FNW Tapings: Dat Kid vs Aids vs Colton

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening"

    Dat Kid walks out to the stage, he stands there for a moment as the crowd boo him. He then walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, weighing in at 175lbs, Dat Kiiiiid!!"

    Kid sits on top of the south turnbuckle, waiting for his other opponents

    Aids Johnson walks out in black wrestling boots, red trunks and wearing a brewers baseball jersey. He quickly walks to the ring.

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Weighing in at 180lbs, The player who bleeds Brewer's Baseball, Aids Johnson!"

    Aids enters and stares at Dat Kid as he waits for Colton

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Announcer: "And their opponent, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    NanoRah14 Dat Kid Aids Johnson
    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you all.
  2. So I have to start... Well, doesn't matter because even if I start or I had to appear later I'm going to win this match no matter who comes out first, this guys can't defeat me because I'm supported by everyone of you my dear esseri and you are going to push me to the victory, they can come out and say you're worthless but they can't change the fact that you guys are amazing *the crowd cheers for Colton* and they can't change that they don't know my wrestling skills because this is my first match ever here and the reason I'm here is this amazing crowd, there's no show where you don't appear and surprise me!

    Now lets take a look at my opponents, they're good and that's a fact but they're not better than me, they don't have the best people pushing them to get the victory and the title, I do have them! Now lets see them one by one.
    Dat Kid is really cocky and thinks everything must be as he plans it but he's now facing a man and not bitches as he has faced before so it won't be too difficult for me to defeat him since he only cares about himself, I don't really think he has an option, he talks more than he can really do so if comes to attack me first maybe he'll get out of the ring first...
    Aids, the fact is that I don't really know too much about him but he's a full-time wrestler here so he may fight more than myself and El Nino but I''m sure he can't give such a good match as I can and will give you every time I step into this ring, not because I'm the strongest man, just because I'm the best because to be a good wrestler you need courage and passion and no one in this roster can be as passionate as I am and can't have neither a bit of my courage.

    When this match ends I'll be listening to my music and when the owner of the company comes here and gives me the belt I'll go with you and celebrate this win because I would be nothing without you guys, thanks me once more for allowing me to stand in this ring tonight, you made me feel strong enough to defeat this two guys in what will be for sure a brutal match
  3. Let me be the first to interject. You, dont know...me? No one in the FNW roster can find tape on you, catering to the fans seems to be the only thing i see you as being capable. I am Aids Johnson, and my goal is to make Fight Night Wrestling the greatest Federation it can possibly be. It's true, i am a full timer here, and that i decided to devote my time soley here. I am not the good guy you are used to, but you can be 100% sure i will give each and ever seat their moneys worth every chance i get to prove what FNW is capable of. I am the top soldier in a company just begging for a leader, and if it takes 3 matches to prove it, or it takes a main even of our first PPV to show it off, then so be it.

    Jacob Colton, while i respect you, you are the only thing stopping this match from getting the glory it deserves. The first main event, surrounded in glory, the night a champion is crowned. "But, who will eat the pin?" Management asked. So fortunately for you, and unfortunately for me, the 1on1 became a 3 way match, with the assumption that Colton will be the one to go down for the 1-2-3 count. I am sure, Dat Kid is sure of it, and sadly, all your fans know it in their hearts also. Someday you may compete, but tonight is the first night for FNW, and the first victory for Aids Johnson.

    Now Dat kid and I are long term rivals, and there is no doubt about that. Most of our times together we have been on opposing sides of the fans, but I am proud to be welcomed as part of the FNW community again by the fans as well as the locker room. I have had some problems with authority in the past, but now i see the possibilities to truely become the wrestler and entertainer i can be, as well as being the face of a company that deserves the best it can offer. I am no Dat kid, no, i am better. I am Aids Johnson, but you can all refer to me as "The Champ." I'll be the one holding the gold up around my waist.
  4. How bout I refer to you as "The Bitch" cause that's what you are to these greasy piles of crap we like to call the FNW fans. Aids you come out here and talk about making sure the fans get their moneys worth and i strongly disagree. It's about me getting my money's worth for having to degrade myself by being out here with you two lazy fucks. However these people will get their money's worth because fortunately enough they get to stare at this finely chiseled piece of man that is myself. Look at these people, this sweaty fat man in the front with his fat ass wife and his even fatter children. You dropped a french fry big boy. They must be from Wisconsin, fans of yours Hepatitis Johnson?

