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    Date: 14/06/2013

    Trent Parker: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Fight Night Wrestling, tonight we may have a number one contender as Aids takes on 3 opponents that is right, 3 opponents in a gauntlet match, every opponent counts as a win

    Wayne Baxter: However he gets to skip ahead and face the Fight Night Wrestling Canadian Heavyweight Champion with only 4 victories when we know you need a golden 5 to face the champion.

    Trent Parker: Dennis Brockman has stated and I quote “He will let that victory slide” but what we have now is a Maniac Triple Threat match between Chris Hawk, a returning veteran Max Power and a new face known as Fred Vorhees.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall”

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage; he slowly walks down to the ring as he stares eerily at the audience

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing first, from Amityville, New York, weighing in at 277lbs, Fred Vorhees!!"

    Vorhees walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring

    Trent Parker: Where is Max Power?

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that Max Power is not here tonight, there for this match will be a one on one bout"

    Fred Vorhees stares down the entrance ramp

    Wayne Baxter: So instead of the manic triple threat match we were going to have, it will be Fred Vorhees against Chris Hawk.

    Trent Parker: Chris Hawk had a great bout against the Fight Night Champion Brian Messias, but in the end, the clock got on his mind and Messias was able to take the win.

    Wayne Baxter: Fight Night Wrestling Canadian Heavyweight Champion Brian Messias

    Hawk walks out slowly on the stage, staring at the ring, he slowly walks down the ramp and to the ring, he slides into the ring.

    Alexis Robinson: "And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 225lbs, Chris Hawk!"

    Chris Hawk stands in the ring wearing black trunks with “the hawk” imprinted on them. Black elbow pads, knee pads and wrestling boots and a T-Shirt with “the hawk” design on them.

    Wayne Baxter: Chris Hawk strikes me as someone who is good, but runs his mouth around, saying he is better than he actually is.

    Trent Parker: I wonder what is keeping Max Power, and what is going to happen to him, I can’t imagine what Brockman is thinking.

    Wayne Baxter: At least Brockman was able to turn this match around; he still provides the fans with entertainment and the superstars with competition

    The referee calls for the bell and the match to begin. Chris Hawk and Fred Vorhees lock up; Vorhees easily pushes Hawk away to the mat

    Trent Parker: Fred Vorhees stands at 6”6 and weighs in at 277lbs; he outweighs Hawk by 57lbs as Hawk weighs in at 225lbs and stands at 6”2, so this will be an interesting match to see

    Hawk gets back to his feet, he runs towards Vorhees and jumps up attempting a dropkick, Vorhees pushes the legs away and Hawk lands supine on the mat. He gets to his feet again.

    Wayne Baxter: Fred Vorhees and Hawk making their FNW debuts as Fight Night superstars, as Hawk was promoted last week for lasting 8 minutes and 5 seconds with The Annihilator Brian Messias as a rookie, suffering the loss, he will be looking for a win in his 1st official FNW match, but seems to be struggling at getting the big man to the mat

    Vorhees steps towards Hawk, backing him into a corner, Vorhees goes for a gut kick, Hawk catches the leg and quickly rests it on the middle rope, before kicking the elevated leg

    Trent Parker: Hawk with a very calculated counter there against this maniac of a superstar Vorhees, Vorhees spent some time in an asylum, so this surreal superstar has come here to FNW to take out his aggression and find sanity

    Vorhees clutches his leg and turns his back to Hawk, Hawk climbs and stands on the middle rope, he leaps off and waits for Vorhees to turn around, as he does, Hawk jumps off and connects with a spinning back elbow to Vorhees knocking him to the mat.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Maybe that elbow knocked some sense into him; Hawk takes the big man down with 225lbs sent crashing into the skull of Fred Vorhees.

    Hawk gets to his feet and delivers and elbow drop to the back of the head of Vorhees, he then drops to his knees and begins to strike with several punches to the back of Vorhees head, the referee pulls Hawk off him and warns him about the clenched fist

    Trent Parker: I got to talk to Hawk earlier today and he believes he should be in the title scene because of his match last week, Hawk starting out as a rookie now an FNW superstar already wants a title shot

    Hawk stalks Vorhees as he gets to his knees, he rebounds against the ropes and Vorhees stands bent forward, clutching the back of his head. Hawk runs at Vorhees leaps into the air and stomps Vorhees head to the mat.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Woah! With big moves like that and a victory over Vorhees, Hawk will be 4 victories away from the FNW Championship match

