FNW In Character Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by Star Lord, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Stay in character and no burying, Both men need to agree for attacks. MrSackfist
  2. OOC: This looks like a cool idea, like a backstage
  3. Nah, it's too much like IWT then, and storylines would be thrown all around.
    Also, promo matches are the only thing we do and that doesn't even make it on the show. It just decides the winner.

    So nope for me and probably no from Sackfist.
  4. OOC: I wasnt really pitching an idea, I just made the thread. Its got nothing to do with IWT as 99.9% of efeds have this plus its not for promo battles its for feud building.
  5. I don't know about this, it seems that members posting in here really could mess with some storylines, and from what I have seen of IWT Backstage, people will randomly start attacking each other for no reason. You can post banter on the preview cards if you wish to hype the matches, and anything you post in character on those threads will be used if it is of a good standard and can help the storyline or hype the match. As for this, I will not be looking in it and I won't take anything that happens here as cannon. You are free to post here if you wish, I will not squash discussion, if you want to RP alongside FNW happenings do so here, if you want to randomly attack, whatever, I will not look at it or quote it ever happening
  6. When will the next show be up?
  7. It will be an hour or 2 to finish writing it, then say 20 minutes to format and then I will post it.
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