    And you Jacob, you come out here, a no name like yourself and expect to give me competition. You expect to come out here and put your hands on me?! How dare you! You barely have mastered english, I don't even want to guess how terrible you are in the ring. You claim to be from Boston, did you just get off the boat or something? You want to talk about me being cocky like it's a bad thing. You damn right I'm cocky and I'm arrogant! Right now I'm a little bit pissed off too! I get put in the main event as I should be, but then I get paired up with you two jokes. I wonder who's doing the booking in the back, it's probably the same guy who did the booking for the original FNW that closed down.

    And Aids I don't like the way you're talking down to Jacob, don't you know FNW has an anti-bullying campaign. You sure are a mean person and to think you would say such cruel things... especially since you're in the same position as him. No one gives a shit about some nobody from Wisconsin, half the people here didn't know that was a state. I've come from the mecca of professional wrestling known as New Jersey. This is not a job for me, every time in I am in this ring I am in my house. Right now you two are in my house. Now right now you've got two choices. I'll let you guys leave with a warning because I'm not so sure you know what I can do with the both of you, or you can choose to stay and be a trespasser in my house. *Dat Kid looks at both guys with a stern look* I will assure you that if you choose to go with the second option neither of you will leave this ring the way you entered it. Try me.
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  5. Deja Vu? I come from Wisconsin, one of the proudest, most successful states in US history. I understand most people where you are from dont know what Wisconsin is, and most of that can be thanks to your state's campaign to spend the most money on education, while leaving one in 6 people in the state entirely illiterate. I think you deserve every penny you are paid, since you'll be lucky to re-sign when it's all said and done. Me? I am here for the long haul. I am a champion the fans will come to see, and you will always just be "the contender"

    Jacob you and i both are more deserving of being here than Kid, as he is of the feelings his cockiness will ensure himself a chance at being something different. A chance at being a champion, a shot at being known. Unfortunately as most companies tend to see, too many heel figures step up to the plate, shouting out words of greatness, only to be set down and left with a record worthy of shame. Jacob, you have everything to gain when compared to Dat Kid. The first one to lose to a future champion. A wrestler worthy of being an asset to a company that demands greatness. We are not in a company with nearly as many titles as members, no. We are not in a company that is going to shelter wins and losses for opportunities based on popularity. Things are simple here, you set your own path to greatness, if that is where you belong. You can both assure yourselves along with the fans in the crowd, to the staff in the back, all the way up to the president of this company, here is where i belong, and it will all be proven when i hold my title up as champion.

    Who am i? A willing hero, a man willing to lay it on the line against anyone. A heart that beats for this company, a man that bleeds the colors i put on weekly, a man never afraid to back down.
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    *Dat Kid sobs* Oh my, I had no idea, my heart...it feels like it's going to explode with rainbows because of your heartfelt speech. Aids you're right, you do belong in this company, because just like everyone else in this company you're full of crap. We know you're not here for the fans and you could give a damn about Paul the Production guy in the back. Everything you just said is a load of crap and the best part of it is the people here are just going to gobble all of that shit up like you actually mean it. However allow me to point out the one thing right that you have said. A lot of people in this company and professional wrestling in general will shout words of greatness with nothing to back it up with. However if you mean to compare me to those people you are dead wrong to do so because I am not like those "people". I'm like god to you nigga!

    The fact that this show is called Fight Night Wrestling and not the Dat Kid Show featuring the local yocals is blasphemy to professional wrestling....Oh don't boo me! It's a blasphemy to professional wrestling because I AM professional wrestling! You shut your god damn mouth, matter of fact why don't you guys go buy my t-shirt and stuff your mouths with it, kill two birds with one stone. *Dat Kid turns back to Aids* You want to bleed for this company, well don't let me be the one to stop you, by the end of this match you'll be a bloody pulp for this company.

