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  1. FNW Show

    Date: 28/06/2013

    Trent Parker: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Fight Night Wrestling Tonight it is the 1st ever championship match to be held on Fight Night Wrestling, Aids Johnson the challenger faces the champion Brian Messias in the steel cage that is suspended above the ring and will be lowered later this evening, as tonight we have 4 competitors all eager to be next in line for the title match, all 4 currently stand at 1 win and tonight we will see 2 members move up to 2 victories and be 3 away from challenging the champion.

    Wayne Baxter: Jacob Colton will face Carmen Stevenson a little later on this evening; however the man who turned on Colton, The Spaniard will take on Fred Vorhees right here

    Trent Parker: Vorhees and Rodrigo both stand at 1 win and 0 losses, so one of these men this evening is going to be defeated and receive their first loss.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall”

    Rodrigo walks out with his hood up; he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring looking towards the ring. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring. There he pulls his hood down and looks out on the crowd

    Alexis Robinson:"Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage, he slowly walks down to the ring as he stares eerily at the audience

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing first, from Amityville, New York, weighing in at 277lbs, Fred Vorhees!!"

    Vorhees walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees last week picked up his victory against Chris Hawk while Rodrigo on the other hand defeated former FNW Superstar Brent Nixon who is now been demoted to the rookie level due to his un-authorized absence last week.

    The referee calls for the bell and Rodrigo hands his hoody coat to the stage hand, Fred Vorhees steps towards Rodrigo who backs into the corner then ducks under the ropes as Vorhees closes him into the corner, the referee orders Vorhees to step back

    Trent Parker: Vorhees stands at 6”6 and weighs 277lbs while Rodrigo stands at 6” and weighs a total of 187lbs, that is a difference of 90lbs which is a big difference, Rodrigo is going to have to be quick in the match and cannot get into a strength match with Vorhees

    Wayne Baxter: That is a fight this young Spaniard would lose with the margin as wide as that

    Vorhees steps back to the center of the ring and allows Rodrigo to get back into the ring, Rodrigo stands in the corner holding the ropes. Vorhees walks towards Rodrigo, who immediately ducks under the ropes again, the referee again demands Vorhees step back, Vorhees steps back

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Rodrigo using the ropes again to get some distance between him and Vorhees, but he can’t keep this up much longer

    Rodrigo moves back into the ring and watches as Vorhees looks at the referee. Rodrigo charges towards Vorhees and connects with a flying forearm knocking Vorhees back, Vorhees shakes off the blow as Rodrigo gets up, Vorhees steps towards Rodrigo and grabs him by the back of the head and drags him up

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees not even fazed by that forearm, and now looking to make Rodrigo pay

    Vorhees clubs the back of Rodrigo, dropping him to his knees, Vorhees holds the back of the head and continues to club Rodrigo as he falls to the mat supine

    Trent Parker: Vorhees showing us that 90lbs does mean a lot of difference when you go toe-to-toe with the Asylum Escapee Fred Vorhees

    Vorhees rebounds off the ropes and connects with a jumping leg drop across the head of Rodrigo, Vorhees then turns Rodrigo over, places the forearm across the chest of Rodrigo as he covers him, the referee counts.


    Rodrigo gets a shoulder up, Vorhees sits Rodrigo up and then runs at the opposite ropes, Rodrigo rolls out the ring as Vorhees rebounds

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo smart to roll outside, who knows what this guy would have done.

    Vorhees rolls outside and blocks Rodrigo’s exit up the ramp, Rodrigo quickly slides in the ring as does Vorhees, Rodrigo quickly stomps on the back of Vorhees as he gets in the ring.

    Trent Parker: Rodrigo gaining an advantage by luring out Vorhees, outsmarting the man.

    Rodrigo pulls Vorhees further into the center of the ring, he then jumps at the ropes and springs off, he connects with a leg-drop on Vorhees’s abdomen.

