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  1. FNW Show

    Date: 5/07/2013

    Trent Parker: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Fight Night Wrestling and after last week’s title defence, Aids Johnson has not been medically clear to compete.

    Wayne Baxter: But the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion is still ready to go and he faces Jacob Colton in tonight’s main event.

    Trent Parker: That is true Wayne but we draw ever close with our next challenger, both Carmen & Fred Vorhees are 3 victories away from the FNW Title match and both competitors are in action tonight.

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome The FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias is handed a mic from the stage hand, he then stands in the ring, staring out at the crowds at Aids Johnson

    Brian Messias: 28 days ago I was given this title, 21 days later I defended my title and now I stand still your FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Brian Messias!

    *Crowd Pop*

    Brian Messias: Boo me all you want, have any reaction you'd like, it doesn't affect me. I still have the Canadian Heavyweight Championship title around my waist, and is it because of your reactions? Is it because I am shaken by what you fans think iof? No. It's because that I am the greatest wrestler on this planet. The only person who can stop Brian Messias, is Brian Messias.

    Messias paces the ring before raising the mic to speak again

    Brian Messias: Aids Johnson put all of his blood, sweat and tears in that match and I still walked out as I should every match. Victorious. He had too much TV time, he was over hyped, and he thought he was good. No, no, no, no, NO! No one is good, until they surpass every achievement that I have. Your 4-0 you were walking around is now a 4-1. And you talked about a rematch at July? Well screw you! You're back down the ladder, bitch! And why am I getting all these questions about Vorhees? I have no relationship with that loser and I didn't even notice that he was out there after my match ended. I was just leaving as I was late for my conference. There go your typical marks spreading rumours once again. I don't know who this Vorhees guy is and I don't care about him.

    Brian Messias raises the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship

    Brian Messias: All hail the king!

    Messias drops the mic and leaves the ring the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring

    Wayne Baxter: Messias with a major speech there, people better take notice, but now we have our first match

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall”

    Rodrigo walks out with his hood up; he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring looking towards the ring. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring. There he pulls his hood down and looks out on the crowd

    Alexis Robinson:"Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Trent Parker: Carmen Stevenson as we know wants to be the first Female FNW Champion but she still has a long way to go and tonight the Spaniard stands in her way

    Wayne Baxter: What is interesting is Rodrigo last week lost to the man who can be considered as Carmen’s rival to the chase for the title, both equal wins, both of them stand the closest to the title match and both have matches tonight that could change that

    Carmen walks out and pumps her fist into the air, she then quickly runs down to the ring, momentarily looking at the steel cage above the ring. She slides in and climbs the turnbuckle, waving to fans

    Alexis Robinson: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Weighing in at 140lbs, Carmen Stevenson!"

    Trent Parker: The Spaniard is her opponent this evening and they are on almost equal weight levels so I am anticipating the Spaniard to take to the skies this evening

    The referee calls for the bell and Rodrigo hands his hoody coat to the stage hand, Carmen Stevenson and Rodrigo lock up, Rodrigo throws Carmen back to the mat

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo showing a little of his attitude to Carmen that she shouldn’t brush him off.

    Carmen gets back to her feet, Rodrigo applies a side head-lock to Carmen, Carmen delivers a punch to the kidneys and slides her head out, she maintains her one arm waist lock and rolls Rodrigo up for a count, Rodrigo kicks out before the referee gets into position, he immediately slides out

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Rodrigo a little stunned that Carmen got into a cover so quickly

    Wayne Baxter: Wrong Trent, I noticed that Rodrigo was a little out of breath when he came out here, probably just came from boxing a punchbag with a picture of Jacob Colton on it.

    Rodrigo climbs back onto the apron, the referee tells Carmen to move back and Rodrigo gets into the ring. Rodrigo goes to lock-up with Carmen, Carmen ducks underneath and locks in a rear waist lock, she pushes Rodrigo forward and hits a standing dropkick to the back pushing Rodrigo into the ropes.

