FNW Preview Card 21/06

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  1. Show Date: 21st June
    Tapings: Saturday 15th June - Wednesday 19th June


    Chris Hawk vs Fred Vorhees vs Max Power

    Three men fight it out all making their FNW debuts as Fight Night Wrestling Superstars. The three men will compete in a Maniac match designed to twist and test each competitor's mentality in the ring.

    Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid, [​IMG], Jason Angel
    Aids Johnson is set to face 3 competitors where he gambles on his win/loss record. He will face Jason Angel, Carmen Stevenson and Dat Kid with a title shot on the line

    [​IMG] vs [​IMG] W/[​IMG]

    Brent Nixon hasn't seem to be able to let Rodrigo's victory go and now with his attack on 3 superstars last week, he has the chance to put the 1st loss to Jacob Colton's record. Will he do it or will Colton finally achieve a win on his match with his new found friend by his side?

    Promo Information:

    Chris Hawk vs Fred Vorhees vs Max Power - 2 promo match. Adam568 Senhor Perfect Lackin - Senhor Perfect will start

    Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid, Carmen, Jason Angel - 2 promo Match Aids Johnson CrayJ Lee Dat Kid CSRants - Aids will start, CS Rants will follow until both Aids and CS rants have completed their 2. Cray J will post one then Aids, then CrayJ then Aids, and finally Dat Kid will post after then Aids, then Dat Kid, then Aids

    Brent Nixon vs Jacob Colton - 3 promo match R Albin NanoRah14 Rhodes - R Albin will begin followed by Nano. (Rhodes may contribute a maximum of 2 promos each maximum characters of 200)


    Please tag me if you aren't going to be able to post between Saturday 15th of June and the Wednesday 19th June. This is so I can edit the card before. Please respond to the card, if not I may make a change.

    Remember Posting here is encouraged. Anything you do say here in-character can and may be used in the written show on Friday the 21st of June. If you don't post it won't affect your performance.
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  2. Give me a few hours, pumped, it's on again Rodrigo :tough:
  3. I'm not booked.

    However, my soul and heart will be in the ring with my friend Jacob. I won't let that coward run away. It's time to teach him some modals. Again.
    Wanna eat another Spanishfaction? The stay away from the ringside.
  4. I'm glad to be able to kick this jerk's ass! This isn't gonna end well Nixon. This time it's you or me. No one else!
  5. I'll try to get mine done tonight, worst case tomorrow morning. Weekends are tough.
  6. Np you have until wednesday to do it Senhor
  7. Ahh so you're Fred. Dank character choice man, excited to see how it all goes.
  8. Ok, cool. I'll have the time for it Monday for sure.
  9. Nixon hasn't replied yet...
  10. Slight delay on this weeks, had a lot of unexpected things come up this evening, so I will post the show tomorrow. Apologizes for lateness
  11. Will I automatically win since my opponent didn't show up?