    Wayne Baxter: And a leg drop from the high-flying Spaniard has Rodrigo now in control.

    Rodrigo stalks Vorhees as he gets to his feet, he attempts a fall forward side slam, Vorhees delivers a series of elbows breaking the clutch and sends Rodrigo into the ropes, where he quickly springs off and connects with a kick to the face knocking Vorhees to the mat

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Woah! Just when it looked as if Vorhees was about to start a power game, Rodrigo quickly changes it into a nasty kick.

    Rodrigo quickly covers Vorhees, the referee counts

    Rodrigo moves back into the ring and watches as Vorhees looks at the referee. Rodrigo charges towards Vorhees and connects with a flying forearm knocking Vorhees back, Vorhees shakes off the blow as Rodrigo gets up, Vorhees steps towards Rodrigo and grabs him by the back of the head and drags him up

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees not even fazed by that forearm, and now looking to make Rodrigo pay

    Vorhees clubs the back of Rodrigo, dropping him to his knees, Vorhees holds the back of the head and continues to club Rodrigo as he falls to the mat supine

    Trent Parker: Vorhees showing us that 90lbs does mean a lot of difference when you go toe-to-toe with the Asylum Escapee Fred Vorhees

    Vorhees rebounds off the ropes and connects with a jumping leg drop across the head of Rodrigo; Vorhees then turns Rodrigo over, places the forearm across the chest of Rodrigo as he covers him, the referee counts.


    Vorhees gets the shoulder up. Rodrigo gets to his feet. He pulls Vorhees up and pushes him back into the ropes, he jumps up and dropkicks him, Vorhees stands on his feet, holding his jaw moves along to the corner. Rodrigo runs towards Vorhees and connects with a clothesline, Rodrigo immediately moves to the apron as Vorhees staggers out of the corner

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees looks to be in trouble as Rodrigo looks to go for the bulldog, or is that toro-perro in Spanish?

    Rodrigo pulls himself up to the top rope, he jumps off attempting a bulldog, Vorhees holds him in the air, and turns his body to connect with a clothesline-sideslam.

    Trent Parker: Vorhees with a nasty move right there

    Vorhees gets to his feet and drags Rodrigo up, Vorhees turns to face away from Rodrigo, double underhooks Rodrigo’s arms and lifts him up to connect with a vertebreaker.

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees connects with The Hangman!

    Vorhees moves round and covers Hawk, the referee counts.


    Trent Parker: Vorhees wins it here

    Alexis Robinson: "Here is your winner…Fred Vorhees!”

    Vorhees stands up, and immediately exits the ring

    Trent Parker: Vorhees arrived, competed and won. Vorhees moves on to be 2-0 and now stands 3 wins away from the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship, but will that be the brand of the FNW Championship Vorhees will challenge for or will it be against the challenger, Aids Johnson, I can’t wait for the steel cage match.

    Backstage, Dennis Brockman is on his cell phone and holds an envelope in his hand

    Dennis Brockman: Yeah…Ok… I know, tonight will be a massive event, and I am pleased we have some new guys wanting to join FNW, I’ll schedule them championship matches against whoever wins tonight, Messias stands a great chance of retaining his title as Aids has that big bulls-eye on his side after the gauntlet. Anyway I have to go, I have to get through my mail.

    Dennis puts down the phone and begins reading out the letter

    Dennis Brockman: Dear Dennis Brockman, I am doctor…Dat Kid suffered a concussion during the his match with Aids Johnson…He will be clear to compete in two weeks’ time…Dat Kid’s comments: Payback is mine? Payback is mine? What does he mean by that?

    Trent Parker: Payback is mine? What on earth does Dat Kid mean by that?

    Wyane Baxter: So Dat Kid is clear to be in action in two weeks, what will the foulmouthed fighter from Jersey will have in store for us.

