FNW Championship Match - Aids Johnson vs Brian Messias - Cage Match

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    Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and is for the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Championship."

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. He quickly walk to the ring.

    Announcer: "introducing firs the challenger, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson!"

    Aids walks around the cage, before he steps up the steps and into the cage, he then walks round shaking the cage, testing it's resistance.

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring, he then stands on the apron looking at the steel cage.

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the FNW Champion, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias jogs in place as he looks at Aids Johnson

    CM Punk vs El Seaberino

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both and make the 1st Title match a good one.
  2. Hey Aids Johnson! How's your kidney's doing bud? I heard you fought a hard and long battle against three opponents. That's right, three opponents! I've also seen somewhat of a side that people wouldn't want to see of you. That side is when you took out Dat Kid in your match to earn this championship shot. Bad luck for you bro, because the road ends here, the dreams ends here, Aids Johnson's tomb is placed here. You took on the likes of Angel, Carmen and Dat Kid. Woah, I haven't seen a bad ass like this since Brent Nixon. And guess what? I defeated him, just like I'mma defeat you.

    *Holds championship

    You see this championship? It shows no signs of the United States of America on it, it shows no sign of McDonalds on it. It shows a name of a champion. Lets read it together. Bry-In Mah-Sea-Is. Got that? Brian Messias? Seeing how you're from Wisconsin it's my mission to teach you basic stuff. This championship is power and with power I became the king of this world. But you should already know that. I've annihilated many big names in this industry and Aids Johnson just doesn't live up to the hype. You're nothing but an overrated piece of shit, just like each and everyone of these Americans. It's my duty as king to get this company blasting off from the ground to outer space so that you guys can reach to my level. I'm taking this company to new heights and Aids Johnson, you're taking too much TV time that should be mine. I'm ending you right here and right now, so be prepared boy.

    MrSackfist I'm unable to write promos on Wednesday as I'm out of town, so can we end promos on Tuesday?
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  3. Aids Johnson takes the wrap off his chest, showing off a black and blue exterior from the middle of his ribcage to his sides.

    I feel amazing, my spirit is willing, but the body is weak. Nixon? It must be easy being champion and only facing rookies and opening shows. Have you seen my matches? *crowd pops* I am the highest flyer in this company, the hardest worker, the man with the gift that just keeps on giving. Am i really worthy of a comparison to a man who hasn't held any titles?

    I understand, things are easy for you in the world you live in. You have the owner of the company next to you, and he gives you matches you dont even have to stretch for, let alone prepare. I, on the other hand, am 4-0, and have lived through hell to get here. Do you honestly think this will be an easy victory? I am a future champion, and if tonight doesnt work my way, ill be back to face you in July, and at 100%. Do you know what a gauntlet match feels like? I slid through my first opponent, going big for the start by smashing his neck and head into the mat, then faced my former tag partner and one of the strongest people in the company. I wouldnt have walked away from Carmen comfortably, hell i barely stood up after applying that cross face....a move you will soon know well. Then? Oh, only Dat kid, the Top heel in this company. You are just a man with gold, i know no one who will call you champion outside of that small circle you keep around you.

    Unfortunately for myself and dat kid, it took every move and every ounce of my body to become victorious. I was bruised, and already bleeding from the mouth when i went for my move that finally ended our match. I did whatever it took, and here i am.

    4-0. The first to face the champion, and the first to claim what is mine. I refuse to give you respect messias. I should be 5-0, but you came out brashly to show off and put the main event down in week 1, showing off how dastardly you really are. There is no other way to give you credit, you faced a rookie and were appointed by our GM to hold onto the title. And what have you done since then? Where do you see yourself next week? Will you be facing a credible opponent, or just breaking in another opponent to open the show? The real question, will either of us come out of this cage on our own, will we be able to compete next week. My doctor is against me facing you this week, but you are certainly not Dat Kid, and probably will never beat Carmen, while i have been victorious 4 matches. Four wins, 0 losses. My pride is my drive.

    ETA: I'm cool with tuesday. Infinite promos in 3 days is plenty IMO.
  4. Oh yeah, I actually feel very relaxed facing rookies. I don't need to push myself and try just like right now. 4-0? Sure, even though a gauntlet match is considered one match, I'll let you take 4-0 with you in this match. Considering it'll be your first loss, I'll be somewhat satisfied.
    And yes, I have seen your matches, actually I recall myself performing The Annihilator on the debut night.


    *Crowd boos

    Hard worker, highest flyer a gift from god, call yourself anything you like... but you still do not have this gold around your waist. Even god can't save you, so when I beat you, just call Brian Messias god. God isn't real, but I am, so it'd be fitting that you worship me after this match because when you lose, you'll realize that there is no god, but there is Brian Messias. And what do you mean face me in July? Aids, when you lose this match, I throw you down the ladder and you climb back up here. That is, if you're willing to face god once again. This is a championship match, I don't care if you went through hell and used each ounce of sweat, blood and tears to get right in front of my face. I don't care about Angel, Carmen or Dat Kid. This right now, is between you and me. And believe me, blood, sweat and tears won't be enough to finish me off. You've only seen me against rookies and oh boy, get ready to go through Brian Messias's hell. You should have an idea on what I'm capable of doing, but imagine it, only 100x better. For me better, for you...