    Trent Parker: Carmen taking control of the Spaniard Rodrigo again with a nice dropkick, Carmen has been on top of her game in the recent weeks and to me seems like a very likely contender for the championship

    Wayne Baxter: Not me Trent. She may have beat Colton last week, but after what Colton has been saying to the Champion, I don’t see him as a decent wrestler anymore so that win Carmen has is tainted in my opinion and if I know Messias, he will agree

    Rodrigo shakes off the dropkick and runs at Carmen, he attempts a clothesline, Carmen ducks and springs off the ropes, Rodrigo quickly under hooks the arm and connects with an arm drag to Carmen

    Trent Parker: Spoke to soon, Rodrigo scouting the young diva. What do you mean if you know him, do you two just hang out?

    Wayne Baxter: Shows how much you know Trent, you don’t just ask Messias to hang out, you are first deemed worthy to hang out, just like Messias has deemed Rodrigo in his interview on FNW.com as the guy he believes will be his next contender, so I am putting my support behind the Spaniard

    Rodrigo gets to his feet and connects with a running high knee to Carmen as she gets to her feet clutching her back. Rodrigo then delivers a running gut kick to Carmen as she crawled on the mat

    Wayne Baxter: See what I was talking about Trent, you call lying on the mat and whining in pain “in-form”. I think I need someone out here who can do their job

    Rodrigo drags Carmen up and applies a side headlock, he drags her to the corner, where he puts her in and connects with a knee to the mid-section.

    Trent Parker: Carmen backed into the corner, what will Rodrigo do here?

    Rodrigo takes a few steps back and then runs at Carmen; Carmen pulls herself up and connects with a double boot to the face, Carmen then runs at Rodrigo and connects with a head scissors takedown.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo in trouble here, he can’t let Carmen gain momentum.

    Rodrigo gets to his feet dizzy. Carmen delivers a gut kick and places Rodrigo in a standing head-scissors. She steps in front of his arms, and attempts a roll through. Rodrigo maintains a vertical base and holds the legs in a gory bomb clutch as Carmen holds a waist lock; he rushes back into the corner and holds Carmen there, locking her into a tree-of-woe

    Wayne Baxter: You didn’t need to worry Trent, Rodrigo showing why Messias believes he will be the next contender and has Carmen all tied up.

    Rodrigo pulls Carmen up by her hair and delivers a right hand to the face knocking her back down. The referee pulls Rodrigo away warning him about the closed fist. Rodrigo drags Carmen up by her hair and spits in her face, he lets her go and gets in the referee’s face screaming “Ok Ref! Whatever”

    *Crowd Heavily Boo*

    Trent Parker: There is no reason for that at all

    Wayne Baxter: Rodrigo has been watching Messias’s tapes and taking notes, I feel like I am watching the Spanish Brian Messias in action

    Rodrigo exits the ring and grabs a Jacob Colton sign; he wipes his ass with it and rips it into four pieces before throwing it back at the fans, the referee lets Carmen out of the hold.

    Trent Parker: Rodrigo used to be loved by the fans,

    Wayne Baxter: Shows how much you know Trent, you don’t just ask Messias to hang out, you are first deemed worthy to hang out, just like Messias has deemed Rodrigo in his interview on FNW.com as the guy he believes will be his next contender, so I am putting my support behind the Spaniard

    Rodrigo gets to his feet and connects with a running high knee to Carmen as she gets to her feet clutching her back. Rodrigo then delivers a running gut kick to Carmen as she crawled on the mat

    Wayne Baxter: See what I was talking about Trent, you call lying on the mat and whining in pain “in-form”. I think I need someone out here who can do their job

    Rodrigo drags Carmen up by her hair again, he attempts a fall forward lifting side slam, however Carmen delivers two elbows escaping the hold. Rodrigo holds his jaw as Carmen jumps in the air and connects with a stomp to the back of the knee of Rodrigo dropping him to the mat

    Trent Parker: Carmen comes back with a big strike to the knee, this is what I have been saying, Carmen knows Rodrigo is a highflyer and with the strike, she may have grounded the Spaniard.