    Trent Parker: That is up for speculation I guess, but up next Jacob Colton takes on Carmen Stevenson. As we know Carmen annoyed that she lost her match against Aids, as she did so well, Colton has been annoyed that he hasn’t yet won a match he competed in. So tonight we settle the dispute, Carmen vs Colton.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall”

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Alexis Robinson:"Introducing first, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    Carmen walks out and pumps her fist into the air, she then quickly runs down to the ring, momentarily looking at the steel cage above the ring. She slides in and climbs the turnbuckle, waving to fans

    Alexis Robinson: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Weighing in at 140lbs, Carmen Stevenson!"

    The referee rings the bell for the match to begin. Colton puts his hand out and Carmen shakes it, the two then circle the ring, they go to lock-up, Carmen quickly ducks under to lock in a rear-waist lock. She ducks an elbow and moves under it, locking in an inverted three-quarter front face-lock and jumps up, she flips over and pulls Colton to the mat head first

    Trent Parker: Woah here comes Kick-Ass Carmen, using her size to her advantage, and her speed to quickly nail Colton with that Shiranui

    Carmen runs at the ropes, and connects with a sliding dropkick to Colton’s right kidney, knocking him onto his stomach.

    Wayne Baxter: And like we saw last week, Carmen going right after the kidney’s with that sliding dropkick.

    Carmen stalks Colton as he gets to his feet and runs towards him, attempting a running DDT, Colton holds onto the ropes and Carmen falls to the mat, Colton swings his body round to the mat and connects with an elbow drop to Carmen, as Colton gets to his feet, Carmen holds onto the bottom ropes, the referee pushes Colton back

    Trent Parker: Carmen looked to hit her finisher right of the bat like Aids Johnson did to Jason Angel last week, but Colton had the ring awareness to hold onto the ropes.

    Colton runs towards the ropes and then attempts a sliding dropkick on Carmen, Carmen swerves her lower body to the outside and Colton slides out the ring, he lands on his feet and Carmen kicks him in the upper back sending him into the guard rail shoulder first.

    Wayne Baxter: This match getting fast paced and dangerous very quickly, Carmen looked to be in danger of a dropkick, but managed to turn it around and now Colton is on the outside

    Carmen walks over to Colton and drags him up by his right arm, Colton leans on the guard rail with his left arm, Carmen holds the out and connects with a knee strike to the kidneys of Colton, Colton bends forward in pain, Carmen then follows up with another knee and sends Colton into the ring

    Trent Parker: Carmen quickly bringing Colton back into the ring after those knee shots, staying on her opponent. Carmen has stated numerous times she wants to be the First Female FNW Champion, and with her performance increasing exponentially, I believe she will.

    Carmen climbs up onto the apron and leaps off connecting with a splash on Colton, she hooks the leg, the referee counts.


    Colton gets a shoulder up, Carmen holds the other arm down and connects with a knee strike to Colton’s kidney. Colton rolls over clutching the kidney.

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen like Colton is 4 victories away from FNW Contendership, if she is victorious tonight, she will be 3 wins away from that and with this focus and mind-set, I agree she may get to that contendership.

    Carmen applies a side headlock as Colton begins to get to his feet, Colton pushes Carmen to break the hold and sends her into the ropes, Carmen rebounds and goes for a running dropkick, Colton holds on as Carmen drags him down, quickly applies a front-face lock and connects with a snap suplex to Carmen.

    Trent Parker: Nice counter from the FNW Enigma, Colton with a snap suplex to Carmen, giving Stevenson a little lesson about knowing when to hit your finisher.

    Colton quickly covers Carmen, the referee counts


    Carmen kicks out, Colton drags Carmen up in an armbar, he delivers a gut kick and runs at the ropes, Carmen runs towards him attempting a clothesline, Colton ducks and springs off the opposite ropes, connecting with a springboard dropkick on Carmen.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Colton now picking up momentum, but you have to think, is Colton facing Carmen, or is Colton thinking he is facing Rodrigo, as the kick he received last week has got to be on his mind

    Colton drags Carmen up by her hair and follows up with a sunset flip, the referee counts.