    Hawk rolls Vorhees onto his back and hooks both legs, the referee counts


    Fred Vorhees gets a shoulder up

    Trent Parker: Vorhees has yet to really start this match and with the elbow and the blackout from Hawk, I think the young star is pretty much in control of the match up

    Hawk sits Vorhees up and knees him in the back; he then applies a rear chin lock on Vorhees, pulling him back against his knee

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees doesn’t seem to have the aurora he had when he entered, this young buck seems to have total control of him

    Vorhees reaches up and breaks the lock of Hawk on his chin, he then retains hold of the wrists of Hawk as he pulls the arms up, Vorhees then gets to his feet, turning Hawk around to face away from Vorhees while retaining hold of both arms of Hawk, Vorhees quickly releases one hand and follows up with an angle slam to Hawk

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Vorhees comes back with a big slam to Hawk, this lunatic is on the loose now Wayne, get ready for some pain to be displayed

    Vorhees quickly covers Hawk, placing his forearm on the chest of Hawk as he covers. The referee counts.


    Chris Hawk gets a shoulder up, Vorhees grabs the arm and applies an armbar to Hawk, Vorhees drags Hawk up to a vertical base in the armbar

    Trent Parker: Vorhees has yet to really start this match and with the elbow and the blackout from Hawk, I think the young star is pretty much in control of the match up

    Vorhees pulls Hawk up and delivers a headbutt to Hawk, knocking him to his knees, Vorhees releases the arm bar, moves behind Hawk and connects with a Russian Leg Sweep.

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees with a big Russian leg sweep to Hawk, will it be enough?

    Vorhees quickly covers Hawk, placing his forearm on the chest of Hawk as he covers. The referee counts.


    Chris Hawk gets a shoulder up, Vorhees applies a side-headlock. Hawk begins to push up and to his feet. At a vertical base, Vorhees pushes Vorhees off him and sends him towards the ropes, Vorhees rebounds off the ropes and connects with a shoulder block to Hawk, knocking him to the mat.

    Trent Parker: Vorhees now looking to pick up some momentum here against Chris Hawk

    Hawk rolls onto his stomach, Vorhees runs at the ropes again and rebounds, Hawk gets to his feet and springs into the air connecting with a dropkick to Vorhees and knocks him back.

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees still on his feet, Hawk is going to have to think of something else.

    Hawk jumps onto Fred’s back, he then attempts to apply a sleeper hold, Vorhees manages to grab both wrists of Hawk, he then runs back and smashes Hawk against the turnbuckle. Vorhees turns around and sits Hawk on the top turnbuckle.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Vorhees planning something big here

    Vorhees steps onto the lower rope, Hawk begins to punch Vorhees knocking him back to stand on the mat again, Chris Hawk then boots Vorhees in the face, knocking Vorhees back as he clutches his jaw. Hawk then stands up on the top rope

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Hawk now in the perfect spot, 225lbs about to come flying towards Vorhees

    Hawk leaps off as Vorhees turns around and bent forward holding his jaw, Vorhees moves forward and Hawk rolls as he lands

    Trent Parker: Vorhees managing to avoid whatever Hawk had planned there, looked to hit a roll-up, but Hawk with the ring knowledge to roll on that move, avoiding whatever damage that might have been.

    Hawk holds the back of his head in pain as he gets to his feet, as he does Vorhees delivers a hard gut kick, dropping Hawk to his knees, Vorhees turns to face away from Hawk, double underhooks Hawk’s arms and lifts him up to connect with a vertebreaker.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees with the Hangman Man as he calls it

    Vorhees moves round and covers Hawk, the referee counts.


    Vorhees stands up and looks out at the audience, he then immediately exits the ring as his music hits.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner, Fred Vorhees!”

    Fred Vorhees walks down the ramp, however as he disappears behind the curtain, He is knocked back out to the stage. Brian Messias then walks out carrying the title, he stalks Vorhees again as he gets to his feet and hits him again with the title laying Vorhees out on the stage. Messias then walks backstage

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: What is Messias doing!? He had no business here tonight and he just attacks Fred Vorhees for no reason

    Wayne Baxter: I think you answered your own question there Trent, Messias has no business here tonight and he should have, as the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion he should be here.

    Trainers come out to aid Vorhees backstage

    Trent Parker: Well Ladies and Gentlemen why we try to get things under control, Aids Johnson is now set to take on 3 opponents to gain 3 wins and face the FNW Champion.

    Wayne Baxter: Aids has 3 opponents though Trent, Jason Angel, Carmen Stevenson and finally Dat Kid. If and that is a big if, he can beat all three, he gets to skip on his last victory to face Brian Messias in a championship match.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening"

    Jason Angel steps out from the curtain and smiles at the fans as he runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.

