FNW Tapings - Brian Messias vs Jacob Colton

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall."

    Brian Messias walks out to the ring with the FNW Championship on his shoulder, he jogs quickly down to the ring and walks up the steel steps, steps between the ropes and into the ring.

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs, he is the FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion, Brian Messias!!"

    Messias jogs in place as he holds his title up to the fans

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Announcer: "And his opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    CM Punk NanoRah14

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. This Friday will make it the 4th show since FNW has been revived. The first night it was revived, I won my match and took out three superstars that are supposedly "Main Eventers".


    Main Eventers... how is this company, these fans, going to tell Brian Messias, that these three are main eventers, while I took out 4 stars that night and became the first ever FNW Canadian Heavyweight Champion? Why would you be showcasing Jacob Colton, Aids Johnson and Dat Kid on prime time television more than Brian Messias? Why is it, that since I've been championship, I've been treated as a joke, like I don't deserve this title, I HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED MORE IN 1 DAY THAN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH IN A LIFE TIME!

    *crowd boos

    See the thing that I liked, that I LIKED, about the previous stint on FNW is that everyone had that family feeling, they showed passion and respect, even though they didn't want to admit it. The day that I won the championship, I head on to the back, sit down and I receive a phone call from my old rival, Zach Schmidt. I'll admit that I didn't like the guy, but he had the balls to call Brian Messias and tell him congratulations, it was well deserved. And I now look out here and I see a bunch of weak willed, no good wrestlers who believe they're the best.

    *nods head

    Nah. See this baby right here. It signifies that what I've been saying for the past 9 months is not an illusion, not a dream, not a hope... but it's a reality. Now all you people believe... and this goes for the so called wrestlers at the back or watching at home. All of you believe, that I, Brian Messias, do not deserve to carry this gold.

    *Looks at title

    Well I don't care what you people or ANYONE who doubts Brian Messias, thinks!
    You people doubt Brian Messias? All you're doing is fueling him and he will tear each and everyone of you who doubts him.

    (Note: This is Brian Messias in insane kinda mode. Hence, why he's speaking in third person.)

    He's already gotten through Aids Johnson, Jacob Colton... you're next!
  3. You're wrong in one thing. You say that you're the best because you have the title... Well, that doesn't prove anything. Dennis gave you the title because he thinks you're the best right now. Let me tell you something, people who don't respect the guys that come here and watch us every single week don't even deserve to be a part of this company. As you said, you fucked up the main event of the revival show, but you didn't even touch me. It's really funny. You consider yourself the only main event of this company. The guy who everyone wants to see fighting. The guy with the title. That's all your shit. I'm the champion and the best in this ring, I was the best and I will always be the best. Come on, you can keep saying that. This people don't care about a champion like you. This people want a champion who cares about them. A champion who wants the best for them. A champion who can understand them. You're just another guy like El Nino. You think you're unbeatable but the truth is that this wrestler is going to prove you're not. And this guys in the crowd are going to watch how I do it. When I defeat you, Dennis will see what everyone here sees. Dennis will see that I deserve a title shot. I will get that title from you and I will celebrate it with them. They deserve a champion like Aids, like Carmen, like myself!

    *Crowd cheers*

    You can talk as much as you want about you being the best and every single guy you have defeated in your career. You can talk about the past as much as you want, but I'm right now your opponent. I'm sure you'll try to tell everyone a fake story about what will happen and everything else. This match isn't over and won't be over until I defeat you.

    *Jacob starts speaking to his esseri*

    Hey guys. Once again I'm in the main event of the evening! You know what this is all about. This means you're going to have fun watching how I kick his ass. You guys know what you want and you don't want and right now you want to watch a hell of a match!
    Hey, lets start a game. Every time he opens his mouth you'll start singing "you're gonna get your fucking head kicked in!"

    *Crowd starts singing those repetitive words*
  4. (Brian cools down...)

    That...that was deep. I felt something right here.

    *Points at heart

    You're telling me, that I have to respect these people and they'll like Brian Messias?
    That's all I've ever wanted, for these fans to love me! Now I can, thanks to you Colton! You just opened up a new chapter in my heart!
    It's called, "The demise of Jacob Colton"...

    *crowd boos

    Don't come to Brian Messias with that crap, you idiotic baboon. You calling out your 10 esseri's each and every night gets annoying. Maybe, if I were Mexicans, I should call my fans, my hincha's! No one cares that you're Italian, no one cares what you're going to do to Brian Messias, because even these idiotic fans know that you can't beat the greatest man on this planet. The only thing Dennis will see at the end of the night is that Brian Messias needs competition, not losers like you.

    Out of curiosity, have you even won a match yet in FNW? No?

    YOU'RE SUCH A LOSER! This guy calls me El Nino, but the truth is that he's his lost long cousin! Who are you? El Stupido.
    These people need a champion that cares for them, you say. How dumb can you get? These people need someone to worship and I'm that guy!

    They need a champion like Aids? Hell, I beat Aids, so with your dumb ass opinion, your champion would be a loser! After I beat you, you'll be what is known as BELOW a loser. You'll be known as Jacob Colton. And after you become a Jacob Colton, your 10 esseri's will start worshiping me. And since I'd feel somewhat bad that you lost, I'll push you right down the ladder so you can go play with your buddy, Aids Johnson.
  5. You're my hero! I'm going to do the same thing you did just a second ago. I'm going start writing a new chapter in my life and it'll be called "Brian Messias, that son of a bitch who comes here calling everyone stupid when the only dick in this arena is himself". I'm also thinking about the next chapter. I thought it would be appropriate to call it "Who was Brian Messias?" because when I finish you and your championship reign your wrestling career may be considered ended. Why? It's easy, you only care about the gold and without it you're nothing. Each and everyone of us work to get that title and even if you won once Aids that doesn't mean you can defeat each and every single guy in this great roster but you're wrong and I'll prove you are because I will defeat you and make this people and my esseri happy!

    You weren't even paying attention in the revival show. I'm not from Italy, I'm from Boston, Massachusetts but I guess you can't understand what that means. And just in case you don't know it. Esseri is a plural noun. But hey! What am I saying? You're Canadian. You're the Canadian power. Now I can understand why Canada is just an overrated country. Because of people like you. The people who really deserve to be treated as everyone treat you here are those guys and girls who work to buy our PPVs, who want to see our shows and who just work to pay their bills and live. You should learn something from them but I know you won't just because your ego is bigger than your brain. You said I called you El Nino but El Nino is a wrestler, El Nino aka Dat Kid from Jersey is just as egocentric as you are. Let me tell you something, you're not the center of the universe.

    And just because you don't know about my career you say I have never won a match. Well, in fact I won one match two weeks ago when Nixon didn't even show up. But at the end of the show I'll be declared the winner and you'll just be that guy who lost to me.

    You also talked about those Mexican guys and I just remembered we're a worldwide show so that means I may have fans all around the world. But you can't say you even have one fan, maybe you have a lot of servants but you don't have fans and you know it's true. No one supports you. And maybe the Hispanic community respect me a bit or they even like what I do in the ring so I'm going to try to speak their language.

    *Jacob starts speaking in Spanish*

    Gracias chicos. Aprecio todo lo que haceis por mi. No se mucho vuestra lengua pero creo que me entendeis. Solo deciros gracias por apoyarme pues haceis mi dia a dia mejor.

    Translation (open)
    Thanks guys. I appreciate what you do for me. I don't know much how to speak your language but I think you'll understand me. Thanks for supporting me, you do my daily work much better

    *Crowd cheers and Jacob waits to see what Brian has to say*
  6. First of all, that title is the longest title of any given book, that I've ever heard. What are you, retarded? Other than that, way to be creative and show the creative side of yourself. You have chapters in your life, you speak the language of the guy who mows my lawn, you claim you have won when your opponent hasn't showed up, blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah! Do you ever say anything worth hearing?


    Holy cow, I haven't been this uninvested on hearing a promo since The Great Khali opened his mouth. Have you ever said anything worthwhile in your life? And why the hell, out of everyone on the FNW roster, Jacob Colton, trying to give Brian Messias, details on who El Nino is? I've know El Nino before you. Don't come on to ME and try to give ME a history lesson on who who was on the previous stint of FNW. I was there, I lived during that stint! I was on top of the world and scheduled for greatness since the beginning. You? You were destined to become El Nino's replacement. Let me try to explain to you something.

    When someone doesn't show up in the ring during your match and that x person is announced to be demoted, it doesn't count as a win. Did you hear the bell ring? Did you hear the announcer say, "And the winner of this match, JACOOB COLTOON!"? Because I certainly didn't. Are you sure you won? Because it seems to Brian Messias, that he's spot on the dot. You are El Nino's replacement! You are nothing special, except with El Nino, he could cut an interesting promo, unlike you, who comes out here and talks face to face to an empty crowd while they're taking a piss break. You know why? Because they know the shit you're going to spout every time you have a microphone towards your mouth.

    Let me try to mimic you right here.

    *Brian Messias changes facial expression



    *Brian ends mimicking

    Why are you telling who you're facing when I'm right in front of you. Why do you bother telling them stuff, a 4 year old would no. Are you calling these people dumb? I know they're dumb, but are you telling me the same thing? We might actually have something in common then!
    Other than, me being a champion, a main eventer, actual talent, you know, just the usual. So Colton, are these people to dumb to you or what? Honestly, you're pretty dumb to me.
  7. Off-topic: So I have till 4:00pm to est. cool.
  8. Yes until 4pm EST to finish them
  9. Actually it's not a book what I'm writing and I don't care if it's just too long because no one will read the title, they'll watch what I'm going to do because you know what? As you say that's the only thing I say I'll repeat it again. I'm better than you and I will defeat you today. You know, you asked me the question everyone wants to know, but they don't want to know it about me because they know if I say something I will fight and put my life on the line to achieve what I told them! That's the only thing they need to know. I'm not always saying the same old shit as you are doing all day everyday.

    You don't know me or what I'm capable of in this ring but you still think you have what it takes to talk about what I am destined for. I'm going to be what I want. I don't need to listen your lies about who is the best in this company and why Dennis picked you because you are and will be the best. You're really confident and it's fine sometimes but it isn't when you are facing an equal. Yeah, I'm saying once again you're not better than me. I'm going to forget about them for a while and I will only talk to you. You are the stupidest champion we've ever had. Come on, you haven't been competing weekly in this company and even if I wasn't booked for one event I came here and fought because Rodrigo's opponent didn't show up and that son of a bitch then the next week kicked me from behind! But what am I saying? Someone attacked me from behind? The first one who interrupted one of my matches was you. This is the match where I get my revenge on you. I'm going to be more serious from now on. I hope you are ready because this is about to end and I'm going to fight you as hard as no one has done before.

    I haven't listened yet "your winner, Jacob Cooolton" but I know I won because Dennis Brockman told me I was the victor. He gave you the title and I only need four more victories to get at shot at that title. You may not believe what I'm telling to you but watch this tape from that show.

    You better take care of what you say because I have every single every single show recorded.

    You called this guys dumbs. I didn't call them dumbs. I interact with them and they enjoy it because they feel something special. They come here and pay to watch as fight but they hope someone respects them. I respect them and that's why I interact with them. We've nothing in common so shut your mouth. I'm just looking at you and I watch this:

    *Jacob points at the titantron*


    Are you celebrating something? I guess you're not because you have that's your real face. You look like a nobody and you are a nobody!
  10. Hilarious, just what I'd expect from an American. I take back the comment of you being creative, as all you have done is not only embarrass yourself, but your parents as well. But your parents must be used to having to deal with an embarrassment or shall I say a mistake?

    *Crowd boos

    Also, what do you mean the book title doesn't matter and they won't read it? Do YOU go to a store, pick out a random book and purchase it? I don't. Because words define a lot of stuff. As I said before, the next chapter in my book is called, "The Demise of Jacob Colton" and I'll have a bloodied face of yours. And those words will have meaning to it as will the picture. And why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Let me name a few of those words that describe you.

    1. Weak
    2. Green
    3. Loser
    4. Boring
    5. Jobber

    And there are many more words that describe you. Right now, you may be wondering if that... one word is in that picture, you're praying to god to tell you if that word is there... And that word... is "Champion". And to answer your question, NO, the word champion is not mentioned in that picture. Unless we're speaking of the Jobber Champion, then that's a whole different story. Do you know why, Dennis Brockman, chose Brian Messias, out of the entire FNW roster to become champion? It isn't because of favoritism, it isn't because I bribed him with money, but it's because he saw money within Brian Messias. He saw a star, that was being under utilized and deserved way more than any given wrestler in the entire world. He saw all that... in me. Not you, not Dat Kid, not Aids Johnson, not Carmen, but Brian Messias. You can say that you're going to beat me, but so have all my other opponents and where are they now? Angel has been demoted, no one cares about Chris Hawk and Aids Johnson is broken! And as you can tell, the results are severe...

    And these aren't lies at all. I would call them FACTS! Does anyone remember, Brian Messias's facts?

    *Slight cheers

    Seeing how you're clueless and so are many of these new fans, I'll explain to you. Back then, I used to say many facts on FNW against my opponents and the facts were 100% true even though they hadn't happened yet. We can call it a prediction as well, but facts are more fitting. I'll give you one right now.

    Fact: On Friday's July 5th's edition of FNW, Brian Messias will defeat Jacob Colton.

    Jacob, let me make one thing clear right now. You THINK, you know me. But the truth is you don't. People may know the old me, but as days go by, I am different than I was the day before. I have a side of me that no one has seen before and you better pray... that you don't see it this Friday night.
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  12. MrSackfist I'll need about 10-30 minutes to make a new promo. I hope it's not a matter.
  13. That is fine

  14. Did I just listen a threat? I told you to come here with everything you had and you don't want to show it in the ring. I know what you did before, as I said in my first interview, I was a huge FNW mark and it's a dream come true to be a part of this roster full of great wrestlers. You're a tough opponent but I know I can defeat you. I'm a rookie here and I'm facing a veteran in this business but I don't care because I know I'm good enough to stand here, in front of this people, giving everything I have to beat people just like you.

    You talked about my parents... Well, as I said, my mum died when I was young and I know she's proud of what I have accomplished. You better take care of your words because you don't want to see me angry. You know nothing but my name. You don't know how my life has been before or if my parents are embarrassed or not. You may say I embarrass them just because I'm alive but they're proud of me just because of it.

    I now understand why Canadian guys are so stupid. As I said it was the name of a chapter. And it's not even a chapter of a book I'd write, it's a chapter of my life and I can record my life. That's why I said they'll watch it. Well done Canadian noob. I don't think I know you. I don't even care about you. I wouldn't read your bio in FNW.com just because I don't care who you are. We all know that you're a miserable son of a bitch who claims to be the best wrestler in this company. Well, I have to agree with you in something. Congratulations, you're a wrestler in this company but you aren't the best in this company or even in this male roster. Your destiny is to lose that title as soon as a good contender shows up. I'm sure that either Carmen or Vorhees can defeat you and be the new FNW champions. But lets forget about the future.

    You want to play to the facts game? Ok, I have some facts you all may want to hear. It's a fact that you interrupted the first main event since FNW returned. It's a fact that I'm a wrestler of this company. It's a fact that I'm facing you right now. And it's a fact that I'll put my life on the line to defeat you!

    Ok. I played your kids game, now it's my turn to make my own thing. I'm going to make a little review of why I deserve to win tonight. First of all, I respect this incredible people who come here to watch as fight. I'm not the strongest wrestler in this company but I'm maybe the one who knows how to give a fight and who will fight here until the day he dies. I will come here every single week even if I'm not booked to fight. I promised them I will reach the top of this company and I will then celebrate with them my first ever title reign.

    *Crowd cheers*

    Right now, I don't care if you like it or not but we must start fighting because they're bored of watching us speak. I'm waiting for you to attack me or something because I know you're not a coward man who will stand there and cry like a little bitch. Bring everything you can because unless I'm broken you won't pin me. This will be the hardest match you've ever been in. I only ask you not to run away when I start kicking your head because that would mean you lost against the one you consider the jobber champion. I'll tell you something, when your reign ends, you will be the king. The king of your own country. An appropriate name would be FAILUREVILLE!

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  15. MrSackfist I ended my promo and all four promos are done.
  16. Ok deadline closed, you may however continue posting
  17. Off-topic: Promo #4 of yours was good.
  18. Off-topic: All your promos were just amazing. You deserve to win honestly.