    Carmen rolls forward, the referee counts


    Colton breaks the cover and quickly rolls Carmen up again


    Carmen kicks out, Colton gets to his feet and rebounds off the ropes as Carmen gets to his feet, Colton runs towards Carmen who quickly connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. She hooks the leg, the referee counts


    Colton kicks out,

    Trent Parker: Carmen and Colton both trying eagerly to win this match, needing that win to go on to face the FNW Champion whoever that maybe.

    Carmen gets to her feet and runs at the ropes; she rebounds and connects with a sliding dropkick to the kidneys of Colton who rolls to the opposite ropes in pain.

    Trent Parker: Carmen nails Colton again with that sliding dropkick, becoming a staple to her arsenal.

    Carmen drags Colton up and puts him in the corner, she connects with a roundhouse kick to the gut, Colton clutches his gut, Carmen, holds on to the ropes and jumps up, and jumps off Colton’s back and swings onto the apron. Carmen delivers a shoulder thrust to the injured kidney dropping Colton to his knees.

    Wayne Baxter: We see a lot of those to the ribs, but this is the first that I have seen that move be delivered to the side of the opponent, and that jump Carmen did uses her weight to push Colton towards her landing spot for a beautiful combo.

    Carmen quickly scales the top rope and jumps off, connecting with a diving front dropkick to the back of Colton, who hits the mat face first and lays there, holding his back

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Colton not in a good place with Carmen in complete control of him.

    Carmen gets to her feet and runs at Colton as he gets up facing away from her, Colton quickly delivers a shuffle side-kick to Carmen, dropping her to a knee momentarily, and she gets up holding her ribs. And Colton quickly hits a sit-out cutter on Carmen.

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen just got the wind knocked out of her with that kick and that cutter following up, a move used by popular superstar, Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Colton gets to his feet, holding his kidney, he climbs the top rope, he rolls his fingers signifying a senton

    Trent Parker: Colton going for a senton on Carmen, this may finish it here

    Colton jumps off and rolls, Carmen quickly rolls out the way and Colton hits the mat, he yells out in pain and gets to his feet as does Carmen who quickly runs at Colton and connects with a running DDT. She covers, the referee counts


    The referee calls for the bell as Carmen gets up holding her jaw and the referee raises her arm

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: And with that Carmen wins it here, she now has 2 wins to her name and has 3 more ahead of her before she gets the shot of her dreams, to realize what she set out to be, the first Female FNW Champion.

    Wayne Baxter: But now we have the main event match, the match between FWN Canadian Heavyweight Champion Brian Messias, who faces Aids Johnson, but earlier today, Messias had a little confrontation with you Trent didn’t he earlier on today.

    Brian Messias: How hard is it to remember Trent?! FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Canadian Heavyweight Champion, the greatest country in the world Canada, my weight class, Heavyweight, Cham-pi-on, That makes Canadian Heavyweight Champion, FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, you better get it right for my match tonight

    Messias pushes past Trent backstage as Trent re-adjusts his tie

    Trent Parker: Well we know the Champion has been brash and arrogant since holding the title, and tonight let’s hope he can direct his aggression towards Aids Johnson, otherwise his title reign may just be over

    Wayne Baxter: I’m sorry what Champion is he trent?

    Trent Parker: Canadian Heavyweight Champion Wayne, ok?

    Wayne Baxter: I’m sorry what Champion is he trent?

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship."

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. He quickly walk to the ring.

    Alexis Robinson:"introducing first the challenger, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson!"

    Aids walks around the cage, before he steps up the steps and into the cage, he then walks round shaking the cage, testing it's resistance.

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring, he then stands on the apron looking at the steel cage.

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing The FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the FNW Champion, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias jogs in place as he looks at Aids Johnson

    The referee holds the title above his head in the ring before he hands it to the stage hand through the cage door; he then helps lock the door with chain and padlock.