    Wayne Baxter: Here comes Jason Angel, the guy who fought Brian Messias before he became FNW Champion, although he did not put up much of a fight against the Canadian, let’s hope he puts up a better fight against Aids tonight

    Alexis Rhodes: "Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 245lbs, Jason Angel!!

    Angel stands in the ring waiting for Aids

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. He quickly walks to the ring.

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson has the opportunity tonight to earn the spot and right to dethrone the FNW Champion and rebrand it as his own

    Wayne Baxter: FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Trent, how many times am I going to have to remind you of that.

    Alexis Rhodes: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson!"

    Aids enters and stares at Jason Angel

    Wayne Baxter: So Aids is going against opponent numero uno, You have to expect that Carmen, Dat Kid and even Brian Messias will be looking at this match for potential openings against Aids created by Jason Angel.

    The referee calls for the bell. Jason Angel goes for a clothesline, Aids ducks and delivers a kick to the mid-section, he then follows up with a brainbuster on Angel and quickly covers, the referee counts


    Aids Johnson quickly pushes Jason Angel out of the ring and then stares down the ramp.

    Trent Parker: Well that was the quickest defeat I believe we have had on FNW to date, Aids Johnson literally making quick work of Jason Angel, putting his win record at 2-0.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Jason Angel has been defeated.

    Carmen steps out to the stage and thrusts her arm into the air. She quickly walk to the ring eyes locked on Aids.

    Trent Parker: Although they are friends, Carmen said “She is four victories away from the title shot and even Aids won’t stop her from getting her title shot

    Alexis Rhodes: "Introducing his next opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, weighing at 140lbs, Carmen...Stevenson!"

    Carmen enters the ring and stares at Aids throughout

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen looks determined, she knows what is at stake here and a win here puts her 3 away from a title shot.

    The referee calls for the bell again. Carmen and Aids circle the ring, Carmen delivers a kick to Aid’s calf and backs away, she then smirks at him.

    Trent Parker: A smirk from Carmen saying “what, I ain’t going easy on you Aids”. Carmen expected Aids to be somewhat fatigued or tired from Jason Angel, but that quick victory has given Aids some momentum going and only to opponents to beat in order to get the title shot.

    Aids approaches Carmen to lock up in collar and elbow tie-up, Carmen ducks under and trips Aids, dropping him to the mat, Carmen then moves rounds and applies a ground headlock on Aids

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen knows Aids is buzzing and so smart brings him down to slow down the fellow superstar from Wisconsin.

    Aids begins to push up, Carmen retains the headlock, she then jumps up, pushes off the ropes and swings round to then wrap a body-scissors on Aids.

    Trent Parker: As you said Wayne, Carmen looks to try and slow down Aids with a sleeper hold and body-scissors, That will cut the Champion down to size.

    Aids begins to drop to his knees, he then steps back onto one foot and clubs the back, Carmen releases the body-scissors and as Aids gets to both feet, she pulls back and connects with a DDT

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen in complete control here, came in with a brilliant strategy, She is showing why she is potentially a great competitor here, because Trent, when you see someone has to face someone before you, your mind set is almost stuck at believing you have an advantage, however Carmen showing how she can change that thought process in an instant.

    Carmen rolls Aids onto his stomach, she then stomps on the left arm of Aids. Aids rolls onto his back holding his arm, Carmen then runs at the ropes, rebounds and connects with a sliding dropkick to the side of Aids.

    Trent Parker: Carmen also seems to be at least two steps ahead of Aids, she must have been taking notes during his triple threat match and his tag match, because she seemed to know how he would react to the stomp and connected to the exposed kidneys.

    Aids pulls himself up with the ropes, Carmen connects with a roundhouse kick to the ribs and turns Aids around to face the fans and pushes him against the ropes, she then clubs the kidneys of Aids

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen taking her time here, hasn’t gone for a pin, but is looking to dissect Aids. Those rapid Kidney shots will take their toll later on I can tell you that

    Aids delivers a back elbow to Carmen, knocking her back as she clutches her jaw. Aids then attempts a clothesline, Carmen ducks and connects with a spinning neckbreaker

    *Crowd Pop*.

    Trent Parker: Carmen doesn’t seem to lose control of this match, she has Aids where she wants him.

    Carmen rolls Aids onto his stomach and stomps on the left arm again, she then runs at the ropes and connects with a sliding dropkick to Aid’s kidneys.

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen again going to those kidneys again, Aids quickly beat Angel, but Carmen seems to have the advantage here.

