FNW 12/07/2013 - Preview Card

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  1. Show Date: 6th Junly
    Tapings: Sunday 30th June - Wednesday 4th June

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs [​IMG] vs Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid vs Fred Vorhees vs Max Power vs Brent Nixon vs Based God Darth vs Jason Angel vs Sam Cornell vs Chris Hawk
    The match named after FNW owner Dennis Brockman features 12 FNW superstars, all who will meet in the ring at the same time. Carmen Stevenson will meet the man she has tied victories with, Fred Vorhees and the man she still looks to regain her loss from, the returning Aids Johnson. Johnson will also meet the man he put out for 2 weeks Dat Kid, who is back for Payback. Rodrigo and Colton will finally meet in a sanctioned match since the superkick 3 weeks ago. We have the debut of Sam Cornell to FNW and redemption for Nixon, Darth, Angel. Who will walk out with 2 more wins under their belt?

    DK James vs [​IMG]
    w:0/l:0__________w:3/l: 0​
    No one has been able to stop FNW Champion Brian Messias, and Messias will meet another rookie in a rookie showcase match. DK James may or may not join the roster depending on if he can last 8 minutes with the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion.

    Promo Information:

    Carmen vs Rodrigo vs Aids Johnson vs Based God Darth vs Chris Hawk vs Jason Angel vs Brent Nixon vs Jacob Colton vs Max Power vs Fred Vorhees vs Dat Kid vs Sam Cornell - Unlimited Promo battles. CrayJ Lee Rhodes Aids Johnson Based God Darth Adam568 CSRants Rysenberg NanoRah14 Lackin Senhor Perfect Dat Kid Fluttershy Farooq - Anyone can start

    Brian Messias vs DK James - 2 promo match CM Punk DKJames - CM Punk will start. Deadline Wednesday 9pm GMT



    Please tag me if you aren't going to be able to post between Sunday 7th of July and the Wednesday 10th July. This is so I can edit the card before. I will be posting the threads between 12pm (GMT) and 4pm on Sunday 10th July. If you don't let me know, before then I will book you in the match. Please PM if you can't make this week.

    Hype the match:
    Remember Posting here is encouraged. Anything you do say here in-character can and may be used in the written show on Friday the 12th of July to hype your character. If you don't post it won't affect your performance. Use this to interact with other superstars, promote your match and/feud. Perhaps spark a feud with another superstar.
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  2. Gonna defeat at least Rodrigo. He deserves all my hate!