    Trent Parker: The door being locked because of Dennis Brockman’s cage idea, There is no way out of this match until we have a winner, the cage door is closed, the roof is sealed, the champion will be the man who walks out of this match after gaining a pin or submission.

    The referee then calls for the bell

    Wayne Baxter: The referee is there for one reason Trent, he is there to count the fall and if necessary end this match for in a knockout if one of the superstars cannot continue.

    Aids Johnson and Brian Messias lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up, Messias pushes Aids towards the ropes and pushes him back into the cage

    Trent Parker: Brian Messias has 60lbs on Aids Johnson which is on display here.

    Aids begins to push back, switching round, Messias turns the hold again, having Aids in the turnbuckle, Messias releases the lock and slaps Aids

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: A big disrespectful slap from the Champion there

    Aids holds his cheek momentarily before he drives his shoulder into Messias and pulls his legs up, forcing Messias to the mat, Aids then begins to deliver a series of punches while Messias covers his face

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids not taking too kindly to that slap and now really going after Messias with an onslaught of punches.

    Aids gets up and underhooks both legs of Messias, he drags Messias around and then slingshots him into the steel cage, Messias hits the cage face first, he turns around and Aids clotheslines Messias

    Wayne Baxter: The champion getting the first taste of the reinforced steel that surrounds the ring to contain the violence, but for how long will Aids be able to retain control of the champion, as Messias has been rested while Aids is clearly worn out with the bandages around his ribs.

    Aids drags Messias up and sends Messias into the cage again face first, Messias falls to his hands and knees, Aids follows up with an elbow drop to Messias.

    Trent Parker: And an elbow drop takes the Champion to the mat, as Aids Johnson has said, he has fought rookies in his matches while Aids has been competing against the top dogs of FNW, perhaps the champion may not be able to compete at this level.

    Aids applies a front face lock, and drags Messias up to his feet, he then attempts to lift Messias up for a suplex, Messias blocks and delivers a punch to the injured kidneys, Aids releases the hold, Messias quickly hits a neckbreaker.

    Wayne Baxter: Trent, don’t count your eggs before they hatch, all Messias was doing is allowing Aids to get into that mindset, believing he had a chance and showed what a bafoon he is, he allowed Messias an open shot at the injury, and that’s what just happened

    Messias gets to his feet and drags Aids up, he then applies an abdominal stretch

    Trent Parker: This is what Aids didn’t want the champion to go after his injury, we all know Aids isn’t 100%, he even admitted it in his interview, and this abdominal stretch is just going to be torture for Aids

    Aids yells out in agony, he tries to reach up to Messias, Messias jerks Aids, who yelps as he bends the back, the referee asks Aids if he wants to submit

    Wayne Baxter: The referee may have to call it over here, Aids won his opportunity but now might just end it here, Messias has the hold in tight.

    Aids refuses and begins to club at the left leg of Messias.

    *Crowd Pop and begin clapping*

    Trent Parker: Aids trying to fight it, trying to escape.

    Messias moves his leg, Aids continues to strike, Messias then clubs the kidneys with his free arm. Aids yelps and shakes his head as the referee asks again

    Wayne Baxter: A perfect move by Messias, the kidneys are exposed, this move is stretching them and causing Aids pain, if he acts out like that, Messias makes him regret that. This match is done.

    Aids looks out on the crowd, he then screams out as his connects with an hip toss on Messias breaking the hold, Aids drops to a knee as he holds his side

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids having to twerk to hit that hip toss which uses the muscles around your waist, which for Aids as we can see has hurt him as well as Messias.

    Messias gets to his feet and applies a front face lock as he clubs the back of Aids, Aids rushes and pushes Messias into the corner, Messias breaks the face lock, Aids then delivers a backhand chop to Messias

    *Crowd Woo*

    Wayne Baxter: That is gonna sting

    Aids then applies an inverted three-quarter front face-lock, Aids then rolls forward, forcing Messias to roll and Messias rolls through into a seated position, Aids gets to his feet and delivers a kick to the side of Messias’s face. Aids quickly cover, the referee counts

    Trent Parker: Nasty nasty kick after a rolling snapmare.