    Carmen drags Aids up, Aids pushes Carmen back and gets to his feet, Carmen runs at Aids, Aids flips Carmen over and Carmen lands back first on the mat

    Trent Parker: A back body drop to Carmen now puts the Brewers fan in control.

    Aids then runs at Carmen as she gets to her feet and clotheslines her, knocking her down, Carmen gets to her feet again, Aids rebounds off the ropes, Carmen rebounds and jumps into a rana clutch, she leans back attempting to connecting a hurricanarana, Aids holds her there and falls back, sending here face-first into the turnbuckle

    Wayne Baxter: Aids Johnson stops the roll-up Carmen was going for and instead hits a slingshot, Carmen looks dazed after that.

    Aids places Carmen in a front-face lock and lifts her up for a brainbuster, Carmen manages to escape and land behind Aids where she quickly connects with a standing neckbreaker.

    Trent Parker: Aids looked to end it there, but Carmen still has fight in her, and she hits a nasty neckbreaker.

    Carmen hooks the leg and covers Aids, the referee counts


    Aids locks his legs around the arm, he then sits up and locks in a face-lock.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Crossface! Aids Johnson with a cross-face on Carmen, is it over for her here?

    Carmen reaches up and prepares to tap, she reaches up and attempts to pull apart the hands of Aids, Aids retains the lock.

    Trent Parker: Carmen may have to tap here, she came out swinging but sometimes you get caught off guard which is what she is here, caught in the trap laid down by Aids.

    Carmen attempts to crawl to the ropes, as she begins to move, Aids applies the hold tighter. Carmen then taps out

    Trent Parker: Carmen Stevenson has to tap out, she did some damage though to Aids which we know Dat Kid is going to capitulized.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Carmen Stevenson has been defeated"

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage, he stands there for a moment as the crowd boo him. He then walks down the ramp, Dat Kid rolls into the ring

    Wayne Baxter: Here comes Dat Kid here and he will be looking to stop Aids here tonight

    Alexis Rhodes: "Introducing, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighing in at 175lbs, Dat Kiiiiid!"

    The referee calls for the bell, Aids and Dat Kid go to lock up, Dat Kid however knees Aids in the side of the mid-section dropping him to his knees, Dat Kid rebounds off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the face.

    Trent Parker: Dat Kid coming into the match, right from the get go, with a move he calls that Concussion from Jersey.

    Dat Kid hooks the leg and covers Aids, the referee counts


    Aids gets a shoulder up. Dat Kid rolls Aids on his side and begins clubbing at the kidneys. The referee pulls Dat Kid off him, Dat Kid warns the referee not to get in between him.

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid looking to take advantage of Carmen’s Stevenson work already done on Aids and continue to target the kidney area of Aids.

    Aids gets to his feet clutching his kidneys. Dat Kid runs towards Aids and goes for a clothesline, Aids reverses it into a clotheslines, however before he locks in the face-lock, Dat Kid grabs the ropes, Aids then releases the hold and gets to his feet

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson almost ended that early, Dat Kid smart enough to grab the ropes before any damage could have been done.

    Aids walks over to Dat Kid as he gets up, Dat Kid quickly hits a drop-toe hold on Aids, landing him neck first on the middle rope. Dat Kid then gets to his feet and kicks Aids in the kidney area.

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid delivers a nasty kick that will leave Aids peeing blood for sure.

    Aids clutches his kidney’s as Dat Kid drags him up and puts him in the corner, Dat Kid then delivers a series of roundhouse kicks and knocks Aids into a seated position.

    Trent Parker: Kick after kick, Aids is getting beaten black and blue.

    Dat Kid then steps back and then runs towards Aids, Aids quickly swerves as Dat Kid goes for a running kick, resulting Dat Kid in kicking the bottom turnbuckle.

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid kicks the turnbuckle, not a lot of padding in that as you can see Dat Kid could have broken his foot.

    Dat Kid drops to the mat holding his foot in pain, Aids rolls out onto the apron, he quickly leaps onto the top rope and jumps off connecting with a splash on Dat Kid, Aids rolls off holding his kidneys in pain.

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson as we both know is a high-flyer, and likes to take to the skies in order to deal damage, now with what Carmen and Dat Kid have done, he will be paying for each move more so, perhaps maybe taking them out of his arsenal .

    Dat Kid gets to his feet and drags Aids up, he then applies an abdominal stretch, however he raises his knee to connect a knee strike to the injured kidney’s, Aids falls to the mat, Dat Kid covers, the referee counts


    Aids gets a shoulder up

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid smells blood in the water, and after what has happened to Aids tonight, that statement may just be more than a saying. Dat Kid sense victory and Aids may just have to throw in the towel.