    Carmen runs against the ropes, rebounds and connects with a running sliding dropkick to Rodrigo’s face, she covers and the referee counts.


    Rodrigo kicks out, Carmen stalks Rodrigo as he sits on his knees, she attempts a spinning heel kick, Rodrigo ducks and as Carmen spins to face away he springs to his feet and connects with a rear chin lock and pulls Carmen to the mat

    Wayne Baxter: That right there is why Messias sees Rodrigo as his next contender, gets covered, kicks out and regains control of the match.

    Rodrigo reaches forward and hooks one leg. The referee counts.


    Carmen kicks out, Rodrigo rolls back and stands up, he grabs Carmen as she gets to her feet, he kicks her back calf dropping her to one knee, he then springs off the ropes and connects with a kick to the face. Rodrigo covers, the referee counts


    Carmen kicks out

    Trent Parker: Rodrigo almost had Carmen on that exchange, but the young fighting female isn’t down yet.

    Rodrigo stalks Carmen as she gets to her feet groggy, he shouts out “Una Vez Mas!” and runs at the ropes again, he springs off, however Carmen spears him in mid-air.

    *Crowd Pop*

    Wayne Baxter: What is Rodrigo doing? That is something Brian Messias would never do, he knows not to repeat moves, as we saw last week against Aids Johnson.

    Carmen gets to her feet as does Rodrigo, she ducks a clothesline and connects with a shuffle sidekick to Rodrigo’s gut, Rodrigo drops to his knee as Carmen runs and rebounds off the ropes, she then connects with a shining wizard to Rodrigo.

    Trent Parker: Carmen now picking up some momentum as she takes the fight to the Spaniard.

    Carmen gets to her feet and applies a back three quarter face lock; she runs up the ropes, backflips and connects with an inverted DDT to Rodrigo.

    Trent Parker: Another great move, Carmen perhaps looking to close the deal with this match

    Rodrigo pulls himself up groggily using the ropes, Carmen runs at Rodrigo attempting a running DDT, Rodrigo flips her over and she lands on the apron, Rodrigo turns and sweeps the legs of Carmen and she falls on the apron.

    Wayne Baxter: Carmen looked to close the deal but now is prey to the Spanish Predator.

    Jacob Colton walks out to the stage, he looks down to the ring at Rodrigo

    Wayne Baxter: What is Colton doing here? He has a match later on

    Trent Parker: I believe he wants justice from what happened two weeks ago.

    Rodrigo slides out the ring, he challenges Colton to come to the ring, Colton waits a few moments and then counts with the referee at 7, Rodrigo realizes the count at nine and slides in, Carmen immediately connects with a running DDT to Rodrigo and covers, the referee counts.


    Trent Parker: I believe he wants justice from what happened two weeks ago.

    The referee calls for the bell, Carmen gets up clutching her back as Colton claps

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…Carmen Stevenson!"

    Wayne Baxter: Colton had no reason to be out here, he has a match tonight, just shows how much focus this man has, he is stepping in the ring later with Brian Messias, the man that smashed Aids Johnson up last week and the only man from that match that can compete this week, shame on Colton.

    Carmen rolls out the ring and makes her way backstage; Colton follows her after smirking at Rodrigo.

    Trent Parker: So Carmen Stevenson moves up the victory tree one more place, and is now 2 more wins away from qualifying for the championship match.

    Wayne Baxter: Well if you call that a victory, Colton simply bought Carmen time to recover and attack Rodrigo as he got in the ring that is just truly disrespectful.

    Trent Parker: As Rodrigo heads backstage we will see what happens to the other individual who at the end of last week was tied for wins with Carmen, and that man is Fred Vorhees

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees has a rematch against Chris Hawk and as we know Hawk ended up getting the hangman hit to him for the 1,2,3.

    Trent Parker: But we have seen, Vorhees last week looked like he was going to annihilate the annihilator and Messias was lucky to get away

    Wayne Baxter: I think your mistaken, Messias had to get away quick because he had to attend a photoshoot, as Vorhees was more interested in assaulting staff.

