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    Show Date: 14th June
    Tapings: Sunday 8st June - Wednesday 12th June

    After Brian Messias has been named FNW Champion, the big question is who is the #1 contender? With some new debuts this week we hope the question will be answered

    Chris Hawk vs [​IMG]

    The rookie showcase of Chris Hawk will take place against the FNW Champion Brian Messias. Messias has the duty as champion to show rookies the ropes and will do so this week against Chris Hawk.

    Based God Darth vs [​IMG]

    Based God Darth gets to debut against Rodrigo who has starting his career with a big win over Brent Nixon, can the spaniard pull out the win for the 2nd week in a row?

    [​IMG] & Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid & [​IMG]

    Three young men making there debut are Aids Johnson from Milwaukee, Dat Kid from New Jersey and Jacob Colton from Boston will have there match televised in the main event of the show.

    Also on the first show we will feature two interviews from stars who will be telling their story, why they are here. Those two stars are Carmen Stevenson & Based God Darth. A Champion will be crowned on the show.

    Promo Information:

    Chris Hawk vs Brian Messias - 2 promo match. Adam568 CM Punk - CM Punk will start

    Based God Darth vs Rodrigo - 3 promo Match Based God Darth Rhodes - Rodrigo will start

    Aids Johnson & Carmen Stevenson vs Dat Kid & Jamie - 4 promo match (2 per person) Aids Johnson Dat Kid Acailler CrayJ Lee - Carmen Stevenson will begin, anyone can interject after that.


    Please tag me if you aren't going to be able to post between Sunday 8st of June and the Wednesday 12th June. This is so I can edit the card before. Please respond to the card, if not I may make a change.

    Remember Posting here is encouraged. Anything you do say here in-character can and may be used in the written show on Friday the 7th of June. If you don't post it won't affect your performance.
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  2. What a main event! :phew:

    But what I gotta do now is to entertain my fans and get my second win in a row. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work
  3. The main event simply looks amazing, I'm not in but I'll focus on my next FNW match, I'll try to entertain you all!
  4. Another week going for my first victory, this time i've got a dank teammate. #WiscoWins
  5. I was hoping no one would pick up on Wisconsin vs New Jersey.
  6. What kind bullshit is this?! Fuck Aids and those two whores in next weeks match. Some FNW cooperate faggot and Byron Gonzales or whatever the fuck his name come down during my match and cost me the win. I'm suppose to just walk into the arena like nothing happened and compete in the matches they tell me to? I already had Aids beat, his ass was as good as dead. Then you put me on a team with some big tit slut, who the fuck is she? The only things these two women are good for is sucking dick in the back. #FuckFNW
  7. Fuck...I make my debut in the main event! I APPROVE.

    Please bare in mind I'm in the process of moving my entire life to a different city so If I'm a little slow to respond, that's why.

    Also, you're description of the M.E is wrong =)
  8. Fight Night 2nd show is going to be late this week, expect it up on Sat or Sunday. Apologize for delay
  9. Ok. Will we have one more day to complete the promos? You know what's up with my match...
  10. Yes you have until friday to do it. You both have 2 promos left I believe to do
  11. Yeah, I'm just cutting my next promo