FNW Tapings - Fred Vorhees vs Chris Hawk

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  1. Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage, he slowly walks down to the ring as he stares eerily at the audience

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Amityville, New York, weighing in at 277lbs, Fred Vorhees!!"

    Vorhees walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring


    Hawk walks out slowly on the stage, staring at the ring, he slowly walks down the ramp and to the ring, he slides into the ring.

    Announcer: "And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 225lbs, Chris Hawk!"

    Adam568 Senhor Perfect
    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both
  2. Senhor Perfect Im having some issues with my internet, Can you go first?
  3. *We have till Wednesday, we can do it tomorrow if it works better for you?
  4. Yeah
  5. For the third straight time I sit here waiting......

    The longer the time goes on the greater my rage increases! Against my better instincts I was going to let you show yourself off Christopher. What do you do to repay me for this rare act of compassion? You stand there and do nothing. You stand there trembling in fear. So enough! I've bided my time long enough. It's time to make you pay for this insolence! The small chance you had to stand above the others I've laid waste to is gone. I'm going to show you, these people, and that coward Messias who the real dominant force is in FNW.

    When I was stuck in my room all I could think about was escaping and taking my vengeance on anyone who was foolish enough to stand in my way. The physical pain you endure tonight won't satiate my hunger for revenge. It will however appease me for a short time. So have you summoned any courage yet Hawk? Or is your heart beating too hard for you to hear me? The isn't a nightmare Hawk, this is your reality. Your end comes tonight with these hands.

    The era of fear has arrived in FNW. Why don't you ask my previous two opponents how they feel. I'm sure that neither one will ever be the same. I suggest you look into your soul and make sure you're man enough to take what's about to happen. Your existence is about to be altered. You will not be the same man you once were. A piece of you will be missing, and I cannot wait to rip it from you. Perhaps you should pray to whatever deity you hold dear to give you some hope of a happy ending; for hope is all you have Hawk. An intangible feeling that doesn't really exist. I'm here to show everyone that as well. To crush all hope, and show everyone that reality is a cruel wench. You might as well pray to me for compassion, you'll have as much success as you would praying to a God that doesn't exist.
  6. Adam568 - You have 8 hours to post at least one promo otherwise this will end in a forfeit
  7. Well well well..... Looks like I have another match! After being screwed in my last 2 matches and not even being booked last week, I have this match against some asshole I cant even remember his name, Who also claims that I tremble in fear but let me tell you the only fear in this arena is yours. You are and should be scarred because of the punishment I can put you through, Also its Chris not Christopher please remember that for the future. It seems we both agree with the fact that Messias is a fucking coward but theres a hypocrite in this ring! Its not the announcer! Its not the referee! Its not me! Its you.... You complain about Messias being a coward when your an even bigger one, You run and you run and you steal a win and walk around like you are something but your just a scarred little bitch, You're like a child, Children become scarred, When children become scarred they use dirty tactics and run away from their fears hoping and praying they will go away and then one day, The fears catch up and the fears take what they want and what they can, Thats the situation we have here, You run and you run and run because you think I will go away but im not going anywhere but down that ramp, into this ring to beat your ass to a pulp. This is the beginning of the era! Your Era Of Fear is already over and the new era is coming in, The Era Of Hawk! Shit is going down! First I beat you and then I set my sights on what is rightfully mine and thats the FNW CHAMPIONSHIP! Not that fucking Canadian piece of shit! The FNW CHAMPIONSHIP! I still havent got the title shot oh wait! I was screwed out of it! I want my title shot and if I have to beat you for it then so be it.​
  8. So you finally muster up the fortitude to speak, and all you have to say are ramblings of a child. How can you call me a coward considering I've taken out everyone who's ever stood before me, yourself not excluded. I've beaten both opponents in the middle of the ring with no assistance or nefarious means. I also haven't run form anyone here in FNW, in fact I've had to wait for all of my opponents to have the backbone to speak up. The FNW champion himself had to attack me from behind to try and slow me down.

    You're putting up this shield made of non existent self confidence and boasting, when you know deep inside that you can not beat me. You know that I am your greatest fears manifested before you. The era of the Hawk will be defined by me plucking out everyone one of your symbolic feathers: your pride, your false sense of self worth, and your manhood. When I'm finished with you, you'll be just another twisted, rotting corpse on my road to the top of FNW.
  9. OOC: Damn thats a hard promo to beat :/
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  10. Deadline reached. You may continue to post afterwards though