    Messias gets a shoulder up

    Wayne Baxter: Not going down, showing why he is the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion and the only Champion in Fight Night Wrestling

    Aids applies a side-headlock and drags Messias up, he then delivers a knee to the mid-section and lifts Messias up into a fireman’s carry. Messias struggles and delivers an elbow, he lands behind Aids, drops to his knees and connects with a low blow to Aids

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Messias taking advantage of the no disqualification rule and hits Aids below the belt.

    Aids drops to his knees, Messias underhooks both arms, turn Aid’s around and connects with a killswitch. Messias then turns around and does a series of push-ups.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias showing the strength why he is the Champion, able to do push-ups to his opponent to show that he is not a challenge

    Messias sits Aids up and kicks the kidney with the side of his boot, Aids falls back to the mat clutching his kidney.

    Trent Parker: Carmen and Dat Kid did a number on those kindeys last week, Aids Johnson has only had a week to heal

    Messias drags Aids to the cage, he pulls him up between the ropes and the cage, Messias runs against the opposite ropes, rebounds and connects with a shoulder thrust hitting Aids against the cage. Aids falls to the apron

    Wayne Baxter: Messias very smart using the cage, that shoulder thrust will do a number on the injured kidneys and then smashing against the cage does a double whammy on those kidneys.

    Messias pulls Aids up again, turns him around to face away, Messias delivers a kidney punch and then applies an inverted frong face lock, he pulls Aids over the ropes and rests his ankles on the ropes. He swings his free arm round to connect with an elbow to the chest which sends Aids to the mat, Messias drives the elbow throughout the fall.

    Trent Parker: Messias I believe is in total control of Aids Johnson here.

    Messias then begins to tear at the bandages on the ribs, Aids tries to hold them on but Messias eventually rips them off and holds them up to the crowd.

    *Crowd Boo*.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias now has full access to the injury Trent, those bandages absorb some of the damage, but now there is nothing protecting them.

    Messias rebounds off the ropes and connects with a running elbow drop, he covers Aids, the referee counts


    Aids gets a shoulder up

    Trent Parker: Messias looks like he is enjoying this match, he looks like he is enjoying dissecting Aids Johnson.

    Messias drags Aids up and pushes him against the ropes, Messias then connects with a standing dropkick to the shoulders knocking Aids against the cage, causing a minor cut on the forehead.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias standing dropkick, using all his weight to send Aids into that cage

    Aids turns around groggy, Messias measures Aids and runs against the opposite ropes, he rebounds and goes for a clothesline, Aids turns the clothesline into a crossface

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Cross-Face! Cross-Face locked in, he has it locked in, and the champion is in trouble

    Messias quickly grabs the bottom rope; the referee asks him if he wants to submit.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias needs to get out, and sadly rope break does not apply in this match

    Aids pulls back on Messias, Messias reaches up and begins to separate the hands of Aids. Aids headbutts Messias and reapplies the hold.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Messias’s title is on the line, can he break out of the hold or is he going to have to tap out here.

    Messias reaches up and pushes off the cage and rolls Aids onto his shoulder. The referee counts.


    Aids breaks the hold and gets a shoulder up

    Wayne Baxter: Messias using his brain there, and uses the cage to gain leverage on the challenger.

    Aids gets to his feet as Messias pulls himself up using the ropes, Aids delivers a running knee to the back knocking Messias into the cage face first, Messias turns around and Aids quickly lifts him into a fireman’s carry and tosses Messias off, flipping him over and lands him back first on the mat

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson with a quick move right there.

    Aids falls to his hands and knees, he crawls to Messias and covers, the referee counts.


