FNW Tapings - Carmen Stevenson vs Rodrigo

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Rodrigo walks out as he skips down to the stage, he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring high-fiving fans. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Carmen walks out and pumps her fist into the air, she then quickly runs down to the ring, momentarily looking at the steel cage above the ring. She slides in and climbs the turnbuckle, waving to fans

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Weighing in at 140lbs, Carmen Stevenson!"

    Rhodes CrayJ Lee

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. For the third week in a row, I stand before you establishing myself as the predominant female force in the FNW. This experience has still left be breathless, like I’m still living in some dream scenario I thought I might not achieve. However, I should have known even back then, that my hard work and determination to achieve what I always wanted was always within my reach. I have overcome many odds to get here and my recent accomplishments in the FNW have demonstrated that as well. In my first singles match as a part of the gauntlet match against Aids Johnson, I had a convincing performance and had control of nearly the entire match. I knew how to strike and weaken my opponent and was willing to do whatever it took to win, despite Aids and my mutual respect. Fast forward to last week and I faced another opponent named Jacob Colton. I put all the heart and effort I had into that match and dominated the match in another convincing fashion. This time around, I learned from my mistakes in my match against Aids and was able to pick up the victory against Jacob. Ladies and gentleman, I stand before you as a proud, ambitious, and thankful female athlete. My opponents are professionals and yet I have gone against all odds to pick up victories against male athletes. After my victory against Jacob, I am now three wins away from a shot at the FNW Championship. I will continue to demonstrate, regardless of the opponent, that I am capable of competing with any man and that I can stand victorious once the bell is rung.

    It’s a new week and another opponent is in front of me. Rodrigo is facing me after suffering a loss to Fred Vorhees last week. The most intriguing thing about Rodrigo, however, isn’t his recent loss. What I find the most interesting is how he attacked Jacob Colton who was a supposed friend of his. That sort of behavior is shocking and has me questioning his character. This business is difficult enough without other wrestlers attacking each other for personal gain or to simply make a statement. Every night I let my character and my ring work speak for me. Rodrigo, I want you to listen very carefully to what I’m going to say next. You’re entering the ring with me now. I will not tolerate or be fooled by your games. You may have a victory in this company against Brent Nixon but I assure you I’m a difficult task. I’m well prepared for this match and I’m about to prove it. Another victory is within my grasp and I’m one step closer to my goal. I’m not going to let you stop me.
  3. Extending Deadline for this match to 11pm GMT as Rhodes has informed me he will be able to cut two promos in that time.
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    So yeah here I'm after a damn loss. Facing the only female that is active enough right now to be considered a threat.
    One victory, One draw and One loss. Seems like is time to get the second victory. And against Carmen. The victory will be even sweeter.
    People is asking why did I screw Jacob. Well, I didnt. He screwed himself. Who said we were friends? All he was doing is to use my momentum to get an easy victory, but I was not gonna let him take that away from me. I worked my ass off to get a place in this company, I got my first victory. I defeated Nixon a MMA champ. But there you have that trash, gettin a match instead of me. We all know Nixon didnt show up because I was at ringside. But I needed to show Jacob that this is not the way of gettin the spotlight. You think you can overshadow me? Well, Superkick and good night.
    Same applies to you. I dont get all this hype on you, you have already main evented while I've been stucked. I dont get why you got that push while people like me have to face trash like Jacob or Based God,(Hey Based, we have to discuss about that). While you have been carried in one match by AIDS and defeated by AIDS in a gauntet match you still a draw? I mean, you couldnt get a win against a guy who had already face other wrestlers. That's lame, you get a wrestler, tired, hurted but you can finish him? Oh wait yeah, it was Jason. Nevermind. But the fact you tapped out? That shows weakness. And it's true. You have weaknesses like everyone does. But I've studied them, and even if you think you wont make any error, there are always errors. A punch, a kick...whatever. And whenever you make an error, It's finished. 1...2...3 and the ref will raise my arm. You know why I lost against Fred? Because I didnt hurt him enough. Exactly, I wanted to finish the match too early. I went for my finisher too early. A couple of minutes later, I would have hit it and get the win.

