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  1. This thread will be used for FNW news.

    Champion to be crowned
    According to FNW's website, the new owner plans to crown a new FNW champion on the revival show, speculation of who the owner will choose is unknown, so we made a list of potential FNW candidates who could...

    Read more at FNW.com
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  2. Other news, Jacob Colton has created today a twitter account, follow him and know more about him and his future


  3. Follow Max Power on Twitter

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  5. Jacob Colton had a few words to say about the FNW revival show:

    Visit FNW.com for the full interview
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  6. I want to thank Colt for giving me the opportunity of this interview, thanks also for wishing me luck
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  7. The spaniard has opened a twitter account due to the increase of his popularity @FNWSpaniard.

    "The reason of this account is to be more in touch with my beloved fans. Wether you hate me or love me, if you wanna know my day to day routine, feel free to follow me."
  8. Oh God, my favorite Spaniard has a twitter account! *Similar scream as for Justin Bieber or One Direction*

    stupidness (open)
    I'm parodying your fans.
  9. Here is what Aids Johnsons had to say about Dat Kid and Jacob Colton (NanoRah14)

    Read more at FNW.com
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  10. Really good interview, the only thing is that instead of making a face role it was more like a tweener role, I know Aids is not a face guy but it's something I'd try to fix. I've got nothing against you Aids, only another thing, you'll see that I deserve your time in that match ;)
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    Jason opened a twitter account, @JasonAngel (Fake), and this is what he had to say-
    "I opened it to be apart of my fan's life, to be more in touch, per say..."
    OOK- Real one is Twitter.com/CSRants
  12. OOK- It says something about someone called Pilar....
  13. Huh?
  14. But... Pilar?
  15. Maybe Twitter does that for accounts that are not real, dunno..
  16. You can change it whenever you want ;)
  17. I know, I might when i get home... the problem is that I don't know, I feel like a retard, lol