    Oh by the way Jacob, I forgot to say "you're welcome", since you thanked me for letting you stand in my ring. I'm glad you feel strong right now, that's good. Get all that momentum man, you're the king of the world, you can do this! I want you to feeeeeel as powerful as you can because by the end of this match spinal paralysis will keep you from feeling anything at all.
  7. Kid, you can keep talking because words are cheap but you're not proving anything, you don't know who I am and how I wrestle and you can say that I'm going to be the one who gets pinned? Come on, you and your child threats can leave this ring, this arena and this company forever because you're nothing more than a guy who actually think is better than anyone, I won't say that being cocky is something bad, but sometimes isn't a good because when you're facing two men like Aids and myself is the worst thing you can ever do, be cocky. You can keep threatening as much as you want but in the end your threats will be nothing because when this match ends you'll see how you're the one who gets pinned! You look like a bitch trying to give a fight when you can't even make a good name for yourself

    Thank you Aids but I knew before I ever did stand in this ring and in front of this amazing crowd that I was better than El Nino. I respect you but in the ring we must leave friendships and respect away because it can only be one winner and it'll be me! You're a guy that people loves and you have everything to be a champion but that doesn't change the fact that I'll be the one who raises that championship up when this match ends. You proved that you deserve a championship match so when I win I'll give you the chance to prove how you really wrestle because we won't have that guy interrupting our real wrestling skills. Actually the match will be great and our fans will have a really great time, they'll enjoy watching wrestling because the most important thing is the people crowd, they're everything for this business.

    Everyone says that I stop this match but that's not true, everyone consider me the weak link of this match but that's because they don't know what I'm capable of and I'm proving it right now, I'll win this match and I will be soon with you guys and girls of the crowd because if I win it'll be because of you that support me and support me, that makes me even stronger than what I am.
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    Will you please shut the hell up Jeremy?! God every time you grab a mic I start to cringe. Half of what you say doesn't even make sense and you're so juxtaposed on your opinions I'm having a hard time figuring out if you're my opponent or my number one fan, which in this case you should be out in the crowd with the rest of these suckers and not in my ring. By the way, these people, they don't want to support you. You suck!

    You talk about having some sort of hidden potential and being better than you are right now. Well right now is where you need to get your head out of your ass and be better cause right now I'm standing across the ring from two pieces of shit wrestlers who are about to get embarrassed. Scratch that, one wrestler who is about to get embarrassed because you've already embarrassed yourself enough.

    At this point I almost feel bad for you, but it's your own damn fault for stepping in the ring with me. Then you have the audacity to say that I'm the one who's going to get pinned? Maybe that's your english having a malfunction again Jorge and what you meant to say is that I'll be getting the pin tonight. As much as appreciate that sentiment Jacob Jorge Colton, this match will end in referee stoppage when both of you lose the amount of blood that makes the desk monkeys in the back have a heart attack in fear being taken off the air for excessive violence during this match.

    Oh and here's more flawed logic. He says I can't make a good name for myself, ha! You're the one ruining this match right now, you no name piece of crap. I am the greatest performer in all of professional wrestling, period! You are some guy who borrowed some money from his mom to go to wrestling school because you thought it was "cool" and during your free time you work at a K-Mart cleaning up after kids in the toy aisle. Speaking of toys, hey FNW corporate, I expect to see a Dat Kid action figure by next week! Anyway, where was I? Then after the trainers at your wrestling school, who obviously skipped working the mic 101, decided they didn't want to put up with your botched wrestling anymore, so they got rid of you via "graduation". Then they probably told you you were amazing in the ring and said you have some sort of potential, when in all reality you were botching so much that you nearly shut their school down with so many injured trainers. They then sent you here, to FNW, a company that desperately hangs to life, which I am now realizing. A company that is so desperate that it will take people like you and put em in the main event. Now here we are today, where you stand in the ring with a man who's probably just as bad as you and myself who will put you two retarded dogs down. This is the story of Jacob Colton and tonight marks the end of his career.
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  9. The definition of champion is "A person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition" and everyone with a halfway decent memory knows that is not you, Jersey. It's almost a shame that the championship is given away on the first show, as i see no competition being able to take away my title. So, fortunately for the fans and unfortunately for the other members of this federation, once i am crowned, we will have to look for outside talent in order to have a match worthy of my time. Dat kid cant stop insulting others, while he ignores the facts, and Colton is one step away from being in tears during our contest. I am here to win a championship, not crush dreams, not to run people out of the company, and certainly not to laugh at Dat From Jersey Kid as he insists that he is "awesome." Let's be realistic, there is a reason this match is main event, and it certainly isnt because of either of you.
  10. You both can say I'm a botch or a try of a wrestler but you don't know something about me, I have the best fans in this industry and if as you said Kid I'm a botch of a wrestler they wouldn't let me step in this ring since the FNW isn't a company for cowards without wrestling skills that's why I'm here. I don't need to tell you what you are because you know it better than anyone else here but I'll tell everyone in this arena what you are just to give them what they paid for and that's entertainment.