    Trent Parker: How can you be that narrow-minded, Messias crawled out of there and to quote Vorhees “was a coward”

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage, he slowly walks down to the ring as he stares eerily at the audience

    Alexis Robinson: "Introducing first, from Amityville, New York, weighing in at 277lbs, Fred Vorhees!!"

    Vorhees walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring

    Hawk walks out slowly on the stage, staring at the ring, he slowly walks down the ramp and to the ring, he slides into the ring.

    Alexis Robinson: "And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 225lbs, Chris Hawk!"

    The referee calls for the bell and the match to begin. Fred Vorhees walks towards Hawk; Hawk delivers a kick to the calf and moves back

    Trent Parker: Hawk trying to not let the 6”6 asylum escapee grab a hold of him. But how long can he stay away in the squared circle.

    Fred Vorhees walks towards Hawk again; Hawk side steps Vorhees and delivers a punch to the head before quickly moving away from Vorhees

    Trent Parker: Hawk getting a punch but each shot seems like a double edge sword, they barely do anything to Vorhees other than anger him, and last week Vorhees took down 3 men, Hawk better do something.

    Vorhees steps towards Hawk who rebounds off the ropes and attempts a forearm stike, Vorhees grabs hold of the forearm to block and headbutts Hawk

    Wayne Baxter: Ouch a nasty headbutt from Vorhees.

    Fred Vorhees maintains his grasp on Hawk’s right forearm and pulls Hawk into a front face-lock; he then follows up with a vertical suplex. Hawk sits up clutching his back in pain.

    Trent Parker: And now Vorhees takes the young Hawk down with a suplex. You have to think Wayne with 2 wins and a potential 3rd one here tonight, has Vorhees set his sights on Brian Messias?

    Hawk lies back on the mat as Vorhees gets to his feet and connects with a walking leg drop across the chest of Hawk

    Wayne Baxter: 277lbs comes crashing down in the form of tree trunks across Hawk’s chest.

    Fred Vorhees drags Hawk up and drags him to the corner, he puts him in the corner facing the turnbuckle, Vorhees takes a few steps back and connects with a clothesline, he holds Hawk there and walks back to the opposite turnbuckle, Vorhees then connects with a running big boot to the back of Hawk’s head, Hawk hits the turnbuckle and falls back.

    Trent Parker: Woah! You don’t see Vorhees run to often in a match, but that nasty boot may have just knocked Chris Hawk out, look at his eyes Wayne, Hawk has no idea where he is!

    The referee checks on Chris, Hawk says he can fight, Vorhees drags Adam up, turns him around and underhooks both arms, Vorhees then twists around lifting Chris Hawk up and holding him upside down while being back to back.

    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees has Hawk now in the Hangman, this match is done.

    Fred Vorhees stares directly in the camera as he mouths “Messias the coward” and connects with a vertebreaker on Hawk, he rolls Hawk over and covers him with a forearm pressed firmly on the chest, the referee counts

    Trent Parker: Vorhees sending a message to Brian Messias there, saying 3 wins down 2 to go, I am coming Messias.


    Wayne Baxter: Vorhees is still 2 wins away from the champion, while Messias can put another loud mouth in his place Trent and that is Jacob Colton.

    The referee calls for the bell, Vorhees stands up and immediately heads to the back.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…Fred Vorhees!"

    Trent Parker: And Fred Vorhees picks up his third victory, and that means he is once again tied with Carmen Stevenson and is two away from qualifying for a title match against Brian Messias

    Wayne Baxter: Brian Messias the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion is also in action tonight against Jacob Colton, the guy who last week lost to Carmen Stevenson, so what chance does he stand against Messias

    Trent Parker: What do you mean Wayne, Colton stands a good chance against Messias

    Wayne Baxter: Once again your incorrect Trent, and here is why. Brian Messias beat Aids Johnson, Aids Johnson has beaten Carmen Stevenson & Carmen Stevenson has defeated Jacob Colton, this isn’t some rock paper scissors game, where one beats the other, Messias beat Aids, therefore Messias can beat Carmen and definitely beat Colton

    Trent Parker: We will see, but before the event, Dennis Brockman earlier tonight got another letter regarding Dat Kid

    Backstage Dennis Brockman sits at his desk reading a letter

    Dennis Brockman: Dear Brockman, I am back next week…yadda yadda yadda…Payback is upon you…My Championship climb has begun and it begins next week, yours truly Dat Kid?