    And believe me when I tell you, that the owner of FNW has nothing to do with Brian Messias being Champion. Brian Messias was always a champion and it'd be right for him to showcase that by wearing the gold and representing this company. The likes of you can't represent FNW with all your "Pride is my Drive!" crap. Annihilation gets you noticed and I put this company on the map. Now it's time I take you off mine.
  5. You're right about one thing, and one thing only. You face rookies. On opening night you won against a member who is clearly not me, and were GIVEN a title you don't deserve. I have said it before, and i'll repeat it again so you can let it soak in. I have faced the best of FNW, in fact i beat two of them in the same night, and you have dont nothing to show the FNW universe WHY you deserve to be champion. Tonight could be that night, but unfortunately as i have said before and for some reason need to remind you, your time is up, my time is now.

    You have landed one finisher on me, and it was near the end of my 3way match for the MAIN EVENT. Do you even know what a main event feels like? There is no reason to pretend and play fun games, i'm not here to mess around. Tonight is my night, the night you come off a week vacation, while i have just finished bleeding, breaking, and bruising to showcase what it takes to become champion. There is just no way around it. You want to brag about landing one finished? I'll give you 3 in a row. I'm going to bust your brain into the mat, then pick your drained body up and do it again. Just to ensure there is no end, i wont even bother with a pin. Instead, ill drag you to the corner, put you on the top rope, and show these fans what a real FINISHER MEANS! *crowd pop*

    There are no if's, and's or but's. The better man comes out victorious tonight. The steel is around us, and i can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins as i prepare to endure whatever it takes to end up with the gold you so laughably call your own. You were given a belt, i am here to earn it.
  6. You beat the best in FNW's roster? Uh, this title means I'm the best. Damn, I knew it would be difficult to step in the ring with the opponent being American. To make it worse, he's from Wisconsin. Ah shit, did I say that out loud? Well, someone had to say it anyways.

    And yes Aids, I have been in Main Events, thanks for watching the original run of Fight Night Wrestling. When I look at the people you've faced, you're not a Brent Nixon, you're not a Zach Schmidt, you're not a Lucas Hacksaw, hell you're not even a El Nino. You are far below them and I honestly can't see you from the heights that I'm watching you from. I honestly got someone from NASA to create a telescope so I can see you from up here. So equivalent from earth time to space time, it'll be a while till my time is up. I'm just getting started.

    This FNW Universe you speak of. Do you actually think I give a damn about them? Do you think, I'll let them hold me back from gaining success? I've never cared about the fans and I doubt I never will. People think I don't deserve to be champion. Well their words mean nothing to me as I stand before them as champion. And brother, your finishers won't even get me as you lack everything that I succeed in. You care about the fans, you care about what they think, you listen to them. I on the other hand, don't. Why do you think I'm so successful? For not associating myself with losers like you or these fans.

    And yes, the better man walks out of this ring victorious, but seeing how I'm the only man in this ring, I guess the results have been decided. Now will I escape the cage, pin you or make you submit? Hmm...

    What about, hear me out! What about... I break your bones and tear your limbs?


    Lets see what the audience has to say as you are pro FNW Universe.

    Listen up everyone! Should I Brian Messias, break Aids Johnson's bones and tear his limbs apart?

    *Crowd boos

    Oh, alright. Oh WAIT! I don't give a damn on what they think, so I guess your luck has run out Johnson. Anything you want to add?
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  7. A better understanding of the history of FNW. You want to speak of the past in FNW? You are certainly not a member who garnered attention in the beginning of FNW, when great wrestlers like Phreak and Iron Baba were running the ring, when there were members worth watching. I grew by watching them, training with them, and being around real champions. You are a coward who has no time to learn from anyone who can't put a belt around his waist. You can play games all you want, but while you hate on the people who pay for your paycheck weekly, i'll just soak in this moment *crowd cheers* as the fans unite around me.

    I am a deserving champion, what are you? You have just admitted to not having a real match since 2012, and i had mine last week. Where were you? Backstage.
  8. Off-Topic: That FNW doesn't exist. :urm: Only the one before the revival and this one.

    You are a deserving champion you say? Well you certainly haven't faced anyone impressive until now. YES! I am admitting that I have not had a real match since 2012 and I consider this match to be the same! This isn't a real match! You had a real match last week? Okay! Good for you! You defeated someone on the same level as you. I'm still awaiting competition.
  9. Offtopic how does it not? Sack ran that one too? Is there a link i should read? Also you down to set a limit? Right now we are on track for about 12 promos each, itll be pretty tough to get people to read for a full hour before voting.
  10. Off-Topic: Sack said it somewhere I believe. Since the previous one had no affiliation with the first one, the same thing goes for this too.
    I'm good with 12 promos. I've got 4 so far.
  11. Deal. See you tomorrow.

    @sackfist i really do disagree with the past FNW deal not working, it's the same company, just a new owner and rebranding. It still is our company history.

  12. Ok, It will end on Tuesday. El Seaberino letting you know it will end then. Continue battling then until Tuesday evening
  13. Here's where we left off. So continue from here Aids.
  14. Is my opponent still walking, living, breathing yet? Has his mind expanded to a limit that he can't come up with a response? Have you used up all your blood, sweat and tears already? Like I said before, you're nothing but an overrated piece of shit. You're over hyped, over promoted and don't deserve to be in the same ring as I do. I proved to the world once again, that I am the greatest wrestler on this planet. I am one of a kind, I am a species that will never seize to exist once again. Sure, my future son one day will have the same traits as I do, but he will never be able to accomplish what I have. Yes, this is me doubting my own future son because my DNA is one of a kind. And when you have 50% of my DNA mixed with 50% of my future wife's, it'll end up being 100% of a genetic freak according to Professor Steiner.

    But the results vary as I can't trust the word of him. Johnson, you said my time is up, your time is now. I think we've roles switched a bit. My time is still now and your time is up. Which might be the reason on why I can't see you.