    You Kid, you are a wrestler who actually don't respect anyone, I don't think you can even respect yourself, your vanity doesn't allow you to see that this fans are the ones who pay you, the ones who brought FNW back and the ones who will help me to kick you like any other bitch of the older FNW kicked you before. You come here and tell everybody a parody of my life? Let me tell you something, my life was harder than you can even imagine, my family isn't rich and my mum died when I was 7 because of a breast cancer, my dad didn't earn too much and the money he earned he spent it in drugs. I didn't go to school because I needed to earn some money to survive, I spent all day walking alone thinking life wasn't by my side, I got in a lot of fights against bigger guys than me who robbed part of the money I earned through my hard-work. Everyday I woke up and cried, I was a wretched man but everything changed when I opened my eyes and saw I had more opportunities than fighting just to keep five dollars, I found a better way, I started training at home, getting stronger everyday so I could beat those guys and one day I did it, against all odds I found something that gave a meaning to my life and that's fighting, I knew about this company and tried to join, I tried I had to prove what I was made of to get in and now I'm here, doing this because of them and because I love this, this is what I live for since I was young and now a guy with no idea of what I've passed through my life isn't gonna tell me that I'll lose to him and to his ego, you should make a tag team with your ego because you're perfect to be his dog.

    I was fearless and I'm fearless, when you look at me you're looking to the devil's smile, I'm a resurrected man and you're nothing but a bitch controlled by his big ego, now go to cry your mummy because I told you this but it's a fact. It's easy, I'll tell you this once, disappear because you don't belong here. You said you'd end my career but my career will end when I die because this is what I love and I won't let the millions of fans around the world, the ones who wouldn't buy your figure action and the ones who would never want you to be the champion because you're just a try of a man who thinks that can survive in this company without the fans. Leave right now, sinner, you don't want this to continue and they don't want you to keep thinking you're the best of the best in professional wrestling because you're not.

    *Crowd cheers for Colton*

    Now Aids, you said what a champion is but you haven't defeated me nor El Nino, you were right in one thing, I was one step away from crying but I didn't because I'm always one step away from the things that doesn't deserve my time, that's why I didn't cry in my entire life, that's why I didn't enter the church of failure as you did when you talked about me in this match. You really deserve to be in the main event, you're a great wrestler but you're facing the one who doesn't care how big is his opponent, you're facing the one who will never quit when a fight is in front of him, you're talking about what you'll be in the future and it seems you forgot about the present and the present is that you're facing me and Kid in this main event, you don't have to look for other guys to give you a fight, you have one just in front of you and it's me but I'm never alone, my fans push me to the victory and that' what they're doing right now, give me a match too, I don't want to sleep while I listen to you or the other guy talk because I want to give entertainment because the people in the crowd paid to be here watching wrestling not a love film between you and Kid
  11. Let me remind you who i am, and what i do. I am what appears to be the only Full-time member of FNW, leaving behind a great company to devote 100% of my time to the place i feel i belong. A place i see myself being champion, and a champion who sparks interest in his opponents. A champion who gives everything, and leaves nothing behind. A champion who puts "wrestlers" like Jersey over here in their place.

    *turns to From*

    You can take the easy route and enjoy talking smack to people, all under the guise of you being champion because you have no competition, and that's fine. I will be realistic and enjoy my first main event on FNW, and both of you are worthy opponents, both of you could be champion, but neither of you have the luxury of a company without the Champ. I am here, taking the high road and leading the tv-pg style ive been asked to do. Why, you ask? For the better of the company. You make jokes about Toys and action figures, but without the gold, who would buy your figure? Might as well just keep the action figures and repackage them as Afro Samurai, at least that would sell.

    *Turns to Colton*

    And you. You may be great someday, but nothing is more plain to see than the fact that tonight, is not your night. You have earned the luxury of jobbing to a future hall of famer, soon to be champion, and the man you look up to most in the company. Me.

