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    Charles Raynor appears in-front of the Iowa State campanile wearing a red hoodie and jeans looking slightly sleep deprived.

    As you can probably tell by now IWT Universe I just can't stop talking. I'm so in-tune with professional wrestling right now its all that's ever on my mind. I lie in bed staring up at the ceiling projecting a picture of myself making the IWT Champion tap out and hoisting the gold above my head. First thing that's on my mind when I open my eyes in the morning is my next opponent, my next move, what I should be doing to get better. So instead of just thinking about it I decided to come out here tonight to this dramatic setting and just speak. There's so much on my mind right now that just needs to be said and the only way I'm getting any sleep tonight is if I just put myself in front of the camera and start talking.

    The first thing I want to talk about tonight is Artemis. After our match I was interviewed but I didn't take that time to say what I really want to because that was kind of a formal setting. But now you get the raw, unadulterated version of Charles Raynor. Making Artemis tap out lit a fire inside my chest like a furnace that hasn't stopped burning since. I think it's because of all the bullshit he spewed before our fight. "I'll take everyone in IWT out. One. By. One." he said.

    Charles Raynor looks down at the ground, shakes his head, and laughs.

    Oh man. Facing someone that talks like that and making them submit to you really gives you a twisted sort of satisfaction. I'm really looking forward to the downward spiral that I have set him on after our match, I know I shouldn't be but I really am. In that post match interview I spoke about my potential Dragon Rising opponent Nick and I can now confirm to you that as of right now he is my opponent for Dragon Rising. However, he won't be putting his Golden Ticket on the line against me. I don't think by any means Nick should have to do that. After all If I were him I wouldn't dare try and risk it after the performance I just gave everyone at Vice. I think Nick's smart not to be that reckless which is a nice change of pace from my last opponent. Anyway I don't have anything against Nick and quite frankly I don't know that much about him but, I am the student so I will be studying Nick thoroughly before our match. I think this match is being made as a test of my skill. Maybe Nick is seen as the gatekeeper in IWT. I know there's a reason why I'm in this match however and I will need to do some soul searching to figure out that reason. However, all this thinking about my opponent made me think about who I would have personally picked to face at Dragon Rising if I could choose. Right now there's two people in IWT that I want to fight and the reasons are a little personal.

    Charles Raynor's phone buzzes in his pocket, he quickly pulls his phone out and silences it without looking.

    Anyway lets talk about Johnny B. Cool. After winning my match at Vice I was presented with a large sum of money. The business man in me decided it would be a good idea to invest some of that money. I saw one of Johnny B. Cool's old matches getting some discussion online and was thinking about the draw he might have if he would return after 2 years of absence. I decided it would be a good idea to invest some money in Johnny B. Cool. Now when I saw Arno Frye making his speech about being 0 and 5 I felt the need to through him a bone. But he treated my investment and I like he was being punked. This is a man that has absolutely nothing to back himself up with and is telling me that I'm joking with him? I was really stunned when I presented him with this kind of break, a match that could draw, one that he would most likely win, and he turned it down. It makes perfect sense why he's 0 and 5. Myself on the other hand accept all challengers and look where that's gotten me. Arno Frye is just one of two people I want to fight in IWT. The other? Ivy Hale. When I first was looking for challengers and nobody wanted to step up I decided to take some shots at the IWT roster and Ivy Hale found it fit to come after me. She told me I have zero power, zero recognition, and that I live in the should of my brother!? I'm not sure who she thinks my brother is but he didn't stay long enough to cast a shadow at all. And when she said this I asked her to step up and face me in the ring and of course she said she had better things to do like I haven't heard that before. She needs to learn that if you're gonna start something with me you need to expect to finish it in the ring. I don't forget and the Raynor Nation doesn't forget.

    Well that's all I have for tonigh-

    Across the street a limousine pulls up with purple tainted windows. Three men step out onto the sidewalk. The first is a very large muscular man, dark skinned, bald, wearing an all purple suit and black sunglasses. The other man much shorter but still tall himself wearing an all black suit and shades, he has long black hair and a black beard. The third main the shortest is much older, he's balding with a pony tail, he's wearing a black suit with a red tie and also black shades. They approach Charles Raynor simultaneously on foot and reach him quickly. The dark skinned man speaks, his tone flamboyant.

    It's time we talk Charles. About our little investment. Come with us.

    Charles glances nervously at the camera and back at the giant black man. He nods and walks with the three men back to the limousine. All four men get in and the limousine cruises away. The camera catches up to get a glimpse as it speeds off. The licence plate on the back of the vehicle reads "FKN AWSM"
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