    Trent Parker: Dat Kid has been cleared but appears that he blames Brockman for his injury, now we do know he is not angry that he lost the match, he is angered by how he lost, Dat Kid believes that he should have been allowed to continue

    Wayne Baxter: I can’t vouch on the call, but Dat Kid was knocked out and allowing the match to continue could have been seriously dangerous for Dat Kid, but Dat Kid says Payback is upon Brockman.

    Trent Parker: Without further delay let’s get on with our main event.

    Alexis Robinson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall."

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring.

    Alexis Robinson:"Introducing first, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias jogs in place as he holds his title up to the fans

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Alexis Robinson: "And his opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    The referee calls for the bell. Colton and Messias circle the ring.

    Wayne Baxter: And here we go the main event we have been waiting for, Messias vs Colton, Champion vs Rookie

    Messias runs towards Colton and attempts a side headlock, Colton avoids the hold, underhooks the exposed arm and connects with an arm drag into an armbar

    Trent Parker: Woah, Colton praying on the mistake and makes the Champion pay, now has the champion under control like a lion tamer

    Messias gets up to a vertical base, Colton quickly applies an arm wrench, Messias grabs the rope with his free hand and uses it to back flip, releasing the wrench twist and then Messias slaps away the hands of Colton on his wrist

    Wayne Baxter: For once you are right Trent, Messias is the lion, the King of the Jungle that is FNW, and he has beaten the baboon Aids Johnson, the tiny Chimp that is Jason Angel and now faces the little cub that is Colton

    Messias runs at Colton and connects with a clothesline, he picks him back up and pushes him against the ropes, Messias follows up with a knee to the mid-section, he whips Colton into the opposite ropes, Colton rebounds and Messias connects with another clothesline

    Trent Parker: And the Champ is rolling with another clothesline

    Messias drops to his knees and flips hold Colton in a front face-lock, he then clubs the back of Colton.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias wanted to set an example for the rest of the people backstage, and now using Colton to do it.

    Colton begins to stand up as Messias continues to club the back

    Trent Parker: Colton fighting through those shots, Colton is showing he deserves to be a contender.

    Colton gets to his feet still in the front face-lock, Colton locks in a front waist lock and stands up, flipping Messias over and connects with a back body drop.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias in trouble now, but I am sure he will gain control of this match again

    Messias gets to his feet again, Colton then connects with a standing dropsault, Messias rolls to the apron, Colton walks over as Messias stands up and attempts a gut kick, Messias grabs hold and pulls it through the ropes, Messias then headbutts Colton and sweeps the other leg, causing Colton to fall to the mat

    Trent Parker: Messias very cleverly luring Colton to the ropes where he would use the ring as a weapon against Colton.

    Messias moves the leg from the middle rope and pulls Colton under the ropes to the outside; he then grabs him by the back of the neck and throws him into the guard rail. Messias picks drags Colton up and throws him again into the guard rail

    Wayne Baxter: Shades of last week, Messias using the steel cage against Aids Johnson, now using the guard rail against Colton

    Messias drags Colton up and rolls him in the ring, Messias slides into the ring, he then stomps on Colton’s mid-section twice before looking out on the crowd and raising his arm

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Messias is in-control of the match now, and the Dallas Sportatorium fans not impressed by the Champion

    Messias turns his attention back to Colton, he drags him up, holding him up to stare eye to eye, Messias then connects with a stalling neckbreaker

    Wayne Baxter: Messias looking at Colton to see if he now sees the fear every single competitor should have going into a match against Messias, and now I believe Colton has that fear.

