FNW Tapings - Jacob Colton w/ Rodrigo vs Brent Nixon

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  1. Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall"

    Jacob Colton walks out to the ring, shaking his head and body to the rhythm of the music, he then begins to walk fast down to the ring, high-fiving some fans and slides into the ring

    Announcer: "Introducing first, accompanied by Rodrigo, from Boston Massachusetts, weighing in at 193lbs, Jacob "Nano" Coolltooon!"

    Nixon steps out onto the stage where he jumps twice in place, he then walks down tot he ring, Nixon walks up the steel steps and into the ring where he puts on his black MMA Gloves

    Announcer: "And introducing his opponent, from Derby England, Weighing in at 234lbs, Brent Nixon!"

    (Rhodes) NanoRah14 vs R Albin

    Let the match commence. Good Luck to you both.
  2. R Albin It's supposed you should begin
  3. R Albin - You need to post your promo. NanoRah14 I am allowing you to post first if you want to. You need to get your promos done by tomorrow 9pm GMT
  4. I prefer @[R Albin] to start. If it's not a matter. I won't have enough time today and tomorrow I won't be all day on. Maybe from 4:00pm in the UK to 8:00pm in the UK
  5. 200 characters ftw
  6. Nixon isn't showing up and it's supposed that we should have all promos done today... We had a lot of time... If I cut a promo and he doesn't show up will that mean I'm the winner of the match?
  7. Finally esseri. I'm back and ready to fight, but guess what. My opponent hasn't even showed up! It's supposed that he should start but he hasn't got the nuts to do anything. He's like paralyzed... He can do nothing but hide. It's being a while since I've been waiting but I don't care, I'm doing my job and that's to entertain them. Dennis should give me the win right now because you didn't do what you must do! Come on. They want to see a fight, not a coward hiding from his opponent.
  8. I knew this was happenin. You dont have the balls to come here and face me. You need to attack me from the back
  9. Damn Ryan..