    Dominating a match means nothing, Nixon dominated our match. Where is he now? Exactly. Cena vs Lesnar Lesnar beat the shit out of Cena. Cena wins, who gets momentum? Cena. But that's not what is going to happen tonight, I will dominate and I will win. Taking the spot that should be mine, and you will be here, stuck with this people, competing in the midcard, pleasing the lame people at the crowd, who doesnt even care about you because all the want to see is the ones like you or AIDS who will lick their ass and close the show. That's how this company rolls and that's something I'm gonna change. BTW, I hate this ¨I'm a girl¨ stuff. If you're here is because you can wrestle like a boy, so you aren't better than anyone just because you're a girl. Most guys are afraid of beating a girl, but I know that if I dont beat you, you will be the one who strikes so I'm not gonna be afraid of hurting you. If you're a wrestler, you're a wrestler. There have been great wrestlers and fighter that could beat a man blinded. So you should stop that ¨I'm the female force¨ bah bah bah stale. That's the word. You're stale. Other girls like Ronda Rousey or Trish arent stale, they have a awesome moveset while you... a running DDT. Do you think you're gonna beat me with that? That's cute.
    BTW forgot about this other girl


    When is one night in Carmen coming out? Looking foward to it babe
  5. The words you use are supposed to intimidate me, back me into a corner, and leave me feeling weak and defenseless. However, they couldn't empower me more. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I know my own determination to win and drive to fight in this ring. No one knows the ins and outs of my style better than me. There's a reason why I won my match last week against Jacob Colton. I recognized my mistakes against Aids and accounted for them in my match against Jacob. I had a commanding performance and this time I got the pin. You can study me and question the legitimacy of my opportunity to perform in main event matches, but the company would disagree. They see the drive, tenacity, and strength that I carry myself with not only in this ring but outside of this ring. I've earned every single opportunity I've been in and I will continue to prove to you and all my other critics how wrong they are. Just like every night I perform, I will leave everything I have in this ring and will continue to prove without a shadow of a doubt that I belong in the main event matches. This company needs a competitor like me, regardless of my gender.

    Wrestlers like Chyna and Trish Stratus have paved the way for women's wrestling. They've demonstrated that women can be strong and relentless in the ring against any opponent. However, not even those legendary wrestlers have had the top title in their respective wrestling company. Over time I've noticed that there's a beautiful part to professional wrestling. There is equality in the ring between two opponents and even we have to put aside gender differences in order to compete. However, when I get my chance at the title, there will legitimately be no one like me. I will be in a position unlike any female athlete before me, and regardless of you being tired of me mentioning that, the world at large will still take notice. Everyone will know my name and everyone will know who it was that changed everything.
  6. The words I said werent supposed to intimidate you. Oh now, trust me, I show people what I feel/want to say when i wrestle. You know, I'm spanish. English is my second, even third language. So what I basically do is to them all of you that what matters will be shown in the ring. Again, you can fool this lame people by using those sophisticated words. Those words that will make you connect with the crowd. I tried to do the same. DIdn't work. Simply, I'm not a man of words. What I do is to get into this ring and wrestle. Inside this ring all that crap were you could have ¨owned¨ is nothing. My mind is ready for any trash you can say outside the ring, but when we step into this ring. I become someone different. Maybe, I become myself. I care about my opponent and the victory. This people? This people may boo me or cheer me. That's their choice. If they are stupid enough to dislike me I'm not gonna be the one who begs for some love. You dont like me? Fine. I dont give a shit about you.
    But I'm not like this typical ¨guy who's booed by the crowd¨ I dont think I'm the best. But I'm the one who works the most, to get the belt. But what do I get instead? Crap. Stupid, pointless, shitty opponents. I believe in myself, is that bad? Nope. Sometime I believe too much. As I've said before. I thought Fred wouldnt have enough strength to counter my SpanishFaction. But he didnt. Result? I lost. But that wont happen again. Trust me.
    It wasnt me the one who ¨turned heel¨. It was the crowd who turned on me. Exacty. Now that I'm not this generic babyface who will say everything you want to say, you dont like me. You're pathetic. While Carmen, AIDS, Jacob will come out here with the same lines, with the same ideas. Saying no matter what to make you happy. I will come here and give my opinion. But yeah, afterwards, they will get your love when they are wrestling. That means nothing to me. Because, when the ring bells, I only hear two things. My heart beating and my opponent breathing. But at the end of the match. When I've stolen the show, even if I'm in the midcard, you will go home, hating me but you will be..damn the guy at least is good at the ring. And that's something you cant deny.
    Aids the Jock, Brian...they have said I'm a threat. They have said the same about you Carmen. But I gotta show them, show you, show the universe that the GM as made an error booking me as a midcarder, booking you as a main eventer. And this has nothing to be with your gender or your mic work. This people come here to see wrestling. I give them wrestling. They hate me, fine, but I entretain them. And at the end of the show, they will be claiming how awesome was to meet you the good reckneck guys while they will go home saying -that was a great wrestling show- . You want a wrestling show? Give them the best wrestlers in the world. And voila, I know I can beat Brian, aids, anyone that might be a pain in the neck until I get those 5 victories. And above all, I know I can beat you. So get ready for the match Carmen. I swear it will be an experience you wont forget. Have you ever wrestle a Spaniard? You are not going to enjoy this babe
  7. Ok that is the deadline. You may continue posting after if you wish
  8. Enjoyed it. It was fun and hard. May the best win :)