FNW 28/06/2013 Preview Card

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  1. Show Date: 28th June
    Tapings: Sunday 23rd June - Wednesday 26th June

    Aids Johnson vs [​IMG]

    As Aids completed the Gauntlet match, Aids Johnson faces Brian Messias for the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship inside a steel cage to decide one winner.

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    After a near win and an assault from a friend, both Carmen and Jacob have one victory each, and after the evening is done, one of these two will walk out one step closer to the FNW Championship.

    Fred Vorhees vs [​IMG]

    With an impressive win over Chris Hawk, Fred Vorhees is set to have another bout against Rodrigo.

    Interview with Rodrigo on why he attacked Jacob Colton.

    Promo Information:

    Aids Johnson vs Brian Messias - Infinite promo match. CM Punk El Seaberino - Post as many promos as you wish. Closes Wednesday 9 Pm GMT

    Jacob Colton vs Carmen Stevenson - 3 promo Match CrayJ Lee NanoRah14 - Nanorah will start

    Fred Vorhees vs Rodrigo - 2 promo match Senhor Perfect Rhodes - Senhor will start.


    Please tag me if you aren't going to be able to post between Sunday 23rd of June and the Wednesday 26th June. This is so I can edit the card before. I will be posting the threads between 6pm (GMT) and 9p, (GMT) If you don't let me know, before then I will book you in the match

    Remember Posting here is encouraged. Anything you do say here in-character can and may be used in the written show on Friday the 28th of June. If you don't post it won't affect your performance. Use this to interact with other superstars.
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  2. OffTopic: Check out the dates
  3. :yay: A match against Jenn. One on one! Finally! Thanks FNW, I love you so much! Marry me FNW! (I'm not drunk. I'm just being stupid).

    Now seriously. Jenn, I wanted this match against you. You'll beat me but I'll do my best to give you a hell of a match!
  4. I should be in the title match! No fucking ref tells me if i can compete or not! Im tired of this coporate backstage bullshit. EVERY SINGLE MATCH i have been screwed! I am a living and breathing god, not like the false gods you worship. God is angered and you all will feel his wrath!
  5. I'm looking forward to my match against Jacob Colton on the next show. I put up a great performance against Aids and nearly had the victory against him. The most important thing is that I put my name on the radar of every wrestler in the back. Not only did I prove how tough I am in the ring, but most importantly I proved that I'm willing to give it my all against any opponent. My goal still remains the same - I want another victory so I can get one step closer to an FNW Championship match. Jacob, I'm prepared to face you and I will prove that without a shadow of a doubt not only to you, but to every single person in this company and the fans.
  6. I'll be good for Monday again
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  7. Yeah. But the difference between me and you is that I haven't lose and you did last week. I hope we have a great match, they deserve it. Good luck Carmen
  8. What an idiot. You'll beat my ass but that's okay cause i'm a little bitch that's used to getting his ass handed to him by girls
  9. Come on. You haven't changed. You're not in this match so you can keep talking. That won't change the fact that we have the same amount of wins. Oh, the one I saw was a loss :haha: