FNW Tapings - Aids vs Dat Kid, Carmen & CS Rants

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening"

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage as does Jason Angel and Carmen, they then walk down the ramp, Dat Kid rolls into the ring as Carmen walks up the steps and steps through the ropes while Jason Angel jumps onto the apron and then steps through the ropes

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighing in at 175lbs, Dat Kiiiiid!! from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 140lbs, Carmen Stevenson, and from Detroit Michigan, weighing in at 245lbs, Jason Angel"

    Kid sits on top of the south turnbuckle, waiting for his other opponents as Jason Angel waits in the center and Carmen steps outside the ring

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. He quickly walk to the ring.

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson!"

    Aids enters and stares at Dat Kid while Carmen claps outside

    CrayJ Lee Aids Johnson Dat Kid CSRants

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you all.
  2. Jason. Angel. Another week, another possible move in the right direction. Last week i handed Dat Kid and Jamie their first losses courtesy of a woman i will be spending time with later. Here we are, the third week in a row, with Aids Johnson in the spotlight. *Fans Cheer* Another week where the odds are stacked against me, another week where i have to prove myself with the odds against me. This week, the challenge is much, much greater. I am facing Jason Angel for the first time in my career, and in order to earn the glory tonight, ill have to make short work here first.

    Jason Angel, i respect you. I think you are a deserving opponent, and will someday do well for yourself in the FNW universe. As for tonight, on the other hand, you are facing a legend, and a man with a chip on his shoulder. I am not only planning on beating you, i plan on beating Carmen, and i plan on dominating Dat Kid. If i have to risk injuries, i will. If i have to leave here bleeding, so be it. If i need assistance to leave these four corners that i own, bring the battle on. This is the fast track i need, the way to reach up to oppose what is wrong in this company. To become FNW Champion *Crowd pop* and to cement my legacy.

    This match will not be simple, no it will not be easy. Angel you will swear that i was Gabriel himself, the way i will be flying around the ring tonight. As my first opponent, things are going to have to be simple, brutal. Thankfully for all of us, we have great health insurance. I see a trip for an MRI in your near future
  3. Aids, although your aspirations are admirable, you’re still missing some key points. I have respect for you as a wrestler and a competitor but there are other wrestlers in the back that worked just as hard as you to get here. I am one of those competitors. I had a tremendous opportunity last week and was able to tag team with you. I held my own not only against a female wrestler like Jamie but I also did well against a ruthless male wrestler like Dat Kid. That match has fueled me. Now that I’ve had my first taste of ring action in the FNW, I never want it to end. It was the most exhilarating feeling to perform in front of everyone and prove that I’m not just a pretty face. I can compete with you and anyone else that can be thrown in my way.

    I know that it’s an uphill battle for me. Hell, it’s an uphill battle for me simply because I’m a female wrestler. I know all about the stereotypes that I’ll be up against. Probably my entire career, no matter what I accomplish, there will still be doubters out there saying that there’s no way that a female wrestler can be stronger than a man in the ring. They’ll suggest conspiracies at play and any other excuse imaginable to take a victory away from me. Despite these challenges that I’ll undoubtedly face, it fuels me that much more. I believe in my talents against anyone and I’m willing to put them to the test. Aids, despite my respect for you, don’t make a huge mistake and turn your back on a competitor like me. Don’t look so far into the future that you disregard a worthy opponent in front of you. It wouldn’t be wise to fall before you make your way up.
  4. CSrants wasnt able to make it, apparently his time is too important to do his job. I guess for me that leads to an easy victory, a well earned spot at someone i worked with last week as a partner, my teammate. Carmen there is no way that i lose here, my path has already been determined. I easily am going to walk through Angel, im going to do whatever it takes to beat you, and then i am going to destroy Dat Kid. Tonight i am going through hell to get where i belong, but the only one with anything to gain is, me. 3 opponents, 3 wins, giving me my opportunity to take the belt of Messias, and return old glory home to our United States.

    You are a great asset to this company, and a worth opponent, but tonight is not your night. Tonight goes to the hardest working man in FNW, the face of the company, and a hero to each and every single person backstage. I do this for all of you, so you can have a champion to look up to. I'm sorry Carmen, my time is now.
  5. With all due respect, we all have something to gain and everything to lose. Aids, even you can’t risk any missteps on your way to the top of this company. You may be on the fast track to the FNW Championship, but I have an opportunity as well to step into this ring and get some victories of my own. I’m four victories away from challenging the FNW Champion, and despite my mutual respect for you, not even a wrestler of your caliber can get in the way of my next victory. I’ve overcome financial and physical obstacles to get to the FNW and now I have the opportunity to redefine all of the rules surrounding female wrestling.

    You say that tonight isn’t my night but I disagree with that assessment. There’s always room for someone fresh and new to shake things up and provide the unexpected. Wrestlers and fans alike are used to the top championship being handed to a male wrestler, but I have a unique opportunity of shattering that tradition. I want to introduce a female reign to the world and my victory against you this evening gets me one step closer to being the unexpected.
  6. I have no problem accepting that this is no easy contest. What i am arguing is the fact that the stars have all lined up, the sun has set for the evening and tomorrow morning it rises for me, the future of FNW. Failure is not something i am willing to accept, and you being put in the way only makes me more confident that overcoming the odds tonights proves i am ready for my title. I will gladly face you again, 1v1, any other week, but tonight i only see a numbers game, and the odds are stacked against me. I plan on overcoming and showing the world and the FNW universe who i am, and what i am here to accomplish. The Peopl'es Champ.
  7. Once again, I find myself myself in the ring with people who are less than me, as usual. I mean look who they teamed me with now, some asshole who couldn't get the job done against Messias and some bitch from Wisconsin. My opponent,,,none other than the same man I've been facing for the past two weeks, if there was ever a time for a "same old shit" chant. At this rate we should rename this to the Dat Kid show featuring overrated indie faggots. Then on top of it, Chlamydia Curtis gets a shot at the FNW title...FOR WHAT?! This man was seconds away from getting ended the first time we faced, then last week his partner, I repeat his PARTNER took out the silicon slut they teamed me up with. Aids just conveniently got the pin. So what I'm getting right now is, beating bitches is how you get title shots around here. Well I am outraged! I am against beating bitches because bitches should be treated with respect.

    Now that I've got that chip off my shoulder- calm down fat fucks from Wisconsin, it's a metaphor, there's no chips. Aids, you faggot, you fucked me over! You want to talk about how you're just so great, if you were great you wouldn't have beat women to get title shots. Then again that's probably a thing in Wisconsin right, your dad probably come home after working as school janitor and beat your mom, then hit your dumbass up side the head with a beer bottle. Fucking trailer trash hick, that's all you are, a piece of white trash shit. You're not a wrestler, you're faker. You come out here and pander to these people, so that they forget how much of a shit talent you are. Not me, because whether you like me or hate me, your ass is glued to the edge of your seat whenever I make an appearance and all you motherfuckers can deny it, but you know deep down that I'm right!

    Aids you say you plan on overcoming the odds, nigga you can't even overcome the odds of beating me in a one on one match. You think you're going to beat me after facing two other people? How fucking dare you?! I will fuck you up, you understand me?! I've been whupping your ass since day one, the only thing I haven't done is pinned you. Between the Brian Messias and that slut, FNW has put obstacle after obstacle to keep me down because they know I'm the best damn thing here. And ain't nobody going to remember you as no people's champ because you ain't winning no fucking title. I told you niggas, as long as I breathe, the only FNW champion here will be me. Once I get MY hands on the belt, it's not leaving.
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  8. I'm not sure what universe you live in, but nothing is as it seems in your mind. I pinned jamie because you are a coward. You feared me, and ended up eating a move from my partner to assure our victory. Things must be difficult up on your pedistal at 0wins 1loss. I am here tonight to end our series. You and i are destined for much greater, and fortunately for me, tonight is not your night. Tonight i become 4-0, and move my way to the title. I am sure this is not the last time we face each other, but for now you will be meeting the mat headfirst. You can talk all the trash you want, I am the best in this company, and i am proving it with each word i speak.

    There can only be one champion, it's a shame you'll always spend your time second to me.
  9. Shut yo ass up, I can already tell that this gauntlet match has gotten the better of you cause now you're talking like a delirious old fool. I don't know what fantasy YOU'RE living in because the next FNW champion is me! I didn't lose that match, some slut did because she refused to let me tag in. I would have gotten the job done, just like the time before that. You wanna act like you're this superior wrestler when in all reality you're shit. And let me tell you something, shit don't rise to the top of the pool, but scum does and you're looking at the biggest scumbag in the history of professional wrestling. I don't give a fuck as to what I have to do to be on top and I'm not talking in ring either, I will hurt you.

    You did say one thing that was true however, I am destined for something greater and I'm glad you finally realize that. However, don't you live out your fantasies through my future Aids, because your destiny isn't at the top of this company, it's mine. You want to know what your destiny is? I'll tell you what it is, allow me to pull a Miss Cleo....*clears throat* Oh yes, I see it very clearly, the spirits are calling man. I see you at a trailer park...there's an elderly woman mon....it's your mom. There's children running about, they're all yours, even the black ones, or at least that's what your sister is telling you. Weird that your sister would tel- oh my god your making out with your sister! Spirits change the channel! Dear almighty that was disturbing, okay now I'm seeing FNW...jesus christ you're giving Brian Messias a blowjob for a title shot! Spirits please this visions will scar me! Oh wait I see one more...you are in doggy style position, face up ass down...oh and it seems like my foot is up your ass. Oh that's going to happen....right now
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  10. You only show off how messed up you are by that last part there. You see my future, and in your fantasy you've made for me, i'm offering oral sex for a title shot? We both know Brian Messias is the only one blowing guys to get where he is, although id rather keep it out of my daydreams.

    There is only room for one champion, and you have to be joking if you think i dont belong right there. Last week you were so quick to point out that neither of us had a win, and you considered it a loss. Well, kid, 0-2 you must be considering yourself now. It's like we are living in a different universe, where you think no matter the record, you somehow are still deserving of being a main event contender. Tonight im going to move up to 4-0, and get my chance at victory, and success. CM Punk knows his days are numbered, as he opens the show to face developmental members, i have already main evented twice, and today am enduring a gauntlet match to get to the top. This is far from over Aids Johnson but fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, even having two opponents face me before you wont be enough to stop me from breaking your head open and spilling brains all over the canvas tonight. I might even hit you with a 5-knuckle shuffle, remind you whose time it is.
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  11. Haha yeah names are hilarious.