    Dat Kid stalks Aids as he gets to his feet. Dat Kid then runs at the rope, springs off it, Aids ducks and Dat Kid lands on the top rope

    Trent Parker: Dat Kill from Jersey narrowly avoided, but Dat Kid landed on to top rope, in what we say, a precarious position.

    Aids gets back to his feet, he then rebounds off the opposite ropes and rebounds he then runs at Dat Kid and clotheslines him, sending him to the floor.

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid sent out to the floor, Aids has bought himself sometime.

    Aids gets to top rope, he waits as Dat Kid gets to his feet, Aids jumps off and connects with crossbody to Dat Kid.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson going to his bread and butter, that crossbody may just be the move that seals the deal in this match.

    Aids quickly breaks the count and drags Dat Kid up, Aids whips him into the guard rail, Aids then gets back into the ring, he climbs up to the top rope

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Dat Kid seems to be dazed, I don’t like the look of how he landed after that crossbody and Aids is up on the top rope.

    Dat Kid gets to his feet by pulling himself up using the time-keeper barricade. Aids then jumps off, connecting with a diving senton, knocking Dat Kid into the time-keeper area. Both men lay there

    *Major Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids taking every risk there is, throwing everything he has at Dat Kid, and causing himself so much harm in the process.

    Aids crawls out of the area, and sits against the apron, the referee comes out to check on Dat Kid, he the calls for the bell, he then tells Alexis his call

    Alexis Rhodes: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has informed me that Dat Kid is unable to continue, therefore the winner of this match is Aids Johnson

    Wayne Baxter: So Aids gets a title shot by injuring superstars?! How is that fair, Aids should be stripped of his title.

    Trainers rush out to check on Dat Kid

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: And here comes the Owner, hopefully to restore some justice

    Dennis Brockman: Aids, I am surprised, oh not by your match, no I am surprised that after the crossbody, Dat Kid looked as if he had a concussion, but you were allowed to follow up with such a dangerous manoeuvre which has indeed caused Dat Kid some harm. But a deal is a deal. You have completed the gauntlet match, so next week, Aids Johnson vs Brian Messias for the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship. However I believe we need something to contain the action, something that prevents people like you using guard rails and barricades to their advantage, some sort of steel container

    Dennis clicks his fingers

    Dennis Brockman: A steel Cage match, so no one can get in and no one can get out

    Trent Parker: Dennis Brockman has announced it, Aids Johnson vs Brian Messias, for the Canadian Heavyweight Championship match

    Aids smiles as he exits the ring, holding his kidney’s as he makes his way up to the ramp.

    Wayne Baxter: I still can’t believe he has got the opportunity.

    Trent Parker: But now we have the main event, Brent Nixon vs Jacob Colton with Rodrigo in his corner.

    Wayne Baxter: Nixon has yet to get a win here, and so has Jacob Colton, who had this to say after last week’s attack “I'm glad to be able to kick this jerk's ass! This isn't gonna end well Nixon. This time it's you or me. No one else!”.

    Trent Parker: Colton still trying to get his first win.

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, Rodrigo steps out behind him and follows him to the ring he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring while Rodrigo stays by the side of the ring

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing first, accompanied by Rodrigo, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    No One exits from the curtain.

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Where is Nixon?

    Trent Parker: He is supposed to be here, he has a match

    Dennis Brockman then walks out

    Dennis Brockman: Well I am here to say Brent Nixon is not here tonight, and I don’t take un-notarized absences well. So I came here to say, that Nixon has been demoted to the rookie division, along with Based God Darth and Jason Angel. So Colton you are the victor tonight, so congrats.

    Wayne Baxter: So Nixon is no longer on the roster? Yikes

    Dennis Brockman then walks backstage, Colton turns around and Rodrigo delivers a Superkick to Colton knocking him down to the mat.

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Woah! What the heck was that? Rodrigo nails Colton with a kick. He was supposed to be his partner

    Rodrigo brushes the sweat from his hair onto Colton and slides out

    Wayne Baxter: This night has been full of surprises, but next week, we have the 1st ever FNW Championship match, and it is FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias, taking on challenger Aids Johnson for the title, and I am sure we will hear from Rodrigo about this.

    Trent Parker: That is it for the show, see you all next week on Fight Night Wrestling

    Conclusive Recap As You Observe
    Vorhees Defeats Chris Hawk​
    Aids Johnson wins Gauntlet match​
    Rodrigo attacks Colton​

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