    *Aids drops mic and goes up to the corner turnbuckle to pose for the crowd.
  12. Oh will you two please shut the hell up. Are you kidding me?! Are you kidding me?! *Dat Kid walks over to the ring ropes facing the stage* These are the best two people you can put in the ring with me?! There isn't anyone back there who's better than these two? *turns back to Aids and Jacob* You are right Aids I am a champion with no competition, except it ain't no guise as you put it. It's just straight up fact. The people can see that you two are nothing but fodder for me. By the way, no one here is joking about those action figures because they'll sell faster than your inbred mother at a taco bell parking lot in a hick state like Wisconsin. Aids you want to talk about facts and how I'm ignoring them. How about the fact that no one cares about you. You want to talk about me having a sense of entitlement, ha! Look who's talking. Your as just about as egotistical as me. However I am going by facts, you are just a delusional dumbass who couldn't hold a championship belt in this company even if it he went to Toys R' Us to get the children's replica.

    And you, you come out here with your little sad story about how your mom died, and how your dad's poor, and how your brother a prostitute, and how your sister is a hermaphrodite, and how your grandma smells like cheetah ass-SHUT THE FUCK UP! No one gives a damn about your god damn family. Then you got the nerve to call me a bitch when you're about ready to break into tears. This ain't no fucking Ricki Lake, you want to cry like a little bitch you do it outside of my ring. You think you're tough cause you beat some local punks from Boston, big deal, big whoop you became a carbon copy of Batman...except you don't know english, and you're not rich, and you're from a 3rd rate city, and y- my point is....you ain't shit. By the way my ego would whup both your asses ten times over in a handicap match, so don't get your hopes up of it being in a tag team match with me.

    Now as much as I would like to let you two embarrass yourselves further by letting you try talk down to me like I'm not your god, which I clearly am, the time on my imaginary watch says you've been in my house for way too long. I told you fuckers to leave while you had the chance and you refused to listen. You want to talk about facts, I have some facts for the both of you. The average medical bill for a broken skull costs $60,000 I hope the both of you have insurance.
  13. Kid, I know they don't care about my past, they come here and want to get entertained but if you're gonna say something have some facts or tell the truth because you only make me get angry, I didn't need to tell anyone how was my past but you don't need to come here telling everyone this is your house, this place belongs to them, the FNW universe, the people who come here to get entertained not the people who come here to see how you lick the floor. There was a man who said once "if you're going to mourn it must be of your joy", I won't cry because of your words and threats, they're worthless as the wrestler who said them. It would be really sad that everyone in this business are as you want them to be because they would be all ego and in the ring it must be you the one fighting, ego is never good. There was also a man who said once "a fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise knows himself to be a fool", you perfectly know who you are in that story. I'll tell you something, you must be yourself and not a copy of other people, you're the same as everyone else here in this company who doesn't respect the crowd and what they do is always the same, you come here and say they're worthless, your ego takes your body and start talking about how good you are and all the crap you added to this match. Another thing you must know is that great things need an effort, just saying you're the best doesn't mean you are.

    *turns to Aids*

    Thanks for your kind words but then you added other things, I disagree with them. You said tonight is not my night, you're forgetting that tonight isn't your night, isn't my night and isn't Kid's night, tonight is their night, tonight is the night when everyone watching this FNW main event will have fun watching us fight. I'm just fighting for them, they deserve every single fight we have, they must enjoy every second we're here in this ring and that's our job, to make that possible.

    *Stands in the middle, looking at the crowd*

    I want to tell you guys that I'm really happy and proud because I'm here in front of you, in the middle of this ring. Trust me when I say that now I'm happy and I'll be happy until my last breath and that's because of you, I loved to receive all your support even when you know I'm a part timer here. I'll compete here as much as I can because is an experience I won't forget in my life, thanks to you this company is big and will continue growing. I want you to be in my celebration if I win the title but it's already a victory to be here in front of the best wrestlers in the world and been able to entertain everyone of you is simply unbelievable, thanks for this amazing time, really, I appreciate it, I'll have you in my heart every second I'm not here.
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  14. Awesome. Simply awesome
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  15. You enjoyed the match?
  16. Were you in the match?

    Just kidding
  17. Of course I was.

    But like if I wasn't, this isn't my match LOL