    Messias covers Colton, the referee counts


    Colton gets a shoulder up. Messias gets to his feet and circles Colton, he then drops to his knees and begins choking Colton, the referee counts for disqulaification


    Messias breaks the choke, Colton holds his neck gasping for air, Messias moves round to the head and connects with a jumping knee drop to the skull of Colton

    Trent Parker: Messias now dissecting the FNW Enigma, choking and pinpointing the skull, the Champion is in complete control.

    Messias gets to his feet again and connects with another knee drop. Messias covers again, the referee counts.


    Colton gets a shoulder up and crawls to the ropes.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias not able to put away Colton with that knee, but the Annihilator has Colton in his sights as he tries to crawl away from the Champion

    Messias clubs the back of Colton as he almost gets to a vertical base, dropping Colton to the mat again.

    Trent Parker: Colton needs to get back in the game, the longer he takes punishment, the sooner Messias may win.

    Messias drags Colton up, Messias then goes for a right hand, Colton blocks and hits Messias with a punch of his own. Colton then delivers a gut kick and whips Messias into the ropes, Messias rebounds and Colton pushes Messias over the opposite top rope and to the outside.

    Wayne Baxter: Colton sends the Champ to the outside to gain some breathing time.

    Colton steps out onto the apron, he then stalks Messias as he gets to his feet, Colton connects with a running flying forearm smash knocking Messias down. Colton sits against the guard rail holding his back in pain as the referee counts

    Trent Parker: Both men outside after Colton comes back with some high impact, high risk moves

    At the count of 6, Colton rolls Messias into the ring. Colton covers Messias, the referee counts


    Messias gets a shoulder up

    Wayne Baxter: And it’s the Champion who gets his shoulder up

    Colton gets to his feet and drags Messias up, Colton then whips Messias into the corner, Colton walks to the opposite corner, then runs at Messias attempting a corner spear, Messias swerves out the way and Colton hits the ring post. Messias drags Colton away from the ropes and covers, the referee counts


    Colton gets a shoulder up

    Trent Parker: Colton hit the ring post hard, that left shoulder must be killing Colton

    Wayne Baxter: He got cocky and Messias let the ring make him pay for that mistake.

    Messias then applies a body scissors with a chin lock, Colton refuses the referee’s question of giving in. Colton rolls over Messias to the other side, and Messias breaks the body scissors, Colton gets to his feet and Messias tries to wrench the lock, however Colton delivers an elbow breaking the hold, he runs and rebounds off the ropes, however Messias connects with a snap powerslam. Messias covers, the referee counts.


    Colton gets a shoulder up

    Trent Parker: And the Champion with a powerslam going back to the back of Jacob Colton, but the FNW Enigma still had the fight left in him to kick out.

    Colton gets to his feet and Messias delivers a club to the back knocking Colton to the ropes, Messias turns Colton around to face him and whips him into the ropes, Colton reverses the whip and runs towards Messias connecting with a jumping clothesline, both men lay on the mat as the referee checks on them both before beginning a count.

    Wayne Baxter: Messias still suffering the effects of that match up while Colton is weak from the entire onslaught Messias has dished out, this match may end in a double count out.

    At a count of 5, Messias gets to his feet; Colton gets to his feet at a count of 6 and then blocks a punch from Messias and connects with one of his own. Colton connects with another punch and follows up with a gut kick, Colton then shoulder thrusts Messias into the corner and as Messias walks out groggy, Colton runs at the opposite ropes and connects with a whisper in the wind to Messias

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Woah Colton comes back with a big move, is this it for the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion?

    Colton covers Messias, the referee counts.


    Messias gets a shoulder up; Colton holds his head in disbelief.

    Wayne Baxter: Colton thought he had the Champion, but the Champion still has the fight left in him, he is going to have to do much better to even get a decent cover on Messias

    Messias crawls to a corner and sits there, Colton turns round and immediately dashes at the Champion, he connects with a sliding dropkick to Messias. Messias rolls away from the corner clutching his chest, Colton begins to scale the top rope

    Trent Parker: Colton looking to swanton bomb the Champion!