    Messias gets a shoulder up

    Wayne Baxter: Messias still not able to be put down, Aids needs to face facts, Messias wouldn’t tap out to the cross face and refuses to be pinned, thus he can’t be beat.

    Aids underhooks the right leg of Messias, and connects with a foot DDT, Messias clutches his right knee

    Trent Parker: Messias’s knee feeling the vibrations from that impact there by Aids

    Aids stalks Messias as he gets to his feet, Messias ducks a clothesline and runs at the ropes, Messias and Aids rebound and run towards each other, Aids jumps up and locks in a rear chin lock and connects with a sleeper slam to Messias.

    Wayne Baxter: Aids is trying to keep the champion down, but we know it is inevitable that Messias will pick up some momentum.

    Aids drags Messias up, applies a front waist lock while driving his shoulder into the ribs and lifts Messias up as he runs forward, he drives Messias into the cage, as he lower body hits the ropes, Messias bounces forward and Aids connects with a suplex bridging, the referee counts


    Messias locks in a waist lock and jerks upwards to his feet and Aids to his feet, he twists around and puts Aids in a powerbomb clutch, Messias lifts Aids up, and steps towards the cage, he falls back and pushes Aids into the cage, Aids manages to grab onto the cage and stands on the top rope.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Aids Johnson clinging to the cage to stop him going face first and opening that cut even more.

    Aids turns around as Messias gets up he jumps off and connects with a flying DDT to Messias, Aids holds his side in pain as Messias flies onto his back after hitting the mat.

    Wayne Baxter: Aids Johnson again hurts himself, and now lying there in pain after the DDT.

    Trent Parker: Johnson showed us last week that he will risk it all, despite being in pain he will continue to fight, and that is what he is doing here, and I have to say Wayne, I believe the champion is in trouble.

    Wayne Baxter: Both men down on the mat.

    Aids and Messias lie on the mat. Aids turns onto his stomach as does Messias they stare at each other as they crawl to one another, Messias gets to his knees as does Aids, Messias then punches Aids knocking him back, Aids returns with a back hand chop, knocking Messias back

    Trent Parker: It now appears to be a shot for shot between Aids and Messias as neither man has made it to their feet yet.

    Messias throws another right, Aids follows up with a back hand chop, Messias goes for another right hand, Aids blocks and hits his own right hands, Aids then gets to his feet and applies a front face-lock, he lifts Messias up into a suplex hold, holding him upside down.

    Wayne Baxter: No! You can’t brainbuster the champion No!

    Messias sways his body to land back on his feet, he then connects with a swinging neckbreaker

    Trent Parker: Messias able to save himself from harm, and then inflict some on Aids with a neckbreaker creating an opening the champion desperately needs.

    Messias crawls to cover Aids, Aids quickly reacts by applying a crossface on Messias.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Not again! Messias get out of there

    Aids pulls on the neck of Messias, Messias reaches out and prepares to tap, he then reaches up and attempts to break the lock

    Trent Parker: Messias trying, trying to release himself from that hold, we saw last week Aids put away Carmen Stevenson who dominated most of the match, could Messias suffer the same fate with the title on the line?

    Messias pounds the mat with his fist in pain and holds his hand up to tap out.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias don’t tap, fight it, fight it

    Messias pulls the hand down to his mouth and bites the hands of Aids who releases the hold.

    Trent Parker: Messias desperation took over and he had to do something to get out of that hold, but has the damage been done, has Aids drained Messias of his momentum?

    Aids grabs the arm he had locked the crossface on with and applies a fujiwara armbar on Messias

    *Crowd Pop*.

    Wayne Baxter: Aids going straight for another submission, give it up Aids, Messias won’t tap out.

    Messias yells out in pain as he crawls towards the ropes, Aids pulls even more on the arm, Messias reaches up and begins to pull the hair of Aids

    Trent Parker: Once again Messias in desperation doing whatever he can to break these holds. But Aids hanging in there this time.

