TLC Five ways WWE will be changed after TLC

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  1. A surprisingly interesting article basically about how having one world title will affect the company.

    Most interesting points:
    - The RR winner automatically faces the undisputed champion at WM, however doesn't address the purpose of the Elimination Chamber match
    - Teases the possibility that there could be 2 contract holders for the undisputed title after MITB
    - Talks-up the prestige of the IC and tag-team titles
    - Almost confirms that it will be called the "undisputed championship"
  2. the prestige? Those assholes need to have important feuds to build prestige, what a joke.
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  3. OH SHIT @Wacokid27 liked my post, i must be right.
  4. What can I say? You were.

  5. Happy Holidays brother. Glad your surgery and all that went well.
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  6. Thanks. You, too.

  7. It'll change by HHH cementing his legacy as the most hated heel ever when he walks out undisputed champ.
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  8. The Elimination Chamber PPV can remain, but instead of it being for a shot at the other championship, just have it be an annual scenario where the champion always has to defend his title in a chamber match in February of every year. It would be a situation where the road to Wrestlemania is a rough one and if you're the title holder and you want the golden opportunity to headline Mania as champion, you have to get through one last title defense (and a rather brutal one) before you get there. Or they could just ax the idea of having a PPV centered around the Elimination Chamber stipulation entirely, and keep it as a gimmick match that's only used sparingly to make it feel more special. Bring back the No Way Out name or something for February.

    I don't like the idea of still having two MITB matches when there's only gonna be one world champion to cash in on. What the hell...

    And they'll only be calling it the "Undisputed Championship" for a short time, I'm sure. The winner isn't gonna be carrying around both world championships forever unless they decide to introduce another title design so soon after debuting their last one not even a year ago, which I seriously doubt.
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  9. I think they should change the February PPV name (No Way Out is fine with me, although I'm not sure they're too keen on resurrecting older names) and I'm honestly torn on keeping the Elimination Chamber an annual event or making it the centerpiece of the February PPV every year. From a storytelling standpoint, I can see it both ways. If the same guy walks in and leaves as Champion, he's cemented as a "tough son of a bitch". If they want to create more drama for the main event at Mania and turn it into a triple threat, they can have the title change hands and have the match between the WWE Champion, the former WWE Champion, and the Royal Rumble winner. However, it makes you wonder how often they would have the title change hands in the Chamber and if it's worthwhile to have it.

    I think they should eliminate the MITB PPV and return the MITB match to Wrestlemania. And, if they want to have more than one, have a second one with a contract for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship or a shot at the US Title. But two guys carrying around MITB briefcases for shots at the WWE Championship would just be silly. By the way, for those who just went "An MITB for the IC Title or US Title sucks! Those belts are irrelevant!", one of the ways you generate interest is by having the possiblity of dramatic things happen and, if you haven't noticed this (and if you haven't, I worry for your mental comprehension skills), the possibility of MITB cash-ins is a fairly dramatic reality for the Champion (and the "Universe") to deal with.

    As for the "Undisputed Championship" thing, yeah, it'll be the "Undisputed Championship" for a few months at most. It will eventually become just the "WWE Championship" (it already will be in my mind as soon as one guy walks away with both titles). The part of that that will suck (at least to me) is that I have a feeling they'll lose the "Big Gold Belt" and I've always been a fan of the BGB. It just is a classic impressive look and I'm very fond of it. This is not to say that the new WWE Championship belt doesn't look good. I think it's a very good looking belt. I'm just fonder of the BGB.

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  10. I had an idea for the Elimination Chamber match this year assuming a unified champion does face the Rumble winner. The six people in the Chamber could be competing to face Undertaker at WM as the Streak is now seen as a title in its own right. You could have the winner having a stare down with Taker at the end.
  11. They should move the EC to some other time of the year and add in a filler PPV for Feb.

    EC is too dope to just be forgotten about or used for predictable matches where the champ defends his title and will do so successfully most times with Mania around the corner. Put it either right before or right after Survivor Series and have the champ defend it then... but having him defend it in Ec right before Mania just makes for anticlimactic finishes.
  12. Wow!, i`d love that
  13. You can do it maybe once or twice but then you need a new idea when Taker retires relatively soon.
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