    Messias spost Colton and rolls to the apron and pulls himself up on the ropes, Colton leaps off and connects with a dropkick to Messias knocking him into the guard rail

    *Crowd Pop*

    Trent Parker: Colton knocks the Champion down, the Champ pulling himself up on the apron looking a little dazed

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage and stares at Messias, the referee looks at the stage

    Rodrigo jumps the guard rail as Colton turns his attention to Vorhees, he climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a springboard bull dog, Messias quickly slides into the ring as Rodrigo slides out, and he covers Colton. Messias shouts at the referee to cover, he counts.


    Wayne Baxter: And Messias is victorious!

    Messias stands up as Vorhees then walks down to the ring, Messias stands in the ring and tells Rodrigo to get in the ring as they can take him two on one. Rodrigo smirks and gets in. As Vorhees steps in the ring, Messias slides out and Rodrigo turns to him outside, Vorhees then clotheslines Rodrigo over the top rope and to the outside, Messias grabs his title and moves round the ring to the stage shouting at Vorhees “You haven’t qualified yet! I am the Champion! You’re not!!”

    *Crowd Boo*

    Trent Parker: Messias lets Rodrigo take the bullet and then walks out of here, proving Fred Vorhees’ point that he is a coward.

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wayne Baxter: Here comes Brockman, hopefully to suspend you Trent for slandering our Champion

    Dennis Brockman: It seems to me that everyone out here can’t wait to get their hands on the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion Brian Messias, and it seems we have some chaos out here. So I Dennis Brockman have come to you with a match to settle things, you see Vorhees and Carmen both stand at 3 wins, now I could be predictable and make a match between the two. But I like the unpredictability that FNW is, so what I am instigating next week a major match, and all brand match. Every FNW superstar will be in the same ring, at the same time competing in one match, the only way to eliminate someone from the match is simple. You must throw your opponent out of the ring, this continues until we have 2 superstars, at this point, it becomes a lumberjack match, the superstar that wins the fall sits ring side and we then start the match again, but this time, the only way to eliminate is by pinfall or submission, the eliminated superstars then head to the back. The final superstar then goes one on one with the superstar who scored the win in the lumberjack match. And the winner of that match will score 2 wins. Let’s call it a Dennis Brockman match. Everyone is involved, well everyone except Brian Messias

    *Crowd Boo*

    Dennis Brockman: Woah Woah Dallas, the Champion has some Championship duties; he will be facing a new rookie signed to FNW, DKJames. Now that this whole issue has been resolved, I will see you all next week.

    Dennis Brockman then walks backstage and Messias follows him. Colton holds his head as he stares at Rodrigo outside Vorhees ignores them both and walks backstage.

    Wayne Baxter: Woah, so this means that Vorhees or Carmen could be qualified if they win the match, however 2 wins for anyone will get them closer to the title quickly

    Trent Parker: And from the match rules, it seems the 1st win is a very important fall, you save yourself a 2nd bout against the roster. What a match, I can’t wait for next week, we have the Dennis Brockman match, a potential new FNW superstar and who can forget Dat Kid returns to FNW

    Wayne Baxter: That has been it for FNW this week, we will see you all next week for the massive match announced by Brockman, and don’t forget Messias is in action again.

    Conclusive Recap As You Observe
    Carmen Defeats Rodrigo​
    Fred Vorhees Defeats Chris Hawk​
    Messias defeats Jacob Colton​
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  2. Another week, another awesome card. Nice man.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it Aids
  4. Quite interested in the Jacob/Rodrigo feud since they are a couple in real life. Rodrigo was probably out of breath because of the butt sex they had before his match :jeritroll: I kid

    The spot with Vorhees looking at the camera, was great.

    I need to practice before the match, I feel like I have promo ring rust
  6. Awesome week of FNW again.
  7. Great work again man!
  8. im going to take you out next week, vorhees.
  9. To the ball game?
  10. no i dont need to see my team lose in person. Over the top rope. Another Aids W. 2 wins for the hardest worker in the IWT.
  11. Save it for the preview thread brother :hogan:
  12. Great job. I just came back and read it. I lost but doesn't matter. Why am I the only one who gets attacked and interrupted?! WHY?!