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    This is out of character:

    Ever since I started working with e-feds, Fed X - my ambition has been to grow and run alongside other e-feds. While a lot have tried to start up, not many have made it. Even the feds I was involved in have had run into problems that have stopped them running.

    However now I have been able to take this great product and accomplish what I have wanted to do all along. I have spoke with a few people over the interwebs and after conversing, we had an ideal system to work with. However this system requires some administration powers. Rather than bug admin here, I am moving FNW.

    I don't want to force anyone to move, so I am allowing people to make the choice to join in the move or they can not move with FNW. It is up to you.

    Here is a list of everyone involved and applied to be apart of FNW: I would like to know as soon as possible, because Crayo would like to close this section.

    CM Punk - Brian Messias
    CrayJ Lee - Carmen Stevenson
    FailFaceFTW - Applied to be FNW Writer
    Adam568 - Chris Hawk
    Dat Kid - Dat Kid
    Aids Johnson - Aids Johnson
    Acailler - Jamie
    Fluttershy Farooq - Sam Cornell
    Lackin - Max Power
    Chaz - Chaz
    Shadoxicity - Andrew Evans
    DKJames - DK James
    Shannon_724 - Jake Williams
    Based God Darth - Based God Darth
    Rhodes - Rodrigo
    NanoRah14 - Jacob Colton
    Senhor Perfect - Fred Vorhees
    Rysenberg - Brent Nixon
    CSRants - Jason Angel

    (Yikes that is a lot of people)

    As Crayo is closing the section I don't know if you can see this or if you can see it and can't reply. Any case PM me if you can see and can't reply or if you can't see the thread I can PM you.

    Take-Over: While this will be moved, the section is free. If a member wants to set their own e-fed up here to take it's place, I encourage you to go ahead and wish you all the luck as I know first hand the work that goes into an e-fed.

    The move is only the e-fed FNW, and nothing more. Wrestling discussion happens here, all that is moving is the fnw fed and that is it. You should keep coming back here for all the wrestling discussion, news, prediction contests, motm as I will still be here for all that.

    FNW's new home ----> MWA
  2. Yeah, sure I'll move.
  3. I'll join in on the move.
  4. Im already there
  5. I'll move :)
  6. i'm in and i'm already there
  7. Sorry if I fucked all up because I told him he could do that since he owns a site and a forum.

    I'm going to move with FNW
  8. Added the url in that I forgot
  9. Should we create a convrsation just in case someone forgets to check out the preview card and they're booked?
  10. It would be a good idea to, can you make one Nano?
  11. So just so that I'm clear on what's changing...mainly everything's staying here except for the tapings and the shows correct?
  12. Sure thing, I'll create the conversation right now
  13. Not too pumped on this going offsite honestly. Ill join, but im going to kick most of my time out in IWT then
  14. I'll try it out, I just hope my old man brain doesn't forget the site. Can you PM me the link as a precaution please?
  15. Sure, I suppose I'll join.
  16. I'll join in on the move.
  17. I shall move. :)
  18. For those ones who haven't read the latest show I'll link it to you.

    FNW 7/12
  19. Sure, sorry for inactivity, been busy with my summer and lost my password ;)