FNW Has Returned / IWT Active Roster List Needed ASAP PLEASE READ!

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    From what I understand, Fight Night Wrestling has returned.

    Two former members of IWT have already decided to jump ship there & no longer participate in IWT.
    I just want to give you guys a heads up in saying, you can be part of both IWT & FNW.
    I am not sure if more people have decided to quit IWT or not...

    With that being said, if you plan on being an active member in IWT please let me know here.
    * Tag me & I will add your name to the list *
    I will add a list of the current roster to the IWT Champions thread so you can see who is still participating in IWT & who is not.

    Sadly, if there are not enough active people in this section, belts will have to be removed. There is no sense in having a bunch of belts & only a few people challenging for them, it would get senseless & boring.

    I will not be addressing Extreme Rules until this is all sorted out. I don't want to put more time into this thing & have more people drop out. Its not fair to me or the others working hard on IWT.

    Active Members in IWT:

  2. We already need to get rid of some belts. DX/MOD belt is gone, as is the hardcore and euro belt. Pointless.
  3. I agree with the MOD belt. I am removing it right now.
  4. @Catwoman
  5. Britanica I'm in, I want to keep trying to win a match here, don't know if my opponents for Extreme Rules will be a part of this too but at least I want to be competing here, I created a character in FNW but as I knew this before FNW I'll keep fighting here before than in FNW
  6. Yeah the duck killer is in too
  7. Britanica the Generation will be here to entertain.
  8. I'll still be active, but if you're gonna remove the Hardcore belt, then put Nano in the Million Dollar title match with me and Danielson.
  9. Who else left? Aids and?
  10. Just Aids as far as I know.
  11. Rodrigo left
  12. I'll add you to the list, not sure about Danielson though since he said he's not going to be on the forum much. If he wants to be active in this section I have to know before I finalize any matches. The belts are staying as is for now until I see who will be staying in the IWT section. If it starts to slow down, I will have to get rid of a few belts but they still can be swapped in and out as people win them. I may also consider doing every other ppv but we will see what happens.
  13. Ah okay, and I just formed a team with airbourne908 you're going to be active too?
  14. Also, as a title holder, I have to ask, do you plan on staying in IWT?
  15. Also, I know it's a bit of a stretch, but maybe we should unify the world titles? I think it'll be better to do that since it's kind of odd to have two world champions.
  16. Once I see who wants to be an active member on IWT's roster, I will make a thread pertaining to the belts so everyone can decide what they want to happen before anything is done. I am hoping to get things in order before ER because it will be unfair to let someone win a belt and then take it away from them.