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    This was suggested to me and I plan on doing them on occasions. What I want is for this to be member made. This means you guys pick who you want to face, the matches will be made, you post your promos and then members can vote on who they thought who wins.

    House shows are just a little way to add activity here, so you can pick who you want to face. No wins or losses will count here, neither will it impact the FNW shows.

    I am allowing maximum 4 matches, so pick your matches. Once the card is full, I'll put out the threads for you to promo in. There will be no deadline on these, and they will be written up as I can, bearing in mind I write the actual shows on thursday and Friday.

    Let me know who you want to face. Again this is a voluntary match, not related to FNW shows nor will impact your win/loss record

  2. I want to take part in this. I don't care who my opponent is
  3. What a great idea, Aids

    Sure, ill participate. I want CrayJ Lee
  4. as long as she doesnt mind losing. :harvey:
  5. Adam568 who do you want to face?

  6. Absolutely. I'm always open to another challenge.
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  7. Ok added that match in
  8. Anyone
  9. Do you want to face me? I'm going to be in this House Show too and I don't care who to fight.
  10. Yeah sure
  11. MrSackfist we have another match. Jacob Colton vs Chris Hawk. Adam, do you want a ladder match?
  12. For one night only El Nino de Mexico wants to return to FNW. "I want to face Brian Messias CM Punk . It's the match that all of the fans wanted, that never happened. In the name of the taco I will give the fans what they want. Messias, do you accept my challenge?"