FNW Tapings - Fred Vorhees vs Rodrigo

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Rodrigo walks out as he skips down to the stage, he then turns his back to the crowd for a moment, opening his arms wide before spinning round again and walks to the ring high-fiving fans. He slides under the ropes and stands in the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Burgos, Spain, weighing in at 187lbs, Rooodriigoo!!"

    Fred Vorhees walks out to the stage, he slowly walks down to the ring as he stares eerily at the audience

    Announcer: "Introducing first, from Amityville, New York, weighing in at 277lbs, Fred Vorhees!!"

    Vorhees walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he then stands in the middle of the ring

    @Rodrigo vs Senhor Perfect

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
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    Another day, another soul to devour.

    Ladies and gentleman tonight you are about to witness the destructive power of one of the seven deadly sins: Pride. My opponent is full of National and personal pride. He's gone through FNW preaching about his background and how he came to be. He even goes so far as to define himself by his nationality. Being so proud will lead to your downfall Rodrigo. Especially after your victory last week. You've become so wrapped up in yourself that you haven't even tried to cover up your flaws. There were so many openings Brent Nixon missed that I won't. So many opportunities that he missed to decimate you, that I will take advantage of with extreme prejudice.

    What will your "people" think of you after they see you as half of the man you are right now? Will they still chant Rod-ri-go? Will they still shower you with praise? Or will they look at you and see a defeated little man? A man they'll ignore and leave to die in the street like a stray dog. I hope you've enjoyed your short stint of success, because the time has come for me to quench my thirst for blood. As far as I know Spanish blood looks the same as any other blood. Tonight though, I see for myself whether it's true or not.

    So Rodrigo, as your bones are cracking, as you can taste your own blood, as your dreams are crushed, remember one thing: your pride did this to you, and I was just it's instrument of destruction.
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  3. *Give me a couple of hours*
  4. *Rodrigo smirks*

    Is that you God? Look Fred, I'm gonna get this straight. The indies build you as a wrestler. Like the childhood builds you like a person. What can I say? I've been in places you would know how to pronounce. Just to become the best in this company. Spain, Mexico, UK, Japan, USA... While there's some other people, who are just guys who came here. Just because they play football, rugby or whatever. Well, excuse me while I show those guys and you why is important to learn stuff from the indies. And well, maybe just because of that, you were in a match against rookies while me...well my first match was against a former MMA champ. Can you see the difference? I can. You got a victory against two lame wrestlers, while I went over a damn champion. But that's not the end of the story. Seems like you didnt watch last week's show. I didnt wrestle. The guy I was feuding with didnt show up. He was so scared that he didnt show up. That's when I understood that it was in my hand to become the champ. I destroyed a MMA fighter. Then? Why couldn't I get the gold? Then I got the next week's card. And I was stuck with Jacob. And I realised that gettin the gold means having no friends. Jacob would just cut my wings. What to do then? Just throw him away. Like trash. Just like trash.
    And seems like our GM wants to get rid of thrash. And that's why I'm here today against you. To beat you down like a bitch. And clean this company from people who will never get to the main scene. You would be in the matt begging me to stop before you try to touch me. So I dont care about what this people would think/do. Because its not gonna happen. This crowd means nothing. Whether if they like you or hate you, it wont affect your path to the main event scene. Then why should I care? Why should I give a shit? Why? When I first came into this company, I saw some people cheering for other people that werent half of the wrestler I'm. I cared about them I've read all the shit they send me via Twitter. All their tweets. But when I fought against Jacob. They cheered for him.
    Then I realised why? Why should I care? There's only three steps between the title and me. Three victories.
    After this match. I will be one step closer to the title. I'll take it easy with you.
  5. The ramblings of a man in over his head. I see you ask a lot of questions, but I have one for you: Do you really think all your boasting and arrogance will help you defeat me? Too many times I've seen men like you. Like a scared little dog you're all bark and no bite. You whine about these people not liking you. What they care about is quenching their blood lust. One of the only ways I'm like them is I feel the same way.

    Please don't take it easy on me oh mighty Spaniard. I want all that you've got. I want you to inflict as much punishment as you can on me. Hit me harder than you've ever hit before. The sad part is that when you're done, I'll still be standing here, smiling at you through this dingy mask of mine, begging for more.

    The only thing you're steps closer to is the hospital. I'd speak more but you left me standing here for so long that now I just want my vengeance and get my hands around that neck of yours.
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  6. Seems like me have a different concept of arrogance.
    Is not about boosting my ego, it's about what I've achieved during my career. I'm all bark and no bite? Ask Nixon, he will disagree with you.
    All the people in this company, the crowd, the GM has looked down at me. What have I done? I've showed them wrong. While you were out against rookies. I was put against a MMA guy? Why? Because this stupid people wanted blood. What did they get? They get my arm raised by the ref. what can I say? I'm nothing like you have seen before. I'm tall, but I'm a highflyer. If you fight against me considering me a highflyer I will wrestle as a big man, and all you strategy will fall apart. Many guys have come. All have fallen. And funny fact. I've never been to the hospital because of wrestling. They say there is always a first time, and well. I don't think tonight will be the first time. Maybe I might go to the hospital. But not as the injured one. The company will tell me to accompany you to the hospital. My father once told me something. You can take the bull by the horns, on you can let the horns go trough your belly and you, you have lost the opportunity to take the bull by the horns
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