    Aids pull his head forward, releasing Messias’s grip on his hair. Messias crawls to the ropes again, he grabs the rope.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias now has the ropes, but again there is no rope break, he needs to get out and fast

    Messias pulls himself under the ropes, which begins to push Aids off of Messias, stopping the armbar

    Trent Parker: Messias taking refuge under the ropes, Aids almost had Messias with that holds and he needs to keep the pressure going.

    Aids gets to his feet as Messias gets to his feet holding onto the cage and ropes. Aids connects with a superkick knocking Messias against the cage and then him leaning chest first on the top rope

    *Crowd Pop*.

    Wayne Baxter: I am worried, Messias eyes look like he could be concussed, Messias should never have been put in this match against someone who is a liability.

    Aids falls to the mat and crawls to Messias, he eventually reaches him and drags him under the ropes and covers, the referee counts.


    Messias gets a shoulder up

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: I don’t know how Messias kicked out, that kick was destructive, and right on target and Messias looked unconscious.

    Aids smashes the mat with his fist frustrated, he then looks at the turnbuckle and taps his head twice signalling a brainbuster

    Wayne Baxter: Messias should not be in the ring with this man, he has a wild look in his eye and looks like he wants to connect with a brainbuster from the top rope. He doesn’t want to win, he wants to hurt Messias

    Aids drags Messias to the corner, drags him up and sits him on the turnbuckle. Aids then climbs up the top rope and drags Messias up, he applies a front face lock and lifts Messias up, Messias pushes off the rope and rolls over Aids and lands on his feet behind Aids, he turns and quickly delivers a low blow, and then holds the leg of Aids and applies a side-waist lock, he lifts Aids off the ropes and connects with a blue thunder driver, he holds the sit-out position, the referee counts

    *Crowd Pop and Boo*

    Trent Parker: Messias again taking advantage of the situation, after cleverly escaping another brainbuster nails Aids with The Annihilator.


    Messias lies back as his music hits

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner and still Fight Night Wrestling Canadian Heavyweight Champion……Brian Messias!”

    Trainees come out to help Aids Johnson and Messias, they first help Aids out of the cage.

    Wayne Baxter: There goes the challenger, he fought bravely, you have to give that to him, but tonight Messias proves to everyone that he is a main event superstar and deserves that spot.

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage, he walks down to the ring as he stares at Messias who sits in the corner clutching his title. Fred pushes the referees and trainers aside and enters the cage, he then locks the cage behind him.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Oh My! Oh My! Vorhees is here, and now stands in the steel cage with the injured champion and two trainers.

    The trainers try to reason with Vorhees, Vorhees punches both of them, the delivers a big boot to a trainer and tosses the other face first into the cage. Messias crawls around to the cage door as a referee runs down the ramp with a spare key.

    Wayne Baxter: Get Messias out of there, quickly before this lunatic gets him.

    The referee opens the door and Messias rapidly crawls out Fred Vorhees turns to see Messias leave the cage and crawl up the ramp. Vorhees turns to the other Trainer and points to Messias, he connects with a vertebreaker on the trainer.

    Trent Parker: The Hangman to a FNW trainer, Vorhees sending Messias a message, he is 3 wins away from that title and he wants it and revenge, revenge for the attack he suffered last week. Vorhees.

    Wayne Baxter: Thank Goodness Messias got away, imagine what that lunatic would have done if he had got a hold of him, he could have been injured for months Trent, we end FNW with a very surreal situation, Vorhees has his eye on Messias’s title.

    Trent Parker: Thank you everyone for joining us, we hope to see you next week when we hope to make sense of all this.

    Conclusive Recap As You Observe
    Vorhees Defeats Rodrigo​
    Carmen Defeats Colton​
    Messias defeats Aids Johnson​

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    Feel free to post as your character here or Out Of Character. Tagging those who competed this week, but even if you weren't feel free to post as your character or out of character. Still no sign-ups for the 1st house show, if you want a match please post on the thread
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