asked. This is generally not done any longer, but Dixie is relatively easy going compared to Vince in this regard

    Yes, WWE can pay for injury. It's not unlike slipping and falling in a convenience store. WWE can cut you right afterward, however. ( I believe this happened to Test) For a company that basically encouraging injuries, its inhumane to give an employee so few options.

    Let's not get started on how this effects the spouse of the wrestler who has to nurse the guy back to health after rehab (assuming he isn't fully recovered or has lingering problems from the injury)