FNW get's IWT

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    The IWT house show returns from commercial as spotlights in blue and purple shine around the arena as the titantron shows #LoveSeaman before the music hits.

    As the music begins, the announcer miscues the furry's having no idea what is happening, as two members wearing fox masks begin pointing flashlights towards the arena, pushing the furry "animals" towards the ring, while the crowd dances along with the music, laughing and jeering towards the furry "animals." The song continues until the end with the announcers stunned in silence, as the 2 fox characters are left at the top of the entrance, while the "animals" are in the ring dancing and spinning blinding lights into the crowd, which has their cell phones out in a blinding light throughout the arena. The Titantron shows #FoxStealsTheBank for a few seconds before the lights begin to blink for a few seconds. When the lights come back on, everything that was on stage and in the ring has now disappeared.
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